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The Best Lip Balms with SPF

🕚 Updated May 2023

Did you know that your lips are susceptible to sun damage too? Protect them by using a lip balm with SPF just like the rest of your body. Here are the best lip balms with SPF to use this summer.

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  Best Protection Popular Pick Best Variety Pack Best Moisturizing Best Tinted Best Lip Repair
  Banana Boat
Sport Ultra SPF 50 Lip Sunscreen 2 Pack
Sun Bum
SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm
Panama Jack
Sunscreen Lip Balm
Jack Black
Intense Therapy Lip Balm
Burt's Bees
SPF Lip Balms
Lip Repair Lip Balm with Sunscreen
Our SummaryProtect and moisturize your lips at the same time.For when wind, weather, and everything in between leave you with chapped lips.When you need to stock up for the season.A vegan find that incorporates tingly mint with ultra-hydrating shea butter.Extended hydration thanks to the combination of aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter — with a hint of color.Revive the driest of lips with this hydrating soother.
Pros✓ Oxybenzone-free
✓ SPF 50
✓ Moisturizes up to 12 hours
✓ Great for outdoors
✓ SPF 30
✓ Infused with aloe and vitamin E
✓ Cruelty- and paraben-free
✓ Banana, watermelon, and coconut flavors
✓ Pack of four
✓ Vanilla, mango, dreamsicle, and tropical flavors
✓ SPF 45
✓ Cruelty- and paraben-free
✓ For sensitive skin
✓ SPF 25
✓ Invigorating scents
✓ Has shea butter
✓ Leaves lips smooth
✓ Set of three---one sun soother and two tinted balms
✓ SPF 30
✓ Nano-free zinc oxide
✓ SPF 30
✓ Designed for harsh weather conditions
✓ Soothes and nourishes
✓ Compact tube
Cons✗ Unpleasant taste✗ Soft consistency
✗ Might not provide adequate hydration
✗ May require frequent application
✗ Can be drying
✗ Can be pricey✗ Can be very thick and hard to apply✗ Can be greasy
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The Best Lip Balms with SPF

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Buying Guide for Lip Balms with SPF

Make homemade natural organic ingredients lip balm.

Why buy lip balm with SPF?

There’s a love-hate relationship with the sun. On the one hand, we need sun exposure to activate our bodies’ ability to synthesize vitamin D, but too much time in the sun can lead to sunburns or even skin cancer. Like our arms and legs, our lips are also at risk of excessive sun exposure. So, a good SPF-infused lip balm will ensure that our smackers stay protected.

What should you look for in a lip balm with SPF?

  • SPF Factor: Unlike sunscreen that you put on the rest of your body, you can use a lower SPF for lip balm. Most experts recommend an SPF of 15 or higher, though, and there are some SPF 50 options for extra-sunny outings.
  • Style: Do you prefer a lip balm in a swivel stick, a squeezable tube, or one in a tin? There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s a matter of which is more appealing to you. A swivel stick can be ideal if you dislike dipping your hands into a pot of product. But if you’re the type who likes to multitask with your beauty products, a pot can sometimes also be ideal if you want to create a hint of dewy color on your cheeks.
  • Scent: Consider whether you want a lip balm with a scent or unscented products. And, if you do want a scented lip balm, do you want it to be naturally scented, or are you okay with synthetic fragrance?

How frequently should you reapply SPF lip balm?

Like regular sunscreen, you should aim to reapply SPF-infused lip balm at least every two hours. However, if you’re in an environment where you’re sweating or around water, you’ll want to reapply more often.

Our Picks for the Best Lip Balms with SPF

Best Protection

Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 50 Lip Sunscreen 2 Pack

Protect and moisturize your lips at the same time.

Pros: This lip balm has SPF 50 for powerful and reliable sun protection. It will prevent sunburn and keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. It provides long-lasting coverage and goes on smoothly. In addition, it is oxybenzone-free and moisturizes for up to 12 hours. Plus, it comes in a package of two so you can be sure you’re never without it.

Cons: Several reviewers have mentioned that it has an unpleasant taste, which can be off-putting. It’s important to note that lip balm is not meant to be ingested, but the taste can still be bothersome if it comes into contact with your mouth. Additionally, some users have reported that the lip balm melts easily when exposed to heat.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for impressive sun protection for long days in the sun, this is the lip balm for you. No need for separate lip care and sunscreen products. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going for a hike, or simply enjoying a day outdoors, this lip balm will give you the peace of mind that your lips are well-protected.


Popular Pick

Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm

For when wind, weather, and everything in between leave you with chapped lips.

Pros: This trio of lip balms provides reliable sun protection with SPF 30. Infused with aloe and vitamin E, the formula not only protects but also moisturizes your lips throughout the day, keeping them soft and hydrated. This pack of three comes with banana, watermelon, and coconut-scented lip balms. It’s not just for a day at the beach, as this lip balm offers lasting lip protection for various activities like skiing, strolling around town, or any outdoor adventure. The triple-action formula not only protects but also heals and moisturizes your lips, promoting their overall health. Applying it is easy and convenient. The lip balms are enriched with vitamin E and are hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, making them suitable for everyone.

Cons: The soft consistency of the lip balm can also lead to a messy application. Additionally, it’s not as moisturizing s some other options.

Bottom Line: With this lip balm variety pack, you can enjoy a fun and active day in the sun while ensuring the well-being of your lips. With a range of summery and relaxing scents, these lip balms will transport you to the beach, even if you can’t physically be there.


Best Variety Pack

Panama Jack Sunscreen Lip Balm

When you need to stock up for the season.

Pros: With the Panama Jack Lip Balm Flavor Pack, you can enjoy four incredible flavors—vanilla, mango, dreamsicle, and tropical—so you don’t have to choose just one. Not only do these lip balms taste amazing, but they go on smoothly without feeling waxy or sticky and provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection with SPF 45. These lip balms are specially designed to soothe dry and chapped lips, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin. The formula is cruelty-free and does not contain any gluten, parabens, PABA, oxybenzone, propylene glycol, retinyl palmitate, BHT, PBA, or synthetic preservatives. With a convenient 0.15-oz (4.25-g) stick featuring an adjustable dispensing knob, it’s easy to apply and carry these lip balms with you wherever you go. The broad spectrum SPF 45 provides reliable sun protection all year round.

Cons: Some users have mentioned that the lip balm can feel drying and require frequent reapplication. This could be a drawback for those seeking long-lasting hydration and protection. There have also been comments about the taste of the lip balm, with some describing it as unpleasant or soapy. This could be a personal preference and may vary from person to person.

Bottom Line: The Panama Jack Lip Balm Flavor Pack offers a variety of delightful flavors, excellent sun protection with SPF 45, soothing properties for dry lips, and a formula free from harmful ingredients. Enjoy the taste, protection, and peace of mind that these lip balms provide.


Best Moisturizing

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

A vegan find that incorporates tingly mint with ultra-hydrating shea butter.

Pros: When it comes to taking care of your lips and keeping them soft and moisturized, the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is a reliable choice. This lip balm goes beyond basic hydration by incorporating shea butter, a powerful ingredient known for its nourishing and restorative properties. It works to repair and rejuvenate your lips, leaving them feeling smooth and supple with its practical SPF 25 protection. With SPF 25, you can confidently enjoy outdoor activities without compromising the health and well-being of your lips. Another notable feature of this lip balm is the great scents it comes in, which many customers enjoy.

Cons: Depending on your budget, you may find that even though this product listing is for a three-pack, it’s still a bit pricey. Additionally, this lip balm is not flavored, which can be a drawback for some.

Bottom Line: Overall, the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is designed to provide intensive moisture, protection, and a delightful scent. If you’re looking for a lip balm that goes beyond basic hydration and offers additional benefits, this product is worth considering.


Best Tinted

Burt's Bees SPF Lip Balms

Extended hydration thanks to the combination of aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter---with a hint of color.

Pros: This set from Burt’s Bees comes with two tinted lip balms in Sienna Rose and Wild Peony and one after-sun soother in Soothing Aloe. The after-sun lip balm is specifically designed to help your lips recover after a day of sun exposure. It contains soothing aloe vera, known for its calming properties, to provide relief and hydration to dry, sun-kissed lips. Whether you’ve been out surfing or simply enjoying the sun, this after-sun lip balm can help replenish moisture and restore comfort. The tinted lip balms in this set offer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection, guarding your lips against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The nano-free zinc oxide formula provides reliable sun protection, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about sun damage. Additionally, the tinted balms add a touch of color, enhancing the natural beauty of your lips while keeping them moisturized and protected. Formulated with soothing botanicals like aloe vera, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter, these lip balms provide deep hydration and nourishment to prevent dryness and maintain soft, supple lips. The 100% natural origin formula ensures that the lip balms are free from potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, SLS, and petrolatum. They are also cruelty-free, as they are not tested on animals.

Cons: The texture of this balm may be a bit gritty, and some found them to be too thick. In addition, the thickness made them more difficult to apply.

Bottom Line: Overall, this set of tinted lip balms and after-sun soother is a reliable choice for maintaining healthy and cared-for lips during sun-filled days. With effective sun protection, soothing hydration, and natural ingredients, you can feel confident in keeping your lips protected, nourished, and looking fab.


Best Lip Repair

Aquaphor Lip Repair Lip Balm with Sunscreen

Revive the driest of lips with this hydrating soother.

Pros: Aquaphor Lip Repair Balm is your go-to solution for chapped and cracked lips. It’s specially designed to combat harsh weather conditions and keep your lips healthy and moisturized. Clinically proven to provide relief and hydration, it restores your lips’ natural softness. It is enriched with vitamins and shea butter and provides deep nourishment while shielding your lips with broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. Whether it’s dry, cold, or windy, Aquaphor lip balm with SPF 30 has you covered.

Cons: Some users experienced dryness and greasiness, finding that it didn’t provide long-lasting protection. Additionally, the taste was a common complaint, with some describing it as unpleasant or chemical-like. There were also concerns about the ingredients, such as oxybenzone, which can be a potential allergen or photoallergen for sensitive skin. For those who have sensitivity to taste or certain lip product ingredients, it may be wise to explore other options.

Bottom Line: Enjoy the soothing relief and sun protection of this Aquaphor lip balm whenever your lips need it.

Final Thoughts

Your lips need love too, especially if you spend a significant amount of time outside; even in cloudy weather, you need to protect your lips with a good SPF. There’s no reason not to use a lip balm with SPF.

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