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The Best Locker Decorations

🕚 Updated August 2023

Start the school year off right and elevate your locker from boring to fun by personalizing it in your own way. Check out these locker decorations to make yours stand out and maximize its space.

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  Best Set Best Lights Fun Hanging Clips Bright Photo Frames Best Rug
  U Brands
Locker Accessories Kit
California Cade
Electronics 24 LED Magnetic Light
Magnet Clips
Magnetic Picture Photo Frames
Locker Interior
School 10 Square Locker Fur Rug
Our SummaryKeep your classroom and personal essentials in order with this convenient all-in-one kit.Use these lights to help you keep track of everything in your locker.Show off your favorite photos and keep up with your memos with these funky patterned magnetic clips.Hold on to your most memorable moments with this pack of 10 magnetic frames so you can remember them throughout the year.Spice up your locker's interior with this adorable fur rug.
Pros✓ Includes a white board, magnet, and dry-erase marker
✓ Comes with a mirror and a storage cup
✓ Comes in two colors
✓ Aesthetic and practical
✓ Supported by magnets
✓ LED lights with 50 lumens of brightness
✓ Comes in a pack of four
✓ Each has two magnets
✓ Comes in unique patterns
✓ Strong hook included for heavier items
✓ Comes in a pack of 10
✓ Clear cover with UV coating
✓ Durable and reusable
✓ Non-skid backing
✓ Cute decoration
✓ 10-inch square shape
Cons✗ May be hard to erase markings off of whiteboard✗ Magnets can slide around✗ Faded colors✗ Can have creases✗ May be too small for your locker
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The Best Locker Decorations

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Buying Guide for Locker Decorations

Candid photo of three high school girls in front of blue lockers.

Why buy locker decorations?

Accessorizing your teen’s locker can be a form of expressing their personality and a fun way for them to prep for their upcoming classes. Decorations such as wallpaper, magnetic mirrors, message boards, and magnets for photos can showcase your child’s favorite memories and style. Other decorations like a locker shelf, magnetic pockets, or a magnetic holder can serve as great organizational tools for smaller, easy-to-lose items that they can access quickly as they rush between classes.

What should you consider when shopping for locker decorations?

  • Personal Style and Theme: Whether you prefer vibrant and bold colors or a more understated and elegant look, your locker decorations should reflect your personality. Additionally, if you have a particular theme in mind, such as sports, travel, or art, choose decorations that align with that theme to create a cohesive and visually pleasing locker setup.
  • Functionality and Practicality: Choosing decorations with practical uses ensures that your locker not only looks great but also functions effectively as a part of your daily routine. Magnetic shelves, pockets, and bins can help keep your belongings tidy and easily accessible. Magnetic mirrors and whiteboards serve dual purposes by allowing you to check your appearance and jot down quick notes or reminders.
  • Size and Compatibility: Measure the dimensions of your locker before purchasing decorations to ensure they fit properly without overcrowding the space. Magnetic decorations are popular for lockers, so ensure that the items you choose are magnetic and will adhere securely to the locker’s surfaces. Oversized decorations might not leave room for your belongings, while decorations that are too small might get lost in the locker’s space. Finding the right balance between size and compatibility is key to creating an appealing and functional locker setup.

What is the average size of a school locker?

In the United States, where lockers are commonly used in middle schools and high schools, a standard locker size is typically around 72 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, though these measurements can differ slightly from one school to another. Additionally, there are variations in locker designs, such as half-height or athletic lockers that will be closer to 36 inches tall.

Our Picks for the Best Locker Decorations

Best Set

U Brands Locker Accessories Kit

Keep your classroom and personal essentials in order with this convenient all-in-one kit.

Pros: This handy kit has all the basics you need to prepare for a successful first day of school. It includes a whiteboard, a dry-erase marker, two magnets, a mirror, and a magnetic cup to hold your marker and other miscellaneous items that can otherwise be easy to lose track of. Jot down your reminders on the whiteboard and give your hair a quick look before heading to class. Make the most of your locker space with these essential organizational and storage tools so that you can stay on top of your important tasks.

Cons: The whiteboard is not made of the highest quality material. You may have to use a spray to completely remove markings on the whiteboard. This can be an inconvenience, especially since this kit does not come with a spray.

Bottom Line: Your homework assignments, schedule, and to-do list can be simple to follow with this all-around great set that can be easily accessed inside your locker.


Best Lights

California Cade Electronics 24 LED Magnetic Light

Use these lights to help you keep track of everything in your locker.

Pros: Elevate your locker’s functionality and ambiance by incorporating these versatile LED lights as decorations. If you’re hunting for items deep within your locker, these lights will be super helpful. Compact yet powerful, these lights boast a remarkable 50 lumens of brightness, thanks to their 24 LEDs. The longevity of LEDs means you won’t have to worry about changing bulbs frequently. Powered by three AAA batteries (not supplied), these lights are energy-efficient and ready to serve you whenever the need arises. Since they have magnetic backs, you can easily use them in your locker.

Cons: In addition, some found that the magnets were not strong and tended to slide around.

Bottom Line: Light up your locker with this adorable set of LED lights.


Best Hanging Clips

Treats&Smiles Magnet Clips

Show off your favorite photos and keep up with your memos with these funky patterned magnetic clips.

Pros: These clips aren’t just visually appealing; they’re also highly functional. Featuring dual small yet robust magnets on their backs, they offer a secure hold while effortlessly adhering to the locker’s interior. What sets these magnetic clips apart is their intricate design, boasting a range of unique and colorful patterns that vary from paisley to floral motifs. Each clip comes equipped with a magnetic hook crafted from heavy-duty neodymium so you can hang weightier items when the occasion arises, further expanding the functionality of these clips.

Cons: Upon closer examination, the colors of the product may not be as vibrant and bold in person as they initially appear when viewed online.

Bottom Line: Incorporating this eight-pack of wooden magnetic clips introduces a touch of charm to your locker and enhances its organization.


Bright Photo Frames

Magtech Magnetic Pocket Picture Frame

Hold on to your most memorable moments with this pack of 10 magnetic frames so you can remember them throughout the year.

Pros: The full, flexible magnetic backing on these frames ensures a secure attachment to your locker or any metal surface, providing a reliable way to showcase your photos. With a snug fit that accommodates both vertical and horizontal orientations, these frames offer versatile options for your photo display. The clear cover, UV-coated to safeguard against sunlight and fluorescent lights, guarantees that your pictures will remain vibrant without the risk of yellowing. You can insert and change photos with ease.

Cons: Some had difficulty getting photos in and out of these frames.

Bottom Line: Looking for a new way to display all your favorite Polaroids? Consider purchasing these magnetic frames to make you smile when you open your locker.


Best Rug

Locker Interior School 10 Square Locker Fur Rug

Spice up your locker's interior with this adorable fur rug.

Pros: This mini rug is designed to fit most school lockers. The nonskid backing keeps it securely in place without any shifting or sliding, and it won’t cause any damage to your locker surfaces. The fun color adds a pop of style. By choosing this locker rug, you’re opting for both practicality and aesthetics, ensuring that your locker not only stays organized but also reflects your personal style in a functional and damage-free way.

Cons: Some users found this to be too small for their locker. It’s very important to take measurements before ordering to ensure proper fit. In addition, some reviewers were disappointed by color variations.

Bottom Line: Add a splash of flair to your locker with this locker rug—because even lockers deserve fun decor! Although simple, it can make all the difference.

Final Thoughts

Getting back into the groove of school can take time and may be overwhelming for your child as they figure out the best way to stay organized and on top of their game between classes. By allowing them to decorate their locker, they can channel their creativity, express themselves, and own the new academic year.

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