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The Best Linen Tablecloths

Solino Home
🕚 Updated November 2021

Ready to upgrade your dining room? There's no need to bring out the paint or buy new chairs. A tablecloth is a fast and effective way to elevate the ambiance and showcase your unique decor style.

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  Top Choice Most Durable Best with Tassels Best for Large Tables Best for Round Tables
Solid Embroidery Tablecloth
Rectangle Burlap Table Cloth
Middle Embroidery Table Cloth
Solino Home
Athena Rectangular Tablecloth
Round Table Cloth
Our SummaryEasily create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room with the delicate design of this tablecloth.This double layers of protective fabric allow you to eat and drink without worry.The beautiful tassels of these tablecloths make decorating for special occasions fun and aesthetically pleasing.Elevate your dining room decor with one of the many colors of this pure linen tablecloth.Decorate your round table with this tablecloth that fits your non-traditional style.
ProsSmooth surface, budget-friendly, fits many decor styles.Great for messy meals, scratch protection, variety of color options.Different patterns available, fade-resistant, seven size options.Machine washable, extended length options, handcrafted.Spill-proof, easy to clean, two-tone color.
ConsShrinking occurs in the wash, stains aren't easy to remove.Limited size options, stiff material.Requires air-drying, difficult sizing.Light colors are a little see-through, not wrinkle-resistant.Not great with greasy foods, tassel additions are weak.
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The Best Linen Tablecloths

A white linen tablecloth draped over a wooden table.
Solino Home

Sharing a meal with family and friends gives you the opportunity to create memories and strengthen the bonds of your relationships. So, you shouldn’t let a lack of proper decor hold you back from these special moments. Whether your dining room needs more decor or you have a sub-par table, a tablecloth can reinvent the space’s look and add appeal. They come in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to customize your table no matter what kind of table you own. Here are some great tablecloths we recommend.

Buying Guide for Linen Tablecloths

Top view of a table with a beige linen tablecloth and a set of plates.

Why should you buy a linen tablecloth?

Whether you have a less-than-stellar dining room table or are looking to dress up the area for a special occasion, a linen tablecloth can help you change the ambiance for your next meal. While the natural color of linen fits in with many decor styles, it is also available in a wide variety of color options to suit your style (vibrant colors are often seen on linen fabric blends). The fabric is also incredibly durable because of the long strands harvested from the flax plant. This process allows linen fabric to last for many years.

What should you look for in a linen tablecloth?

  • Design: The natural woven look of linen can be paired with many different design elements and colors. Most often, you will find embroidery or a tassel lining added to linen tablecloths. The embroidery can come in a grid format for more minimalist design lovers, or it can be woven in a more intricate pattern to form a classic look.
  • Waterproofing: Linen is great for thermoregulation because it can hold moisture; however, that characteristic isn’t beneficial in a tablecloth. If you don’t want to worry about managing stains, look for a linen tablecloth that is blended with other washable fabrics. Some linen options also come with an inner lining that will absorb liquids and keep stains away from the exterior fabric.
  • Care: While linen is a strong fabric, it still requires a cold wash and a gentle cycle when you do choose to wash it. If you don’t want to worry about the upkeep, fabric blends are a great alternative. Linen is also prone to wrinkles, so if you enjoy the pristine look, stay away from 100% natural linen and be prepared to iron out creases.

Why is linen a good fabric for tablecloths?

Many people enjoy the woven look of linen that creates a worn-in, welcoming look. The natural fibers are also strong enough to not only last many meals but decades, allowing you to enjoy your tablecloth for the long term. As the fabric is absorbent and prone to wrinkles, it’s better used as a decorative item. However, some blends with cotton or polyester allow you to use linen for everyday use without worrying about damage.

Our Picks for the Best Tablecloths

Top Choice

ColorBird Solid Embroidery Tablecloth

Easily create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room with the delicate design of this tablecloth.

Pros: The natural beauty of linen fabric shines through with the simple design of this tablecloth. The material is blended with cotton to create a soft feel and smooth touch while retaining the anti-wrinkle qualities of linen. The subtle embroidery forms a grid structure that is pleasing to the eye and makes it easy to properly align the cloth along the table’s edges. This product comes in several shapes and sizes without losing its budget-friendly appeal. If the natural color isn’t your style, this tablecloth design is also available in a grey tone that looks just as light and airy as its beige counterpart.

Cons: While this product advertises itself as washer-friendly, some people experienced shrinking. Stains were also difficult to remove from the fabric despite following the washing instructions.

Bottom Line: This tablecloth’s natural look and delicate embroidery allow it to fit into most styles for almost any season. And you won’t have to reach deep into your pockets for the larger size options.


Most Durable

Naturoom Rectangle Burlap Tablecloth

The double layers of protective fabric allow you to eat and drink without worry.

Pros: If your dining room sees a lot of meals with family and friends, this tablecloth is a great option to keep the space beautiful and the table protected. It’s designed with a slubby texture and scalloped edges for an added touch of elegance to the linen fabric. To keep spills and scratches at bay, this tablecloth features a waterproof coating and flannel backing. The tablecloth comes in six natural colors and also includes a blue option for those looking to make a statement.

Cons: This tablecloth has more limited size options and doesn’t include a cut for round tables. Additionally, the waterproof and flannel layer beneath the linen makes the tablecloth stiffer than other fabrics. This stiffness can cause an awkward look when the tablecloth hangs over the edge of the table.

Bottom Line: Meals can be messy, but the added layers of this tablecloth make it easy to avoid big messes at parties, outdoor gatherings, or even everyday meals with children.


Best with Tassels

MOKANI Middle Embroidery Tablecloth

The beautiful tassels of these tablecloths make decorating for special occasions fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Pros: Are you looking for an eye-catching design for your tablecloth? These designs are lined with fluffy tassels to provide just that. Each of the five designs comes with fun detail, allowing you to select a color or pattern that fits your style without sacrificing the tassels. The linen and cotton blend creates a material that is machine washable, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-proof. And with seven size options, you can find a linen tablecloth that fits your dinner table needs.

Cons: This item can be washed (at a specific temperature), but it can’t be dried. With the large size of these tablecloths, some might find it frustrating to air-dry the product. Some people also found the sizing of the cloth confusing as the measurements seem to include the tassels.

Bottom Line: This tablecloth is a great item to pull out to celebrate special meals, such as birthdays, holidays, or parties. However, it might not work for everyday use due to the washing specifications.


Best for Large Tables

Solino Home Athena Rectangular Tablecloth

Elevate your dining room decor with one of the many colors of this pure linen tablecloth.

Pros: Not only is this tablecloth option great for tables up to 144 inches long, but it also has a luxurious look and feel. The pure linen makeup of the fabric is great for adding a natural decor item to your dining room, while the myriad of color options lets you explore your style. You can even select a tablecloth with a white center and colored edges for a sophisticated piece that still lets you show off your favorite color. Those looking to entertain a big party of people will love the many different large tablecloth sizes that Solino Home has to offer.

Cons: Since this fabric is not blended with cotton, wrinkles are more likely to occur. Additionally, the lighter tones are not opaque, showing the color of the table beneath it when in use.

Bottom Line: While the price tag might seem hefty for this option, the quality of the material is well worth the splurge. And with so many options for size and color, your large table can look dazzling for your next get-together.


Best for Round Tables

JUCFHY Round Tablecloth

Decorate your non-traditional round table with a tablecloth that fits your style.

Pros: Not into the traditional rectangular table design? This tablecloth option allows you to dress up your round table, so you can highlight the elegance of the shape! The material is a linen and polyester blend that features a two-tone coloring and textured surface. It uses spill-proof technology that resists liquids and stains. Regular maintenance just requires you to wipe the cloth down with a wet wipe. It can also be machine washed when it needs a deeper clean.

Cons: While regular liquids seem to come off the fabric with ease, this tablecloth isn’t able to resist greasy or oily stains as well. If you decide to opt for the tassel tablecloth, be aware that they don’t tend to survive washing in a machine.

Bottom Line: This simple tablecloth lets you spice up your round table without sacrificing functionality, as its water resistance makes it more durable than the average tablecloth.

Final Thoughts

While not everyone will want to cover their table, linen tablecloths provide a great option for those looking to dress up their dining room decor. Whether it’s for a special occasion or to hide a not-so-pretty tabletop, linen tablecloths have the durability and beauty to elevate your space. Its delicate washing requirements and tendency to stain don’t make this fabric ideal for everyone. However, if you can handle the occasional mess and maintenance, a linen tablecloth can provide an elegant, natural look to your home that will welcome people to their meals.

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