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The Best Luggage Sets

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🕚 Updated May 2023

Is it finally time for that long-awaited excursion? After assessing your current luggage, you might discover that what you have available doesn't fully meet your needs. If so, consider our picks for the best luggage sets.

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  Best Hard-Shell Set Best Soft-Shell Set Premium Choice Best Value Best for Kids
Expandable Luggage 3-Piece Set
Luggage 3-Piece Set Softshell
Omni 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage 3-Piece Set
Travel Select
Amsterdam Expandable Luggage 8-Piece Set
Travelers Club
Kids' 5-Piece Luggage Travel Set
Our SummaryThis hardshell three-piece luggage set is lightweight, easy to handle, extremely durable, and can nest together for space-saving convenience.Enjoy great value, durability, corner guard protection, weather resistance, and easy maneuverability with this 3-piece set of soft-sided cases.Get the most out of your luggage investment with this top-of-the-line travel gear made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate that features a USB charger and TSA locks.This 8-piece baggage set is a great choice for travelers who appreciate a good value, thanks to its practical features and affordable pricing.Traveling with kids? This adorable patterned luggage set offers the practical value of them having their own quality, kid-friendly collection.
Pros✓ Set of three
✓ Sturdy ABS plastic
✓ Lightweight
✓ Tie-down straps and zippered storage pockets inside
✓ TSA-approved locks
✓ Soft shells
✓ Impact- and water-resistant
✓ Corner guards
✓ Nylon-lined interior
✓ Tie-down straps
✓ Wide zippered pocket on inside cover
✓ Two external pockets
✓ Telescoping handle
✓ Four spinning wheels
✓ Pieces can fit inside one another for storage
✓ High-quality and durable
✓ Four multidirectional spinner wheels
✓ Carry-on fits domestic size limitations
✓ Expandable
✓ TSA locks
✓ USB charging system
✓ Large set includes cases, bags, and packing cubes
✓ Lightweight
✓ Sturdy
✓ Numerous front-zip compartments
✓ Add-a-bag strap for additional bags
✓ Various color options
✓ Child-sized luggage set with hard-shell carry-on, backpack, lunch bag, neck pillow, luggage tag
✓ Vivid prints
✓ Spinner wheels
✓ Telescoping handle
✓ Lined interior with straps
Cons✗ No outside pockets✗ Doesn't come with locks✗ Expensive✗ Polyester exterior not as strong as hard-shell options and can get dirty✗ Suitcase is very small and may not be the best choice for long trips
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The Best Luggage Sets

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Buying Guide for Luggage Sets

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Why buy a luggage set?

You may be able to grab a lone suitcase or a duffel bag or two and head out, but investing in a luggage set comes with a few added benefits, especially when you’re buying new. Purchasing a luggage set can be more economical than purchasing individual pieces since you may be able to find a better deal on a set than you could find for individual pieces. A convenient advantage of buying a luggage set is that many sets allow the smaller pieces to be nested within the larger pieces to save space. There may even be a strap that connects the pieces of luggage to be easily moved together. Finally, you’ll get consistent quality and style within your pieces with a set. This way, you may be able to recognize your luggage style easier when you’re looking out for it at the baggage claim.

What should you consider in a luggage set?

  • Size and Weight: When shopping for a luggage set, check that each item meets the size criteria of the airlines you often fly. You also want to be sure it can hold sufficient weight depending on how much you pack. 
  • Hard or Soft-sided: You should also think about whether you’ll prefer hard-sided or soft-sided luggage. Soft-sided sets are more lightweight and may adjust to fit smaller spaces. They can also be more flexible regarding what you can pack inside them. On the other hand, hard-sided sets are usually more sturdy, weatherproof, and better for securing fragile items. 
  • Price: With luggage, the relationship between price and quality is noteworthy. You will get what you pay for, and some avoidable, low-quality luggage problems can spell disaster during a trip. You can think about how often you travel to get a good idea of how much of an investment you should make.

How many pieces should your luggage set have?

Consider how frequently you travel, the types of trips you anticipate taking, and whether someone will be accompanying you. A two-piece set may be all you need if you want to alternate between a carry-on and a checked bag. If you’ll be traveling with family, you may want to invest in a larger set. It would also help to think about where the luggage can be stored when you’re not traveling. You’ll want to pick a smaller set or one whose pieces nest inside each other if your storage space is limited.

Our Picks for the Best Luggage Sets

Best Hard-Shell Set

Coolife Expandable Luggage 3-Piece Set

This hard-shell 3-piece luggage set is lightweight, easy to handle, extremely durable, and can nest together for space-saving convenience.

Pros: This set of three cases is made of sturdy ABS plastic that can handle the demands of regular travel while remaining lightweight. Each case has a large main compartment with tie-down straps and zippered storage pockets to keep your valuables secure and well-organized. Built-in TSA-approved locks on each case provide additional protection and ease of access for TSA personnel during the screening process.

Cons: There are no outside pockets, so you’ll have to open the entire case each time something needs to be retrieved, which might be inconvenient. 

Bottom Line: This luggage set is a good value, especially for family use, yet it doesn’t compromise quality. Your valuables can stay secure, and you can rest assured knowing that your luggage is TSA-friendly.


Best Soft-Shell Set

Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set Softshell

Enjoy great value, durability, corner guard protection, weather resistance, and easy maneuverability with this 3-piece set of soft-sided cases.

Pros: This three-piece soft shell luggage set comes with a 20-inch carry-on and 24-inch and 28-inch checked bags. The material is 1680D oxford cloth, which is tough, long-lasting, reasonably water, and impact-resistant. The corner guards on each piece help protect the edges from damage. The inside is nylon-lined and includes tie-down straps to help your items stay in place during the rigors of travel. There is a wide-zippered pocket on the inside cover, and each bag also has two convenient external pockets. There is a telescoping handle and four single spinning wheels for easy maneuvering during those mad dashes at the airport. When it’s time to park the luggage after your trip, you can nest the pieces inside each other to save space.

Cons: This soft luggage set doesn’t come with locks included, but you may be able to buy TSA-approved locks separately for added security.

Bottom Line: Make your travels a bit easier with this luggage set designed to provide convenience, function, and durability. Whether you are packing, storing, or on the move, these cases have the features you’d expect from high-quality luggage at a good value.


Premium Choice

Samsonite Omni 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage 3-Piece Set

Get the most out of your luggage investment with this top-of-the-line travel gear made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate that features a USB charger and TSA locks.

Pros: This set comes highly recommended if you’re looking for long-lasting, top-quality luggage. This hard-sided spinner luggage set is designed for long-term durability and comfort. It features four multidirectional dual spinner wheels that can spin 360 degrees, making maneuvering a cinch. Each piece is designed to offer the most capacity possible for its size and can be expanded if necessary, while the 20-inch carry-on still meets domestic flight size limitations. TSA locks safeguard your valuables in medium and large bags, and the carry-on includes a USB charging system so you can power up whenever you need to.

Cons: This set is a more expensive option.

Bottom Line: Enjoy the ease of mobility with the four sets of dual spinner wheels on each bag. With its rugged exterior shell and TSA-approved lock, you might consider this investment a long-lasting one that may safeguard your belongings during travel.


Best Value

Travel Select Amsterdam Expandable Luggage 8-Piece Set

This 8-piece baggage set is an excellent choice for travelers who appreciate a good value, thanks to its practical features and affordable pricing.

Pros: This all-inclusive travel set includes cases, bags, and packing cubes, providing ample capacity and convenience for extended trips or family getaways. All of the components in this set are composed of two-tone polyester and PVC, making them lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting. The numerous front-zip compartments and an add-a-bag strap for transporting additional bags can help you stay comfortable and organized while traveling. The various color options help your bag stand out from the crowd at the airport.

Cons: Since this is a soft-sided set, the polyester exterior won’t be as rugged as a hard shell and can get dirty.

Bottom Line: While the affordable price is one of the top attributes of this 8-piece luggage set, you’ll still get some impressive features such as the packing cubes, carrying strap for extra bags, spacious interiors, and deluxe retractable handles.


Best for Kids

Travelers Club Kids' 5-Piece Luggage Travel Set

Traveling with kids? This adorable patterned luggage set offers the practical value of them having their own quality, kid-friendly collection.

Pros: This child-sized luggage set includes ideal pieces for school, a weekend getaway, or other activities away from home. It comes with an 18-inch hard-side carry-on, a 15-inch backpack, a 10-inch lunch bag, a neck pillow, and a cute luggage tag. Your child will adore the vivid, playful prints on each item. Just like mom and dad’s grown-up luggage, quality features on the hard-side carry-on include 360-degree spinner wheels, a push-button telescopic handle, and a lined interior with straps.

Cons: This set might not be the best choice for extended trips or older kids with more to pack since the suitcase is relatively small.

Bottom Line: This cute baggage set is a great buy for traveling with young kids. You’ll have what you need for a variety of activities, and the high-quality materials should last several trips.

Final Thoughts

Having the ideal luggage set for your travel needs can make your next trip go smoother and be more enjoyable. Take advantage of the cost-effectiveness, consistent quality, and matching designs of a set. Take to the road, skies, railways, or waters in style and convenience with one of our top choices for luggage sets.

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