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The Best Lights for Your Garage

an empty garage with the door closed an a bright light on in the center

If you use your garage for parking or working on cars, as storage, or your personal workshop, good lighting is a necessity. Yet garages are seldom properly lit. Most often, the light illuminates the garage only partially or weakly. Adequate lighting will help prevent injury, the misplacement of tools or keys, and the frustration you may experience when trying to fetch an item in storage. Plus, if you’re a DIY mechanic, full vision is key in fixing and installing parts. So here are some great garage lights to make your garage a better place to be.

Choosing the Right Garage Light

Here are some things to look for:

  • Activity: If you spend most of your garage time at the workbench, task lighting may be your answer: you need a bright garage light that illuminates a specific area. If you have a large garage, look for a light with deformable panels.
  • Lighting Quality: In general, the brighter, the better. However, not all garage activities require such intense illumination. If you just need to get in and out of the car, dimmer lighting may work. Some products achieve excellent lighting and run on low wattage.
  • Efficiency: For some customers, using energy-saving products inside or outside the garage is a priority. Luckily, many garage lights are energy efficient. What features in addition to efficiency do you want? Adjustable panels? Easy installation?

Best Overall Light: GHUSTAR LED Garage Lighting

an adjustable three-panel garage light shown with the piece that drills into the ceiling

Need to see what you’re tinkering on? If you’re working on an engine, you need to see what you’re doing. The GHUSTAR LED three-leaf ceiling light emits 6,000 lumens and 6,500 Kelvins, an ideal daylight temperature for a perfect indoor workspace. Easy to install, no tools needed.

Best Overall

Best Workbench Light: Hykolity Linkable Ceiling Lights

a long, white hanging garage light featuring a pull chain to turn it off and on.

If you’re an amateur or professional mechanic who changes your own oil or fixes your car, you need quality light! That holds true, especially when you’re scrutinizing parts laid out on a workbench. This Hykolity 42-watt garage light produces 4,200 lumens and a cool-colored 5,000-Kelvin temperature. The four-foot-long light is linkable to up to four other 42-watt shop lights for more light coverage. The pull-chain is a nice feature too.

Best Workbench Light

5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight 42W LED Ceiling Lights for Garages, Workshops, Basements, Hanging or FlushMount, Included Power Cord and Pull Chain, 4200lm, ETL- 1 Pack

This garage light is specially designed for garage workbench illumination. It emits lots of lumens and a cool color temperature for less strain on your eyes!

Best Motion-Activated: bulbeats LED Garage Light

Two deformable garage lights with packaging in the background

What you need in a motion-activated light is one that has a decent sensing range and angle and doesn’t shut off immediately when a person moves out of range. The bulbeats garage light meets and exceeds all expectations: The sensing range is 8 to 10 meters, and the sensing angle is 360 degrees. It has a deformable design so that you can fold up each of the three LED panels to 90 degrees or out to 360 degrees. The LEDs are 60 watts with 6,000 lumens, a combination that saves energy and money.

Best Motion-Activated

2-Pack LED Garage Lights, 80W LED Shop Light 5000K 8000LM Three-Leaf Garage Ceiling Light Fixtures,Adjustable Multi-Position Panels?E26 Base,LED Glow Light for Garage, Workshop Attic and Basement

Having a good garage light is sensible. A motion-activated light is even better. This light senses motion as far as 10 meters and at a 360-degree angle.

Brightest LED: Kernowo LED Garage Lights

a three-panel deformable garage light positioned in different angles shown at bottom

Wow! The Kernowo garage light must be the brightest light on the market. It’s a 140-watt, 18,500-lumen, and 6,000-kelvin daylight color temperature with over 50,000 hours of constant runtime. The design features three LED panels that you can fold to 120 degrees or as far out as 360 degrees to cover the greatest area possible. Additionally, the deformable design dispels heat that would otherwise wear down the light.

Brightest LED

Most Energy-Efficient: CREATESTAR LED Garage Light

a garage light with five panels resembling a ceiling fan

Think about it: a garage light that’s super bright, covers a large area, is easy to install, and is energy-saving. Well, the seemingly impossible is made possible with the CREATESTAR LED garage light. Design features include three brightness settings, five deformable panels for a maximum illumination area of 360 degrees, and a total of 216 LED lamp beads. No tools are required for easy three-step installation.

Most Energy-Efficient

LED Garage Lights, 80W 8000LM Dimmable LED Garage Ceiling Lights, 5 Leaf Adjustable Lights, E26 Deformable LED Lights for Basement Barn Garage Workshop Workbench Warehouse(1 Pack)

This garage light isn't just energy-efficient, it's also accomodating. Choose from three brightness settings to best meet your needs.

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