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The Best Long Skirts

🕚 Updated September 2023

A long skirt can be a useful addition to your wardrobe if you want a skirt that provides a little extra coverage, comfort, and sophistication. Keep it classy with these long skirts.

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  Top Choice Best Patterned Most Comfortable Best Boho Design Best Formal Look
High Waisted Maxi Skirt for Women
Long Flowy Boho Skirt
Urban CoCo
Women's Maxi Skirt
Women's Bohemian Floral-Printed Maxi Skirt
Full/Ankle Length Skirt
Our SummarySimple and understated, this long skirt can be dressed up or down as needed.If you prefer patterned skirts to plain, monochromed ones, this flowy number will be right up your alley.You won't sacrifice comfort for style in this stretchy, soft maxi skirt that moves wherever you go.A relaxed fit and the prettiest details combine to make this boho-style skirt a go-to staple.This modest yet tasteful skirt won't look one bit out of place at weddings and other formal events.
Pros✓ Soft and stretchy
✓ Breathable for warm weather wear
✓ Has side pockets
✓ Versatile
✓ Good sizing and color options
✓ Cute multicolored prints
✓ Long and flowing
✓ Comfy, lightweight, and breathable
✓ Elastic waist
✓ Can be dressed up or down
✓ Simple but form-fitting
✓ Made of a polyester and spandex
✓ Has a fold-over waistband
✓ Comes in 25 colors and prints
✓ Made of lightweight rayon
✓ Drawstring closure
✓ Two pockets
✓ Ruffle trim
✓ Comes in various prints and colors
✓ Elegant formal look
✓ Beautiful and colorful
✓ Built-in lining
✓ Comfortable, high-quality fabric
✓ Wide range of sizes and colors
Cons✗ Thin material
✗ Inconsistent sizing
✗ May be see-through
✗ Staticky fabric
✗ Tight at the waist for some
✗ May be too short for taller ladies✗ Inaccurate prints and colors✗ Too long for shorter individuals
✗ Possible color variation.
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The Best Long Skirts

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Buying Guide for Long Skirts

Woman standing near the ocean in a bright red skirt and white tank top.
Anna Zheludkova/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a long skirt?

In contrast to a shorter skirt, a long one provides a more conservative style and ultimate comfort for those days when you may not want to expose your legs. Of course, there are plenty of bodycon or tight-fitting long skirts that offer a more sensual silhouette if that’s what you prefer. Depending on how lightweight and breathable the material is, you could easily double your skirt as a swimsuit cover-up. In general, long skirts are an acceptable option for most dress codes and can be worn casually or more formally, depending on the material and occasion.

What should you consider in a long skirt?

  • Material: There are tons of different fabrics from which skirts are made. Polyester, spandex, and cotton are the most common options, and all three are great for durability. For stretch and roominess, polyester and spandex are your best friends. If you’re after something lightweight for those warm-weather days by the beach or pool, cotton it is.
  • Length: If you’re a petite gal who wears heels or platforms with a long skirt, you’ll want to think about the proper length that will best fit your style without covering up your shoes or coming up too high above the ankles. The same goes for the taller ladies; however, it may be more of an issue of the skirt being too short.
  • Fit: For those fun nights out with the girls or a more casual party, a form-fitting long skirt may match the mood. When it comes to a formal, strict dress code or if you know it’s a black tie event, you’ll want to opt for more coverage with a long skirt that has structure without any high slits or low-rise waist.

Is it better to hand wash or machine wash a long skirt?

This all depends on the material and extra layers or details the skirt may have—and ultimately, you should always follow the instructions given by the brand or manufacturer. However, it’s advised to hand wash if possible so that you can keep the integrity intact as much as you can. A long skirt is made to be long and has a lot of material because of that, so if it were to get caught on the inside of the machine or possibly shrink after being tossed in the dryer, the fit and material of the skirt may be compromised.

Our Picks for the Best Long Skirts

Top Choice

Simlu High Waisted Maxi Skirt for Women

Simple and understated, this long skirt can be dressed up or down as needed.

Pros: If you’re not after anything particularly elaborate and just want a long skirt that’s simple and straightforward but still looks great, this A-line maxi skirt will suit your needs nicely. The modal-spandex fabric is soft and stretchy, making it extremely comfortable. It’s also quite breathable, making it suitable to wear even during the summertime or in warmer weather. Thanks to this skirt’s simplicity, it’s easy to dress up or wear casually, depending on the blouse and accessories you pair with it. Sizing goes up to 4XL, and there are 24 colors and patterns to choose from. And, perhaps best of all, this skirt has side pockets so you can stash small items like your keys or phone without needing to carry a purse.

Cons: The material is a bit on the thin side, which makes it more prone to snags and holes, especially during machine washing. The sizing can be a bit inconsistent as well, even when referencing the included size chart.

Bottom Line: The classics are often classics for a reason, and in terms of long skirts, it doesn’t get much more classic than this maxi skirt. Whether you want a solid color or patterned skirt, it’ll serve its purpose as a staple in any wardrobe.


Best Patterned

Bluetime Flowy Boho Long Skirt

If you prefer patterned skirts to plain, monochrome ones, this flowy number will be right up your alley.

Pros: This long, patterned skirt is a versatile and stylish choice for anyone who prefers something multicolored or with a cute print. Long and flowing, it’s nice and comfortable with a lightweight design that’s perfect for hot weather, and the breathable fabric ensures you stay cool during warm seasons. With a wide array of patterns to choose from, in an equally wide variety of different colors, it’s easy to find a design that showcases your unique style. The adjustable elastic waistband provides a customizable fit, and when paired with the right blouse and accessories, it’s equally suitable for the office, a night out with friends, or simply lounging around the house.

Cons: You may find that this skirt is a bit the thin side, to the point where it’s transparent in some cases, necessitating wearing a slip or similar undergarment underneath. The material is also staticky, and some customers found the elastic waist too tight, even when worn high on the waist.

Bottom Line: Single-color skirts are always a great option, but this patterned number is an excellent alternative if you want something more eye-catching or some extra color. It offers comfort, style, and versatility, making it a worthwhile addition to any clothing collection.


Most Comfortable

Urban CoCo Women's Maxi Skirt

You won't sacrifice comfort for style in this stretchy, soft maxi skirt that moves wherever you go.

Pros: This maxi skirt from Urban CoCo is made for simple everyday wear that you can throw on without getting caught in frilly layers or zippers or worrying about exposing too much leg underneath. All you do is pull it on, and the polyester spandex will conform to your body and take care of the rest. If it’s too long or you want the waist to fall more at your hips, fold over the waistband for an easy adjustment. What’s even better is that it comes in 25 other solid colors and gorgeous prints, so you can expand your wardrobe.

Cons: Even the longest size may be too short for the taller customers. If you’re more than 6 feet tall, it almost certainly won’t be floor-length on you, and you may have to explore other options if that’s the look you’re after.

Bottom Line: Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. For the low-maintenance gal or anyone who values comfort above all else, this long skirt offers plenty of it.


Best Boho Design

ZESICA Women's Bohemian Floral-Printed Maxi Skirt

A relaxed fit and the prettiest details combine to make this boho-style skirt a go-to staple.

Pros: Flounce around in this adorable, laid-back, free-flowing skirt that gives a dreamy silhouette. It’s made of 100% rayon and has a drawstring closure, providing a relaxed fit and the ability to customize the fit. It comes with two handy pockets on either side, and the bottom is trimmed in ruffles to add that perfect youthful touch to further enhance its boho look. It comes in sizes 4 to 18 and in various prints that range in color from bold to pastel to neutral and everything in between; with 27 options, it’s easy to find something that’ll suit your personal style perfectly.

Cons: The colors and prints may not perfectly match the ones in the photos, so there’s a chance that this skirt won’t come in the exact shade you want or match some of the clothing you planned to pair it with.

Bottom Line: Sit back and relax or twirl around in this precious flowy skirt with convenient features like pockets and a drawstring. If you’re a happy-go-lucky type of gal, this skirt will match your spirit.


Best Formal Look

Afibi Women Full/Ankle Length Skirt

This modest yet tasteful skirt won't look one bit out of place at weddings and other formal events.

Pros: Long skirts and dresses are often associated with elegance, and this long skirt is particularly suited for more formal occasions. It’s not only beautiful and colorful, but the fit is quite comfortable thanks to the soft and high-quality fabric. It offers a loose fit that’s easy to move in, so you’ll be comfy even at all-night formal dinners and events. Moreover, the skirt provides good coverage, striking a balance between being flowy yet not sheer, thanks to the built-in lining. And with an impressive 44 color and design options and sizing that goes up to a 3XL, there’s an option for almost every style and body.

Cons: If you’re on the shorter side, this skirt may be a bit too long for you, even taking its length into account ahead of time; you’ll likely need to pair it with heels or have it hemmed. The actual color of the skirt may also not perfectly match the pictures online, with some variations in shades.

Bottom Line: For those holiday parties and fancy restaurants that have a more formal dress code, this flowy, chiffon-like stunner will have you covered. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching for this skirt whenever you need to elevate your look.

Final Thoughts

The next time you aren’t feeling up to wearing a dress but still desire something more modest in taste than a short skirt, consider a long skirt instead. Enjoy the free movement and comfort you get in a long skirt while still sticking to your own style.

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