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The Best Letter Boards for Customizing Your Space

A letter board is one of those items that can be useful to have around for both everyday purposes and special occasions. Some people like to use them as message boards to leave helpful notes and reminders for other members of the household. Others prefer to use them to hang inspirational or favored quotes on the wall, to accompany a treasured photograph, or to decorate for the holidays. If you have a young child, using a letter board may even be a fun way to help your kids learn their letters or numbers. Letter boards are also increasingly popular at weddings, baby showers, and other similar events as a fun and decorative labeling strategy. However you plan to use your letter board, there are plenty of great options available.

What Should You Consider in a Letter Board?

Here’s what you’ll want to look at when purchasing a letter board:

  • Size: You’ll want to pick your letter board’s size based on where you plan to display it and how you plan to use it. For big announcements and events, you’ll want to go larger, where a small or medium letter board will probably be more appropriate for home displays.
  • Colors: Black, gray, and white are the most common colors for felt letter boards, but there are designs that come in a wider range of colors. If you’re planning to use one at an event like a wedding, odds are you’ll be able to find the right shade that matches your colors and theme. The frames can come in numerous colors too, not just the felt backing.
  • Design: Do you want a more rustic-looking letter board? Something sleek and modern? Elegant and classic? Colorful and unique? Though some designs may be more widely available than others, there are plenty of design options when it comes to your letter board. Whatever your personal tastes, home decor, or wedding theme, there is a letter board design out there for everyone.

Top Choice: MAINEVENT Felt Letter Board

This all-purpose letter board has a rustic yet elegant look and a solid, hand-distressed wood frame that will suit any decor or interior. It’s available in four different colors in two different sizes in a square or rectangular shape to give you further design choices. The board comes with a foldable plastic stand that is easy to attach and remove at will, as well as a metal sawtooth wall hook. You can easily prop it up on a shelf or hang it from a wall, or even alternate between the two if you wish. The stand can be attached with adhesive tape or two screws, both of which come included. Also included are over 300 pre-cut letters, numbers, characters, punctuation marks, symbols, and even emojis that slide into the felt grooves and can be changed and re-used as many times as you want. Two sets of all characters and nine bonus words in an elegant script come provided. All unused letters and words can be stored in the accompanying drawstring cloth bag for safekeeping.

Top Choice

Best Color Options: Felt Like Sharing Changeable Felt Letter Board

This is a classic felt letter board now available in 21 different colors, including six multicolored options. Whether you’re looking for classic black, sunshine yellow, or even a rainbow background, this letter board has you covered. The frame is made of solid, high-quality oak wood. It’s available in four different sizes with a pre-equipped metal wall hook for easy hanging. The character set comes with 150 white pieces that include letters, numbers, and “hashtag” and “at” symbols for sharing on social media. A drawstring pouch is included for storing unused characters. Extra letter sets also come in neon and citrus colors, as well as a larger size (all sold separately). Free access to the online letter board editor comes included with your purchase; log on and see what your board will look like before you even set it up by hand.

Best Double-Sided: Tukuos Double Sided Felt Letter Board

Sometimes a one-sided letter board just won’t cut it, which is where this particular letter board comes in. Black on one side and gray on the other, you can display letters on whichever side’s color best suits your theme, or even use both at once if desired. The handcrafted wooden frame comes partly whitewashed in a classic farmhouse style to lend your room or event a charming rustic look. The white wood easel comes included for an easy and attractive display. The metal hook on the back also gives you the option of hanging the board on your wall instead. It comes with 750 letters and characters, including 376 in white and 188 in gold, emoji character sets, and several bonus full words in elegant cursive. A drawstring bag and scissors are also included. Three sizes are available.

Best Double-Sided

Double Sided Rustic Felt Letter Board with 10x10in Vintage Wood Frame,750 Precut Letters,Months & Days & Script Cursive Words,Farmhouse Message Board Shabby Wall Decor

A gray and black double-sided letter board with over 700 characters in two different colors and an elegant easel for easy display.

Best for Big Announcements: Muga Changeable Letter Board

This is a nicely designed letter board with a smoother and softer material than ever before. The material with a velvety texture gives the letters extra stickiness so they’re less likely to fall off and are more effective for long-term use. The board is also compatible with thumbtacks so you can pin photographs to the board as well. Besides the board itself and the characters, this letter board comes with a solid rustic wood frame, two letter bags, a small pair of scissors for cutting down letters if desired, a nail file, a block stand, and a small jewelry storage shelf. The saw-toothed hook gives you the option to hang the board on the wall if you don’t put it on a shelf or cabinet. It comes with more than 500 characters and letters, including emojis, symbols, and bonus shapes like a heart or crescent moon. It’ll add elegance and versatility to your baby announcement, bridal shower, or wedding.

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