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The Best Loppers

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🕚 Updated February 2022

The lengthy handles of garden loppers give you the reach and leverage you need to cut thick and elevated branches. If you've got some trees and shrubs to prune, we recommend these impressive loppers.

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  Top Choice Extra Strong Best for Budget Best Extendable Choice Best Electric
Bypass Lopper 28-Inch
Bypass Lopper 32-Inch
21.5-Inch Bypass Lopper
Anvil Loppers
Cordless Lopper
Our SummaryThese bypass loppers move smoothly through live growth for precision cuts.At three times the power, these loppers can cut branches up to 2 inches thick with premium steel blades.A sturdy pair of bypass loppers that cut with precision even after lots of use.A pair of extendable anvil loppers that are easy to use and tough on thick branches.This motor-operated chainsaw lopper is supercharged and super sharp.
Pros✓ Hardened stainless steel blades
✓ Shock-absorbing bumpers
✓ Cushioned grips
✓ Cuts through 1.5-inch branches
✓ Strong bypass loppers
✓ Long handles
✓ Coated blades
✓ Cuts through 1.5-inch branches
✓ Ergonomic handles
✓ Comfy grip
✓ Hardened steel blades
✓ Coating prevents stickiness and rust
✓ Nonslip and blister-free grip
✓ Telescoping handle
✓ Release lock button
✓ Teflon-coated blade
✓ High-performance 2.0 AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
✓ Cuts through 4-inch branches
✓ Fast
✓ Safety features
Cons✗ Not the most heavy-duty✗ Can be awkward to maneuver✗ Heavy✗ Blades can dull quickly✗ More expensive and complicated
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The Best Loppers

Farmer posing with telescopic ratchet bypass lopper in walnut orchard ready for pruning.
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Buying Guide for Loppers

Woman in garden clothes trimming a garden hedge with loppers.

Why buy a pair of loppers?

Loppers’ notably long handles help you get to the base of the limbs you’re removing with precision—no more cutting wanted greenery or flowers as you hack at dead branches. And if they’re the proper length for your fit, they’ll keep you from falling into your shrubs, cutting stuff that you want to keep. Additionally, loppers may save you from using a ladder, depending on the situation.

What should you look for in a pair of loppers?

  • Blade Type: There are four types of lopper mechanisms: bypass, anvil, compound action, and ratchet. The bypass mechanism works like scissors, with two sharp blades passing each other. Anvil loppers have one sharp blade that comes down on a wider, flat metal piece. Ratchet mechanisms make a series of small cuts with repeated squeezes of the handles. Others have a compound action mechanism that uses a lever and pivot point to exert extra pressure.
  • Cutting Capacity: The cutting capacity for a pair of loppers is the maximum distance between its blades, which corresponds to the diameter of the branch or stem you can put between them.
  • Blade Material: Blades are usually made of high-carbon steel, which is resistant to damage but prone to rust, or they’re made from stainless steel, which resists rust but is more prone to damage than high-carbon steel. Coatings may help with rust issues.

How do you tell an ergonomic, comfortable-to-use pair from the other?

Look carefully at the handles’ ergonomic features. Cushioned grips can be very important when you have to exert a lot of pressure on your shears, and a handle with a design that helps to keep your hand from slipping is useful. You should also pay close attention to the weight of the loppers. Lighter ones will help reduce strain.

Our Picks for the Best Loppers

Top Choice

Fiskars Bypass Lopper

These bypass loppers move smoothly through live growth for precision cuts.

Pros: These Fiskars bypass loppers are designed to cut cleanly through living growth on trees and shrubs. Their hardened stainless steel blades have a low friction coating that helps them move smoothly through the wood to cut without damaging surrounding plants. The durable steel handles have bumpers near the blades to absorb shock as the blades come together, and their soft cushioned grips are made to last. These loppers weigh 2.9 pounds with a maximum cutting width of 1.5 inches. Loppers with longer handles are also available.

Cons: These loppers are great for moderate use, but maybe not for heavy-duty use.

Bottom Line: With hardened steel blades coated to minimize friction combined with sturdy handles, these loppers are a great buy.


Pros: These loppers by Fiskars are uncompromising in strength and have extra-long handles for those hard-to-reach branches. Their trademark hardened bypass-style steel blades with low-friction coating reduce gumming during use. This PowerGear2 model entails a patented power gear technology design. This design entails modified gears, and the cam mechanism boosts cutting power straight through the middle of the branch, the point where most blades lose power. It’s got three times more power on every cut. They have rounded ergonomic handles and soft grips.

Cons: A number of users say that the loppers are awkward to maneuver.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready to upgrade last year’s loppers, take a look at the PowerGear2. Fiskars implemented the cam mechanism to achieve three times the cutting power for seriously stubborn branches.


Best for Budget

Worx 21.5-Inch Bypass Lopper

A sturdy pair of bypass loppers that cut with precision even after lots of hard use.

Pros: These bypass loppers by Worx are exemplary. They’re perfect for cutting branches precisely and smoothly. The quality steel blades are hardened and precision-ground to remain sharp through heavy use. They’re also coated so that they don’t get sticky from tree sap, thereby reducing friction and even providing rust resistance. The Worx devised cutting-edge technology to create the impressive blade mechanism. Even the ends of the handles are nice, as they’re double-coated plastic for a nonslip and blister-free experience.

Cons: You may find them a bit heavier than other loppers.

Bottom Line: These affordable, reliable loppers are highly-reputed and well-designed, so why not give them a try?


Best Extendable Choice

THANOS Telescopic Anvil Lopper

A pair of extendable anvil loppers that are easy to use and tough on thick branches.

Pros: There’s no need to feel encumbered by a one-size-fits-all pair of loppers, not when there’s another option. They feature telescoping handles and a safety release lock button to adjust the length at six sections to achieve a length between 27 and 40 inches. As anvil loppers, this pair features a heavy-duty steel blade coated with Teflon.

Cons: Some users found that the blades dulled pretty quickly.

Bottom Line: These effective and efficient anvil loppers will get you through the toughest tree branches and gnarly overgrowth. They’re a great buy on almost all accounts.


Best Electric

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Lopper

This motor-operated chainsaw lopper is supercharged and super sharp.

Pros: This 20-volt electric lopper machine runs on a high-performance 2.0 AH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. That means long-lasting high performance. The lopper has a 6-inch bar and chain to cut through branches with a 4-inch cutting diameter. Its jaws clamp down easily and securely, so you can safely grab limbs operating the device. It can slice through wood with fast scissor-like action. With such a powerful, motorized tool like this, preventative measures are essential. Both handle triggers must be activated to activate the chainsaw, so if you slip or drop the lopper, the motor shuts off immediately.

Cons: If you’ve never used a chainsaw, you may struggle with its weight and operation. It’s more complex than the other options, and therefore more expensive.

Bottom Line: Such a high-performing machine deserves a spot on the wall; fortunately, you can hang it with the integrated hook. It’s a high-tech, powerful method to prune your trees and bushes.

Final Thoughts

Soon you might have landscaping tasks on the list of must-dos. These loppers are solid choices for keeping your trees and shrubs well maintained.

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