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The Best Lint Rollers for Removing Hair from Any Surface

a woman using a lint roller to remove cat hair on her black pants; her cat watches
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After spending hours cleaning your home or dressing to perfection, the small bits of hair and debris left behind can be frustrating. But with the right lint roller, you can present a polished look that is free of pilling fabric and loose strands.

Whether you are fighting against pet hair that sticks to your couch or putting the final touches on your tuxedo before you step out, quickly running a lint roller over fabric can make a huge difference in the appearance of furniture and clothing. They are great for taking along to special events to ensure that everyone looks their best. Lint rollers can also be your first defense against allergies in your home. Here are some great lint rollers we recommend.

Purchasing Lint Rollers

When shopping for your ideal lint roller, consider these important factors in your decision:

  • Sheet Capacity: Standard lint rollers come with about 50 to 100 sheets, allowing you to use them casually. If you find that you need more heavy-duty options, look for a roller that exceeds 150 sheets. Due to the added sheets, these rollers take up more storage space during early use.
  • Design: The long, rounded handle of most lint rollers should be comfortable for most people. However, if you have hands that tire easily, look for extended or textured handles. You can also avoid bulky storage by choosing a lint roller with a hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging.

Best for Pet Hair: PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller

Two blue-handled lint rollers and three refill rolls with a sitting husky pictured on the label.

Having an animal in your home brings joy, excitement, and lots of hair. While you can’t avoid naturally shedding, you can maintain your home’s cleanliness with the help of this super sticky lint roller. It is specifically designed to remove pet hair on furniture, clothing, bags, cabinets, and more. The 360-degree rotation of the roll allows you to seamlessly pull up hair and debris without breaking your stride. Each roll contains 90 sheets, but with one purchase, you get two loaded rollers and three refills to ensure every inch of your home is hair-free.

Best for Pet Hair

PetLover Extra Sticky Lint Roller

Enjoy your pet and keep your home clean with these 90-sheet options.

Best Reusable: Feeke Lint Brush

A person using a red and black reusable lint roller on a grey couch.

You might have seen your dad use one of these classic lint brushes before he went to work, but its effectiveness hasn’t gone out of style. The woven bristles easily pick up lint as it passes over fabric without creating any waste. With 4.33 inches of brush area on each side, this tool provides plenty of cleaning power. If the old-fashioned look of red and black doesn’t suit your style, this two-pack comes in seven colors that range from light green to yellow.

Best Reusable

Feeke Lint Brush

Avoid the waste of sticky paper with this bristle-based lint remover that works on a variety of surfaces.

Best Set: Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller

On the left, five black-handled lint roller with green and red label. On the right, the lint roller is pictured without the label.
Scotch Brand

Do you have a serious dust and dander problem that requires heavy-duty cleaning? Then this option from Scotch-Brite is the ideal choice for your needs. You get a total of 400 sheets to quickly wipe lint off of clothing with ease. While you may be used to applying Scotch tape to a craft project, these rollers feature the same brand adhesive to gently yet effectively pick up fuzz and hair. Additionally, the rounded handle is easy to store with the large hanging hole located at the end.

Best Set

Scotch Brite Value Pack Lint Roller

These rollers have the same effective stickiness of Scotch tape.

Best Portable: Flint Retractable Lint Roller

Person holds an extended tube-shaped lint roller with a metallic blue cover.

Tiny lint rollers may be cute, but if you really want to elegantly perfect your look, this fashionable lint roller is a must-have. The 5.5-inch long tube provides protection to the 30 sticky sheets hidden inside the product. When you are ready to pull the tube out for a quick clean, you simply twist to release the sheets and swipe it across your clothing. This lint roller is made to be both compact and stylish with its wide range of color options that include metallic rose gold, seafoam, and yellow.

Best Portable

Flint Retractable Lint Roller

This small roller is ideal for formal events that require quick and secretive lint removal.

Best for Carpets: Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller

When the worst of dirt, hair, and debris wrecks your home, a vacuum isn’t always enough to handle the cleaning requirements. Luckily, this carpet lint roller can help you stay tidy between deep cleans. The aluminum handle reaches from 12 to 42 inches, so you can sweep the roller across your floor without causing any back pain. The lint rolls are much larger than standard tools with 11.5 inches of coverage and come with 25 disposable sheets.

Best for Carpets

Smart Design Large Mega Floor Lint Roller

Clean freaks will love this roller's customizable length and ease of use.

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