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The Best Nose Rings for Facial Decoration

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Facial piercings have long been a way for people of all ages, genders, and cultures to express themselves, change up their look, or even symbolize an important life event or stage. Nose rings are among the most common and popular facial piercings these days. Some people like the little bit of glimmer they add or like to match them with other pieces of jewelry; some people get them for cultural or heritage purposes, while others choose to wear a nose ring to fit a certain aesthetic. Whatever your reason for deciding to pierce, there are hundreds of nose rings and studs to choose from and match to your personal style or aesthetic.

What to Look for in a Nose Ring

Here’s what you should consider before getting a new nose ring:

  • Shape: Most people think of nose piercings and their mind goes to a classic hoop shape, but this is not your only option. You can also find hoops with a bead or rhinestone strung on, textured hoops, studs that are round, square, heart-shaped, and all kinds of other fun shapes. The shape of the hook that holds the ring in place may differ too. It may be more curved to better hold it in place as opposed to the traditional straight hook. There’s more variation out there than you might think.
  • Color: A silver or gold hoop or a diamond stud are classic nose jewelry looks, and they’re all lovely options in their own right. But if you want something different or more unique, there are plenty of equally attractive alternatives available too. Whether you want an ombre colored metal ring, a stud that contains your birthstone, or something else altogether, the odds are good you’ll be able to find exactly what you want.
  • Size: Everyone is different, so it’s only natural that nose rings and studs come in many sizes. Some may not like the way a large stud or small hoop looks with their nose shape. Others may want to make a statement with their nose ring and opt for a larger, bolder piece, while someone else may prefer something more delicate or understated to fit their personal style. Nose rings come in a good variety of sizes, so don’t feel like you need to settle on a size with which you’re not happy.
  • Material: While the overwhelming majority, if not all, nose rings are made of metal, not all metals are created equal. If you want a more durable nose ring, metals like stainless steel are stronger than pure silver or gold. Some metals are less prone to staining and rusting or are easier to clean, an important consideration since nose rings are not intended to be removed often (or ever, in some cases). If you have allergies, you’ll also want to make sure that you pick a hypoallergenic nose ring to avoid infection.

Best Classic Hoop: FANSING Surgical Steel Nose Ring

This is a simple yet attractive, polished nose ring with a classic hoop shape. Made of surgical-grade steel, the ring is free of lead, nickel, and cadmium, so if you have allergies, you can wear this nose ring without fear of swelling or infection. It’s easy to put on or take off by hand; no tools necessary for opening or closing. The fastener is rounded rather than sharp for your comfort, so it won’t poke or scrape or cut you by mistake while wearing it. The fastener is also designed to be tight and sturdy, retaining its firm grip even over long-term use; the ring won’t fall out even during showers or exercise. You can buy this nose ring in sets of one or two, and it’s available in nearly endless combinations of six different colors, eight weights, and 13 sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a size and weight that fits your nose in whichever color you like best.

Best Design Options: Tornito Stainless Nose Ring Jewelry

If you’re someone who likes to swap out your nose ring to better match your outfits or aesthetic, or you simply want a multitude of nose jewelry options on hand, this set is an excellent choice. You get 38 pieces in one set for one reasonable price, 10 hoops, and 28 studs. Each ring or stud has a slightly different shape or look. You get a classic hoop shape, classic tiny diamond rhinestone stud, a braided hoop, a heart-shaped stud, and much, much more. You also have the option to purchase the set in gold or silver, and with three pin shape options, L-shaped, screw-shaped, or straight bone-shaped, to better keep the rings in place. The posts are round at the edges for your comfort during wear. Each piece of jewelry is polished to a shine for a more attractive look. They’re also all made out of stainless steel that is resistant to rust and will remain smooth and shiny. The rings are easy to take on and off in order to switch out different designs but will stay firmly in place and won’t come loose during wear.

Best Design Options

Best Studs: Monily Stainless Steel Studs

If you prefer studs to rings for your nose jewelry, consider investing in this 16-piece set. With four different styles in four different sizes, this set of silver studs offers the right blend of variety and comfort. You can buy a set with L-shaped pins, screw-shaped pins, and straight pins, or an L-shaped set with four different hoops for further variety, or for whichever pin shape best fits you and your nose. You can also buy any pins sets in two slightly different lengths, either 6.5 millimeters or 7 millimeters. The stainless steel makes them durable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about your studs bending or breaking or becoming distorted over time. Whether you like the look of a classic diamond stud or something less glittery, this set of studs has you covered.

Best Studs

Best Color Options: Incaton Nose Rings

This is a perfect set of nose rings for anyone who is a fan of color and flair, with great value to boot. You get 39 total nose rings in three different designs with this set, 20 straight-pinned studs in 20 different colors, eight smaller but equally colorful studs with L-shaped pins, and six hoops. Besides the traditional gold and silver, the hoops come in black, rainbow ombre, dark blue, and rose gold. Five Bioflex clear nose stud retainers and a velvet gift bag also come included with this set. Each nose ring is made of surgical stainless steel that is long-lasting and hypoallergenic, guaranteed to be free of nickel. They’re also well electroplated to better retain their color over time and make them more comfortable for you to wear.

Best Color Options

Incaton 22G Nose Rings Stainless Steel Nose Rings Hoop Tiny L Shape Nose Studs Small Nose Bone Colorful Pack for Women Men 17-39 Pcs

A 39-piece set of nose studs and hoops that offer maximum color and customization choices.

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