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The Best Locker Organizers

🕚 Updated August 2022

Instead of a mess every time you open your locker, you could have a more organized space. Whether for school or work, these solutions can help you find your things fast, be on time, and start your day.

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  Best Floating Shelf Best Magnetic Bins Best Locker Set Best Hanging Organizer Best Hanging Shelves
  It’s Academic
LockerMate Adjust-A-Shelf Locker Shelf
Mesh Magnetic Basket Organizers
U Brands
Locker Organizer and Decorating Kit
Magnetic Hanging Locker and Door Organizer
3-Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer
Our SummaryThis organizer can be positioned anywhere in a standard locker to create more usable space.Keep track of small items with these basket organizers that will stick to the walls of your metal locker.This locker organization set will turn your small space into a functional and beautiful space.Keep everything organized without taking up any space.If you need more shelving in your locker, this is an organizer that can help.
ProsAdjustable shelf from 12 to 15 inches, durable plastic with grips, easy assembly.Four metal mesh bins, magnetic with five magnets included, no assembly needed.11-piece set includes table top shelf, mirror, pencil holder, white board, marker and magnets, easy to assemble.Hanging on-the-door organizer, saves space, 10 compartments for things of all sizes, includes a mirror, heavy-duty polyester is easy to clean, easy to assemble.Three shelves, steel hooks to support 45 pounds, thick elastic bands to prevent items from falling, side mesh and elastic pockets, available in seven colors.
ConsCannot support a lot of weight.Magnets are not strong for heavy items.Magnet on pencil holder needs to be affixed better, mirror is not the best quality.Must be used in a tall locker.No additional accessories included.
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The Best Locker Organizers

Three young high school girls standing in front of a locker with a shelf.

Buying Guide for Locker Organizers

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It’s Academic/ABRA/U Brands

Why buy a locker organizer?

Whether you’re buying a locker organizer for school, the gym, or work, being organized can help you find what you need and feel ownership of your belongings. Each time you open an organized locker, you can feel a greater sense of collectiveness instead of stress with a highly messy locker.

What should you consider when shopping for a locker organizer?

  • Types of Organizers: You can decide between expandable floating shelves, tabletop shelves, or hanging organizers. Consider your organizational needs to help you find the best type of solution for your locker.
  • Extra Accessories: Some organizers come with accessories like a whiteboard, mirror, or magnets. You may also consider small baskets for writing utensils or other personal items that are otherwise easy to misplace.

Who is likely to use a locker organizer?

Kids who have lockers can benefit from a little organization. Organizers like shelves and tables can help them create separation from all their items so they can find what they need between classes. Without organizers, kids’ lockers can sometimes become a big heap of personal items and school supplies. Many professionals also benefit significantly from locker organizers. Those in the medical profession, police officers, emergency responders, and others are just a few examples. If you have a locker for work, organizational solutions can help you have a functional and personal space.

Our Picks for the Best Locker Organizers

Best Floating Shelf

It's Academic LockerMate Adjust-A-Shelf Locker Shelf

This organizer can be positioned anywhere in a standard locker to create more usable space.

Pros: This adjustable shelf can extend to fit 12 to 15 inches, so you can create separation that helps your locker stay organized. Made of durable plastic, it can withstand frequent rearranging and use. This single shelf is easy to assemble within minutes.

Cons: This shelf is unable to hold a lot of weight.

Bottom Line: Add functional shelving to your locker with this durable, adjustable shelf. It can expand from 12 inches to 15 inches and can be placed anywhere in the locker to help you organize how you need to.


Best Magnetic Bins

Arteza Mesh Magnetic Basket Organizers

Keep track of small items with these basket organizers that will stick to the walls of your metal locker.

Pros: Organize your personal belongings and be free to change up where your baskets are placed with these magnetic bins. The four separate bins help organize your small items, so they’re easy to grab, even if you’re in a hurry. Tight mesh walls prohibit small items from slipping through any cracks or openings. Each holder includes five magnets for a solid and stable hold.

Cons: The magnets are not incredibly strong, so you will need to keep the items lightweight.

Bottom Line: This set of four magnetic baskets is convenient for organizing small personal items in a locker, which can otherwise be a large space that makes small items easy to lose. The mesh sides prevent slim items from sliding out, and the five magnets help keep the holders in place.


Best Locker Set

U Brands Locker Organizer and Decorating Kit

This locker organization set will turn your small space into a functional and beautiful space.

Pros: This set has everything you need to organize and stylize your locker interior. The set includes a floor shelf, whiteboard, magnets, marker, mirror, and a small magnetic mesh bin. Each item can help you stay organized and prepared, even when rushing between classes. Everything is easy to assemble within minutes and can endure regular use.

Cons: The magnet on the pen/pencil holder is not secured well. The mirror is cheap and lacks a clear image.

Bottom Line: Create a beautiful and functional locker space with this set. The tabletop shelf can help you organize your belongings to get what you need quickly, while the whiteboard and magnets can help with reminders or inspirational quotes so you can tackle whatever your day brings.


Best Hanging Organizer

Explorer Magnetic Hanging Locker and Door Organizer

Keep everything organized without taking up any space.

Pros: This hanging organizer attaches to a locker door through the vent holes or on the top. It features 10 compartments and pockets so you can have a designated space for each of your belongings, from shoes to a wallet. It also includes a mirror. Made of heavy-duty polyester, this is easy to wipe clean and is durable for frequent and long-term use.

Cons: This can only be used on full-size lockers, as it is 52 inches long.

Bottom Line: Perfect for compactly organizing several personal belongings, this hanging locker organizer can help keep everything tidy. It has compartments of all different sizes to hold items like shoes, a flashlight, a wallet, and everything in between.


Best Hanging Shelves

ABRA 3-Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer

If you need more shelving in your locker, this is an organizer that can help.

Pros: This shelving includes three shelves with a thick elastic band along the back to keep items from falling through. Mesh pockets are on the side to hold smaller items like calculators or writing instruments. The sturdy bottom of each shelf prevents sagging, but it can also be removed if you need to wash it. The hooks are steel so that they can hold all your supplies securely up to 45 pounds. The shelving system only takes up a section of the locker, so you’ll still be able to hang your outer garments or bags alongside. This organizer is available in seven colors and can snap up to remove one shelf and fit into a shorter locker.

Cons: If you want more accessories, those will have to be purchased separately.

Bottom Line: This organizer’s versatility and functionality is a practical solution to any locker and can support up to 45 pounds with its durable steel hooks and high-quality fabric. Simple snaps can make the three-shelf organizer into a two-shelf one if that fits your locker best.

Final Thoughts

Having an organized locker, whether at school or work, can help you keep track of your belongings and feel less stressed because you know where everything is. Organizers help you stay on task or on time for class. What might seem simple, such as a shelf or basket, can significantly impact your overall school or work experience.

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