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The Best Loose Glitter for Awesome Nail Art

Looking for a way to add some glitz and sophistication to an otherwise dull manicure? A dash of loose nail glitter is an easy way to glam up your nails and the perfect way to make your nail art sparkle and shine!

Loose glitter is a versatile medium for any adventurous nail artist; there are endless possibilities for designs that use it. Whether it’s adding specks of glitter to your topcoat for a confetti embellishment, creating a glitter ombré effect on your base coat, or making a sparkly accent nail with glitter and a clear base coat and topcoat, the right glitters can give you a daring, fun look for every occasion.

How to Choose Your Nail Glitter

As you look for the glitter to take your nail art to the next level, remember these simple yet important guidelines:

  • Use only cosmetic-grade glitter for your nails (and your makeup)! Craft glitters are less expensive than cosmetic-grade glitters, but they are usually made of metals and are not suitable for nail art. They may dissolve or bleed when they come into contact with the solvents in your nail polish, and craft glitters are also not required to follow strict manufacturing controls since they’re not intended for personal use. On the other hand, cosmetic-grade glitters are made with acrylic or polyester materials that work with polish, and they are required to follow manufacturing and packaging procedures that are sanitary and appropriate for personal use.
  • Choose the type of glitter that will give you the effect you want. Glitter comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chunky shapes, like confetti or flake glitter, will give you bold effects. Very fine powder or micro glitter will be highly reflective and give you a uniform shimmer or metallic effect. Holographic glitters, whether confetti, flake, or micro, refract light rather than reflect it for a prismatic shine.

These are our picks for the top glitters that will give you a standout nail style!

Best Chunky: Klikooll Nail Glitter

This cosmetic-grade glitter set gives you a generous selection of 18 vibrant color mixes in chunky flakes that are perfect for confetti and bold nail designs. This glitter is great for sensitive skin, whether it’s used for nails or makeup.

Best Fine Powder: Born Pretty Nail Glitter Powder

These four boxes of Born Pretty fine glitter powders are for mirror, chameleon, pearl, and holographic effects to add shine and shimmer to any base coat color. No special skills or tools are needed to create this spectacular nail look.

Best Fine Powder

BORN PRETTY Chrome Powder,Metallic Mirror Pearl Holographic Pigment Powder Manicure Nail Art Decoration Sets

This set of fine glitter powders will give you mirror, chameleon, pearl, and holographic effects to add shimmer to any base coat color.

Best Holographic: GA&EN Holo Nail Powder

This holographic glitter dust is perfectly sized at 35 microns to give you a smooth and highly visible rainbow effect. The 3-gram pot will last a long time because just a little of this powder goes a long way!

Best Value: Sure Promise Nail Glitter

The Sure Promise multipurpose set of cosmetic-grade glitters comes with 45 bright colors you can use alone or mix to create eye-catching nail effects for any occasion. These glitters work for three-dimensional or flat nail art, depending on how much you use.

Best Value

Surepromise 45 Colors Eyeshadow Makeup Nail Art Pigment Glitter Dust Powder Set

You can use this set of 45 bright glitters alone or mix them.

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