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The Best Luggage Handle Wraps for Your Suitcase

Travel accessories are all about resourcefulness and helping you stay comfortable during your trip. That’s why investing in luggage handle wraps is a great idea if you want to get the most out of your traveling experience. Luggage handle wraps come in all sorts of varieties, so picking the best wraps requires some consideration. Check out the luggage handle wraps listed below to help you find the best wraps for your suitcase or duffel bag.

How to Decide on Your Luggage Handle Wraps

Consider the following when deciding on the best luggage handle wraps for you:

  • Comfort: The main function of a luggage handle wrap is to help you stay comfortable while carrying your suitcase. Look at the materials of each wrap to help you determine which wraps would provide the most comfort during your trip.
  • Style: Some people like luggage handle wraps that blend in with their suitcases, while others like their wraps to be unique and stand out. Whatever your preference, keep this in mind when deciding on which wraps to purchase.
  • Functionality: Do you want luggage handle wraps that offer more than just comfort and style? Certain wraps are versatile and double as luggage tags, so pick the product that best matches your needs.

Best Value Set: Hibate Comfort Neoprene Luggage Handle Wraps

Looking for comfort at a bargain price? This option from Hibate is just for you. These luggage handle wraps are specifically designed for comfort due to their soft neoprene material. The wraps are offered in sets of three, five, and ten, and they come in three different colors for you to choose from. Additionally, each wrap comes with a hidden luggage tag to help keep your personal information private while providing you with two products in one. With this many options to choose from, you’ll know you’re getting a great deal!

Best Value Set

Hibate Comfort Neoprene Luggage Handle Wrap Grips - Fluorescent Orange, Pack of 5

This set of luggage handle wraps is designed for comfort and comes in a variety of colors and quantities for you to choose from.

Best for Vacations: CM Summer Patterns Neoprene Luggage Handle Wraps 

Traveling is the best part about a vacation, and these luggage handle wraps from CM will help you get in the relaxation and discovery mindset. The wraps come in a set of five with different traveling designs on each one, so you can pick the wrap that matches your destination! These wraps are designed for both style and comfort as they’re made of soft, cushiony neoprene material. This is a great option for vacation goers everywhere.

Best for Vacations

CM Pack of 5 Neoprene Luggage Handle Wrap Handle Grip Luggage Identifier for Travel Bag Luggage Suitcase (Summer Patterns - UMB (5 Pcs))

These cute luggage handle wraps are designed for vacation goers and will help you stay comfortable on your next trip.

Best Color Options: Cosmos Color Comfort Luggage Handle Wraps

If you like to have a variety of colors to choose from, check out these luggage handle wraps from Cosmos. The wraps come in a set of three, and there are seven different colors to choose from so that you can find the best wraps to match your preference. The wraps are designed to fit any luggage handle and will give you an added layer of high-quality comfort.

Best Color Options

Cosmos Pack of 3 Neoprene Luggage Handle Wrap Handle Grip Luggage Identifier for Travel Bag Luggage Suitcase (Hot Pink Color)

These luggage handle wraps come in a variety of color options and will give your suitcase handle an extra layer of comfort.

Best Personalized: Lillian Vernon Store Personalized Luggage Handle Wraps

These luggage handle wraps are great for those wanting to add a personalized touch to their suitcase. The vibrant colors to choose from and large stitching will help you spot your luggage from far away when traveling. The wraps each have a self-stick tab for securing to your suitcase, and they’re machine-washable for easy cleaning. This product is a great gift for first-time travelers and perfect for families taking a trip together.

Best Personalized

Personalized Yellow Luggage Handle Wrap - 2" x 4" closed

These luggage handle wraps add a personalized touch to your suitcase and provide an easy way to spot your luggage when traveling.


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