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The Best Letter Boards

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🕚 Updated February 2023

A letter board features movable letters, numbers, and symbols, which means they are much more customizable than the average sign. If you want one to provide cute decor for your household or upcoming event, here are several we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best with Cursive Letters Best Double-Sided Board Best with Stand Most Colorful
Felt Letter Board
Little Hippo
Rustic Farmhouse Letter Board with Cursive Words
Double-Sided Felt Letter Board
Felt Letter Board with Rustic Vintage Frame and Stand
Felt Like Sharing
Felt Letter Board
Our SummaryThis rustic yet chic letter board can be displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall with ease.If you want your letter board to appear a little fancier than the average model, try out this felt board and its cursive letter set.You can have double the messaging fun thanks to this double-sided felt letter board.This larger letter board gives you extra space for creativity.This highly customizable letter board comes with more than 20 background color options available to suit any style.
Pros✓ Multiple colors and sizes
✓ Two shape options
✓ Countertop and wall mounted options
✓ Over 300 letters and symbols
✓ Storage bag included
✓ Regular and cursive letters
✓ Over 600 characters and
fun symbols included
✓ Three different font sizes
✓ Stand and wooden sorting tray included
✓ Good value
✓ Double-sided
✓ Whitewashed frame
✓ Hundreds of white and gold letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis
✓ Large size to accommodate longer messages and info
✓ Rustic wooden frame
✓ Hundreds of white and gold letters, numbers, symbols and emojis
✓ Comes with stand but can also be wall mounted
✓ Extra colorful
✓ Solid and multicolored options available
✓ Several sizing choices
✓ Oak frame
✓ Social media-friendly characters
Cons✗ Slots may widen over time
✗ Letters hard to separate
✗ Expensive
✗ Not as sturdy
✗ May not be enough letters and numbers in each style✗ May not be enough letters and numbers in each style✗ No stand included
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The Best Letter Boards

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Buying Guide for Letter Boards

The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started. Motivational quote on letter board, cactus, succulent flower on white table.

Why buy a letter board?

A letter board can be useful to have around for everyday purposes and special occasions. People who are nonverbal or have certain conditions or disabilities can use them to communicate more effectively. Some people like to use them as message boards to leave helpful notes and reminders for other household members. Others prefer to use them to hang inspirational or favored quotes on the wall, to accompany a treasured photograph, or to decorate for the holidays. If you have a young child, using a letter board may be a fun way to help your kids learn their letters or numbers. Letter boards are also increasingly popular as signs for weddings, baby showers, and other similar events as a fun and decorative labeling strategy.

The big draw of letter boards is that they’re reusable; since the letters can be taken down and reapplied as many times as you want, they can be used over and over again for different events. You won’t have to buy three different signs for your bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower with a letter board.

What should you look for in a letter board?

  • Size: You’ll want to pick your letter board’s size based on where you plan to display it and how you plan to use it. For big announcements and events, you’ll want to go larger, whereas a small or medium letter board will probably be more appropriate for home displays.
  • Colors: Black, gray, and white are the most common colors for letter boards, but some designs come in a wider range of colors. If you’re planning to use one at an event like a wedding, odds are, you’ll be able to find a shade that matches your colors and theme. The frames can come in numerous colors, too, not just the backing.
  • Design: Do you want a more rustic-looking letter board? Something sleek and modern? Elegant and classic? Colorful and unique? And what type of font do you want for the letters and numbers? Though some designs may be more widely available than others, there are plenty of design options for your letter board. Whatever your personal tastes, home decor, or wedding theme, there is a letter board design out there for everyone.

What is the best material for letter boards?

Wooden letter boards are considered the best choice, as they’re the perfect blend of durable and aesthetically pleasing. They’re much stronger and longer-lasting than plastic ones and fit a wider range of different interior designs than metal ones. They also tend to come in a wider variety of color options than metal models. Look for real hardwood as opposed to engineered wood or particle board if possible; it’ll be more expensive but will also last longer.

The backing of letter boards is usually covered in some sort of fabric to make it more colorful and eye-catching. Felt is the most common option since it’s durable, resistant to fraying, and fairly stiff. It’s also absorbent, moisture-wicking, and generally inexpensive. Pretty much any other fabric will work just fine with a letter board, but keep in mind that it might not be as hard-wearing or long-lasting as felt.

Our Picks for the Best Letter Boards

Top Choice

MAINEVENT Felt Letter Board

This rustic yet chic letter board can be displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall with ease.

Pros: This classic felt-covered letter board is available in four different colors in two different sizes in a square or rectangular shape to give you further design choices. The board has a foldable plastic stand that is easy to attach and remove and a metal sawtooth wall hook. You can easily prop it up on a shelf or hang it from a wall, or even alternate between the two if you wish. The stand can be attached with adhesive tape or two screws, which are included. Also included are over 300 pre-cut letters, numbers, characters, punctuation marks, symbols, and even emojis that slide into the felt grooves and can be changed and reused as many times as you want. Two sets of all characters and nine bonus words in an elegant script are provided. All unused letters and words can be stored in the accompanying drawstring cloth bag for safekeeping.

Cons: Note that the letters, numbers, and symbols for this board come attached to a plastic frame, so you’ll have to punch them out one by one, which may be fairly time-consuming and harder to separate than you might think. The slots may widen over time, too, depending on how often you use the letter board.

Bottom Line: This all-purpose letter board has a rustic yet elegant look and a solid, hand-distressed wooden frame that will suit almost any decor or interior. Whether you want it for everyday use or for a special event, it’ll do its job admirably.


Best with Cursive Letters

Little Hippo Rustic Farmhouse Letter Board with Cursive Words

If you want your letter board to appear a little fancier than the average model, try out this felt board and its cursive letter set.

Pros: You have a true wealth of font options with this letter board. The standard font letters come in three different sizes, so they can be as large or small as you want, in addition to a cursive letter set. Numbers, punctuation, and even some emojis and extra symbols are included—you receive over 600 characters in total. Thanks to the included wooden sorting tray with a lid and multiple slots, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping all these characters properly stored and sorted either. You also have the option to wall mount this letter board or prop it up on a table or counter with the included stand.

Cons: This letter board is a bit pricier than many similar models, especially when you consider that it’s not the sturdiest option on the market. The included stand is a bit flimsy and will probably need to be replaced if used more than once or twice.

Bottom Line: Letter boards are a great way to decorate your home or event. And thanks to the cursive letters included with this particular letter board, this model brings an extra touch of elegance.


Best Double-Sided Board

Whoaon Double-Sided Felt Letter Board

You can have double the messaging fun thanks to this double-sided felt letter board.

Pros: Whether you set this on your table or mount it on a wall, you can double your messages, thanks to this double-sided letter board. The whitewashed frame provides a rustic look that pairs perfectly with the gray and black felt. It includes 296 white and 145 gold characters, including letters, numbers, emojis, and symbols. It also includes 15 frequently used script words in cursive form. The letter board is 10 by 10 inches.

Cons: Some found that there were too many emojis and not enough letters and/or numbers in each style for their needs, especially if using both sides of the board. You may have to mix and match the white and gold characters to ensure you have enough to use.

Bottom Line: Sometimes, a one-sided letter board just won’t cut it, which is where this particular letter board comes in. With its dual-sided felt covering and different colors on the front and back, you can use one or both sides of this letter board as needed.


Best with Stand

Destop Felt Letter Board with Rustic Vintage Frame and Stand

This larger letter board gives you extra space for creativity.

Pros: At 12 by 16 inches, this letter board runs larger than other options. Its rustic frame is a beautiful complement to the black felt. The letter board features a rustic wooden stand for you to prop up your message in style; however, it can also be mounted on a wall. It includes 396 white and 396 gold characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols.

Cons: Since this is a larger board, some complained they didn’t have enough letters and numbers (too many symbols) to get their message across.

Bottom Line: This letter board accommodates the longer message for those who need it. Even though it’s a larger board, it comes with a stand and can also be mounted on the wall.


Most Colorful

Felt Like Sharing Felt Letter Board

This highly customizable letter board comes with more than 20 background color options available to suit any style.

Pros: If you want something more colorful than the usual neutral black or gray shades of most letter boards, this is the model for you. There are plenty of bright and rich solid colors available. The frame is made of solid, high-quality oak wood. It’s available in four different sizes with a pre-equipped metal wall hook for easy hanging. The character set comes with 300 white pieces, including letters, numbers, and # and @ symbols for sharing on social media. A drawstring pouch is included for storing unused characters. Extra letter sets also come in neon and citrus colors. Free access to the online letter board editor comes included with your purchase; log on and see what your board will look like before you even set it up by hand.

Cons: This letter board doesn’t have a built-in stand or any sort of easel or block to keep it propped upright on a table or counter. If you plan to display it on a table rather than a wall, you’ll either have to lean it against another object or buy a separate stand elsewhere.

Bottom Line: This classic felt letter board is now available in 27 different colors, including six multicolored options. Whether you’re looking for classic black, sunshine yellow, or even a rainbow background, this letter board has you covered.

Final Thoughts

A letter board is still a worthwhile and usually inexpensive investment, even if you don’t plan to use it every day. You’ll be amazed by how many different situations it can come in handy for—not just big events like weddings and bridal showers but for garage sales, lemonade stands, school fundraisers, and much more.

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