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The Best Loveseat Covers

🕚 Updated November 2022

Like sofas and couches, loveseats get dirty over time. Adding a cover is a great way to safeguard your loveseat from pets, children, dirt, and spills or to jazz up a room. Here are some of our favorites.

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  Best Overall Best Water-Repellent Best Plush Option Best Reversible Best Printed Cover
Stretch Loveseat Slipcover
Premium Water-Repellent Sofa Cover
Real Velvet Three-Piece Loveseat Cover
Reversible Loveseat Cover
Printed Couch Cover
Our SummaryThis soft and stretchy fabric slipcover will keep your loveseat free of hair, dust, and debris.Protect your loveseat from accidental spills, drool, or other liquids with this water-repellent slipcover.This soft, plush velvet cover comes with two matching cushion covers.This cover gives you nice design options and an effective way to protect your loveseat.With fresh flowers, fruits, and retro designs, these colorful slipcovers can add a touch of textural maximalism to your favorite room.
Pros✓ Easy to care for
✓ Very stretchy and fits most loveseats
✓ One-person installation
✓ Many color choices
✓ Fits securely
✓ Many size options to match all your furniture
✓ Wrinkle-free
✓ Washer and dryer-safe
✓ Stretchy and velvety
✓ Simple installation
✓ Fits most loveseats and most fabrics
✓ Reversible design
✓ Easy to adjust
✓ Comfortable microfiber
✓ Super stylish
✓ Precise measurements
✓ Easy installation
✓ Secure fit
Cons✗ Not water-repellant
✗ Included styrofoam tubes are a bit flimsy
✗ Not fully waterproof✗ Measure carefully first as some people had fit issues✗ Not water-repellent
✗ Fit issues on some loveseats
✗ Lighter colored patterns may be see-through
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The Best Loveseat Covers

A loveseat with a leaf-printed cover over it.

Buying Guide for Loveseat Covers

A teal loveseat with two pillows on it.

Why buy a loveseat cover?

Consider buying a loveseat cover to protect its upholstery and to add a splash of color or a neutral tone to your living room or bedroom. Such a simple modification can make a big difference financially and aesthetically, as a loveseat cover may save you from needing to reupholster or redecorate an entire room.

What should you look for in a loveseat cover?

  • Care: Consider how you will have to clean the cover. Is it machine washable, hand washable, dry clean only, or spot clean only? Machine-washable covers are the easiest but require removal and replacement. These models also tend to be made of hardier fabrics and textiles, which ensures better protection and longer service life. Do you have dogs or kids who like to climb up on your loveseat? If that’s the case, why not check out a waterproof cover? Having a lint remover in your cleaning arsenal is also handy to keep your cover free from loose hairs or fuzz from your favorite throw blankets.
  • Size and Fit: Covers can be tight or loose-fitting, so determine if the cover is made to match your personal preference. An elastic and stretchable cover may be the best choice since it’ll cover a wider range of loveseats. It’s also a good idea to measure your loveseat to find a cover in the right size. Even if a loveseat cover was made, for example, a two-seater, it may not fit your loveseat’s dimensions.
  • Color: There are plenty of color options available to you when it comes to picking a cover. Darker and neutral shades are more common, but plenty of lighter colors and pastels are also available. It all depends on what colors work for your decor. You can even choose from patterned covers if you love a more retro or maximalist style. It’s easy to find a color that matches your home interior, so don’t be afraid to hold out for the right shade or hue.

What kind of fabrics are best for loveseat covers?

Slipcovers are made from many different types of fabrics. Quilted cotton is a popular choice because it’s incredibly soft and durable. However, quilted cotton covers will likely be more expensive than equally durable polyester covers. A stretchy yet comfortable polyester blend cover may also help wick away moisture from your loveseat while being washable and easy to care for. Please note that either of these options is great, but you also need to look at the stretch elastic for getting your cover on and off and the quality of stitching around the stretch fabric. Stitching around the elastics will help your cover last longer.

Our Picks for the Best Loveseat Covers

Best Overall

Easy-Going Stretch Loveseat Slipcover

This soft and stretchy fabric cover will keep your loveseat free of hair, dust, and debris.

Pros: This great easy-care slipcover is stretchy and versatile, perfect for most loveseats. The jacquard fabric is soft and comfortable and easy to wash with warm water on a regular cycle. It fits any seat from 40 to 60 inches in width and comes with a measuring guide that you can look at before you purchase to be sure it’s the right fit. It does an excellent job of protecting your loveseat from daily wear and stains. And one person can slip this on in less than 10 minutes, though it’s easier with two people. Best of all, there are many amazing color choices, so you can make a colorful, eclectic splash or blend it into a minimalist atmosphere.

Cons: This slipcover is not water-repellent. Also, though it comes with styrofoam tubes to smooth out the fabric, they don’t work as well as some DIY options.

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful option for those looking for a cover who don’t know where to begin. It’s affordable for most and lasts through many washes. It also doesn’t snag, pill, or tear at the seams, so it’s a nice value altogether.


Best Water-Repellent

Granbest Premium Water-Repellent Sofa Cover

Protect your loveseat from accidental spills, drool, or other liquids with this water-repellent slipcover.

Pros: This slipcover fits securely and has great stretchability and an elastic bottom hem. It’s crafted from super soft stretch fabric (95% polyester and 5% spandex) that’s soft and prevents wrinkles. It fits most seating options beautifully because it comes in multiple sizes: 30 to 47 inches, 56 to 70 inches, 71 to 92 inches, and 93 to 115 inches. So if you have a loveseat that matches a larger sofa or is part of a sectional, you can find matching covers for your full set. This slipcover also comes with foam blocks to help lock it tightly in place, and it’s machine washable and dryer-safe.

Cons: While this slipcover is water-repellent, it’s not waterproof.

Bottom Line: This slipcover is easy to install, clean, and easy on your furniture. It even has tags to note where the back of it goes, taking the guesswork out of installation. Because it has great stretchability, it can fit over awkwardly-shaped loveseats and standard ones.


Best Plush Option

H.VERSAILTEX Real Velvet Three-Piece Loveseat Cover

This soft, plush velvet cover comes with two matching cushion covers.

Pros: This loveseat slipcover is made from high-quality, stretchy velvet fabric that’s incredibly soft and comfortable. It’s much more plush and plump than most models, bringing a fuller, more unique look to your living room or den. The installation process is simple, thanks to the elastic straps along the bottom, and the cover is machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water. It can even be tumbled dry, though it shouldn’t be bleached. This cover will fit most loveseats and works well on leather or cloth.

Cons: It may be disappointing that there’s no information about what the material is made of. The cover is described as one size fits most, so it’s possible this model won’t suit your loveseat.

Bottom Line: If you’re sensitive to the texture and appearance of things, this velvety loveseat cover could be your next great buy. There’s an expansive color selection, too, which gives you the freedom to pick and choose. It’s super easy to put on and wash and provides a durable cover to protect your furniture piece.


Best Reversible

Easy-Going Reversible Loveseat Cover

This cover gives you nice design options and an effective way to protect your loveseat.

Pros: The unique selling point of this loveseat cover is its reversible design. You get two color options and a method to extend the life of the slipcover by simply turning it over every so often. Another advantage to the reversible cover is that it’s easy to adjust; the fit is not as fixed as other loveseat covers, thanks to its outer elastic strap design. The thick microfiber fabric is made of 100% polyester and has a comfy quilted texture that adds a nice visual accent. To ensure a nonslip fit, the cover is fortified with two foam pipes that tuck into the grooves between each side of your loveseat below the armrest.

Cons: Though the loveseat cover is said to be great for homes with children and animals, it’s not waterproof. Also, you may find that it doesn’t completely cover the seat, an issue that may be diverted if you carefully measure your loveseat before purchasing.

Bottom Line: This reversible loveseat cover offers what its name suggests: a relaxed, laid-back, and comfortable way to protect your loveseat from wear and tear. There’s no fuss when it comes to the cover’s maintenance, either. Just chuck it in the washing machine, and you’re good to go.


Best Printed Cover

hyha Printed Couch Cover

With fresh flowers, fruits, and retro designs, these colorful slipcovers can add a touch of textural maximalism to your favorite room.

Pros: Get ready to turn your boring loveseat into your favorite centerpiece. This slipcover is crafted from polyester spandex fabric, including one piece to fit your loveseat’s base and two pieces to fit over your cushions. The slip-on cover fits seat widths between 58 to 72 inches. Installation is easy enough for one person to master, and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to transform your loveseat with this gorgeous cover. It does what any slipcover does but with more style: It prevents stains, snags, and wear and tear. Plus, it’s super stretchy with a nonslip design to prevent it from coming off while enjoying your favorite loveseat.

Cons: Lighter color patterns can be a bit see-through. So if you have a patterned or dark-colored loveseat underneath, the hues may poke through.

Bottom Line: This machine-washable loveseat cover is made with fun patterns to inspire and brighten your space. It’s easy for one person to install and simple to wash and take care of after.


Final Thoughts

Having a loveseat cover will help extend the use and life of your furniture and protect it from potential stains and wear. It’s also a simple way to change the overall aesthetic appeal of your living room significantly. Remember to measure your loveseat carefully and pay close attention to the product’s dimensions before making a purchase. Getting the appropriate size for your loveseat greatly benefits your satisfaction.

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