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The Best Lock Boxes for Your House Keys

If leaving your spare key underneath your doormat makes you nervous, investing in a new lock box for your spare house keys is a no-brainer. A lock box will not only give you added peace of mind but will come in handy whenever you wish to grant temporary access to your home to friends and family while you are away. However, finding a great lock box for your keys is not always easy. We made this guide to showcase the best lock boxes on the market that are made to store and protect your keys.

The Key to Finding a Great Lock Box

There are definitely some important factors to consider before investing in a lock box for your keys. In order to find a great product for you, pay close attention to the security, durability, and functionality employed by each product.

  • Security: Let’s be honest, no lock box is indestructible. Thus, the question becomes, “Will a specific lockbox offer enough security to dissuade attempted tampering, or will it fail almost immediately?” A secure lockbox should feature a heavy-duty metallic locking mechanism and a resettable combination that can be changed to revoke access. It should also be able to withstand tampering and brute force for long enough that a criminal feels conspicuous about attracting unwanted attention.
  • Durability: One of the main ways low-quality lock boxes fail is due to inefficient weatherproofing that leaves them rusted and unusable. Thus, it’s smart to invest in a model that can withstand the elements as well as it can withstand tampering. Many models are made from weatherproof materials or feature a weather cover to ensure moisture stays away from the dials or locking mechanism.
  • Functionality: Your specific needs should determine how much functionality your new lock box should offer. If you will only be using your lock box occasionally and with trusted people, a standard model should be just fine. However, for the ability to keep tabs on your lock box, wirelessly change combinations, or grant temporary access from your phone, you will want to invest in a digital model with an easy-to-use app.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to check out the best lock boxes for storing and protecting your keys.

Top Pick: Master Lock Portable Lock Box with Light Up Dials

This Master Lock Portable Lock Box is great for fixing one of the major flaws that befall many lock boxes made for keys; it is simple and convenient to use at night. This lock box features a durable metal body and a weather cover to offer protection to the combination dials. When the weather cover is opened, the combination dials light up, meaning your friends or neighbors will not have to fumble with their cell phone or flashlight in order to open your lock box. Sporting secure construction, a six-key capacity, and a design that is great for affixing to doorknobs, fences, lawn furniture, or just about anything, this is the clear-cut front runner for entry-level key lock boxes.

Top Pick

Master Lock Key Lock Box, Outdoor Lock Box with Light Up Dials, Key Safe with Combination Lock, 6 Key Capacity, 5424EC

This key lock box features an easy-to-use light up dial, large open lever, and secure design.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lock Box

The Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lock Box might feature a budget price tag, but it still offers a lot of security and durability for those seeking a secure place to store their keys. Featuring durable all-metal construction and weather-resistant fortification around the shackle, this lock can easily fit five or more keys and won’t scratch up your doorknob if you choose to hang it there. While only one combination can be set at a time, this can be quickly and easily reset as many times as you’d like. While this is not a product that will store key cards, this lock box is a super-secure means to storing your keys, making it the best budget-friendly option around.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Best Electronic: Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

For those seeking a sleek, electronic solution to securely storing keys, there is plenty to love about the Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe. This durable lock box provides the best functionality on this list, as it can be opened and managed with a smartphone, have its code changed via Bluetooth, or be set up to schedule access at a future time. This product also sports impressive weather resistance that is suitable for below-freezing temperatures and a large storage capacity that is ideal for both keys and key cards. Additionally, this lock box works in tandem with the Master Lock Vault Home app so that you can monitor access history, receive low battery notifications, and be alerted when your lock box is tampered with.

Best Electronic

Master Lock Lock Box, Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe, Bluetooth iOS/Android App and Keypad Codes, 3-1/4 in. Wide, 5441EC

This electronic lock box is weather-resistant to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and features a large storage capacity for keys and key cards.

Also Consider: TOWOKE Key Lock Box

Rounding out our list is the TOWOKE Key Lock Box, which scores some major points for its solid zinc alloy construction and rust-resistant design. This key lock box features a weatherproof shutter and a heavy-duty steel locking mechanism that is comparable to some of the more expensive models out there. It’s able to withstand a great deal of abuse, including hammering and sawing, so you can feel safe leaving your keys there when going out of town. While this product holds up to six keys, it is not quite spacious enough for many larger key fobs but is still an excellent choice for those who will wish to keep their house keys secure.

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