The Best Lures to Add to Your Fishing Gear

hand holding a caught fish by a lureIt may not always be the most eventful time on the lake, but fishing remains a great way to bond with family, catch up with friends, or finally get some much-needed solace. Of course, fishing may not be everyone’s thing at first, but with the right set of gear, anyone with time can cast off from a rickety dock. Of all the required gear you’ll need downstream, it’s your fishing lure that may matter most. Sure, you always can opt for a red jelly worm filled with specks of glitter, but you want to actually catch something at the end of the day, right? That’s why you’ll want the right equipment when you’re out on the water because fishing can be tough enough when you’re dealing with factors outside of your control. If you’re looking for a new lure to try, here are some we recommend.

Reeling in the Perfect Lure

Consider these factors when buying your next fishing lure:

  • Intent: Before you pick up your next lure, you’ll need to take into account the body of water you’re visiting for the day. The difference between a saltwater and freshwater lure isn’t that clear cut, except for how the latter will react to the salt in the former, so it’s important to brush up on what makes the ideal lure.
  • Design: Those tried and true glitter worms work to an extent, so where they fall short, find a lure that can really go all out to reel in your catch. The key to shopping for a great lure is all in the details because that added level of realism is all the more convincing.
  • Surplus: If you’re new to fishing and haven’t quite found your footing as an angler, consider buying a tackle kit rather than a single lure. This choice is entirely yours, but if you’ve just started out and don’t have a surplus of lures to fall back on, you’re going to want a backup when the line snaps.

Best for Freshwater: Booyah Pond Magic Fishing Lure

small bright yellow-green lure with brown and orange and red and yellow string fins

With its simple approach and pint-sized design, it is no wonder why the Booyah Pond Magic Fishing Lure is the ideal choice for small bodies of water. And while slight, measuring no more than 3 inches across its 1/8-ounce frame, this fishing lure is stand-out bait for a potential catch right below the water’s surface. The 60 silicone strands stemming from the lure’s body are color-coordinated in a variety of neon styles, each as eye-catching as the last. Its enticing colors can bait any type of freshwater fish into your path, and once hooked, you can count on the lure’s Mustart Ultra Point 1/0 tailored hook to reel in the prize.

Best for Saltwater: Truscend Fishing Lures

three fish-shaped lures with double hooks in different colors

In the depths of a larger body of water, you’ll want a lure that’s noticeably bigger and has an uncanny resemblance to the bait you’re using. While one doesn’t typically use a fish to catch a fish, the Truscend Fishing Lure has its mind on the bigger predators, and it knows exactly what they want. Everything about it is crafted to the T, with lifelike details in its eyes, scales, and even its movement. This fishing lure’s multi-jointed design allows for a more natural look and motion in the water, sinking slowly and advancing with the kind of obliviousness that makes it irresistible to larger fish. It even includes a built-in rattle that emits a tempting vibration for nearby predators to take a bite before getting snagged on one of the lure’s stainless steel triple hooks.

Best for Bass: Rose Kuli Fishing Lures

flexible trout-shaped lure with two hooks and a clear clip in the mouthOne of the best options available for bass fishing in either body of water, these lures from Rose Kuli offer incredibly detailed appeal with three-dimensional proportions and multi-jointed bodies. Each segment of the lure’s body wiggles to present the same kind of liveliness a real fish would have while swimming, and it just looks real, given the high-shine of its paint job. Another feature that makes this fishing lure an ideal choice for reeling in bass is its hydrodynamic tongue design, which permits the bait to cut through water with a predator when pulled, thus allowing its hooks to sink deeper in your catch. However, its most intriguing feature may be its built-in Gravity Ball; it’s a design perk that reduces wind resistance and increases the lure’s throwing distance while also producing a sound that can attract predators to boot.

Best Value: Smartonly 275pcs Fishing Lure Set

box full of various sized and shaped fishing lures with two smaller boxes of hooks

For the angler who wants it all or doesn’t quite know where to start, the Smartonly Fishing Lure Set offers 275 reasons why you should bet on it. Yes, 275 fishing lures of varying size, color, and use, that each cost very little in this value bundle. Crack open this tackle kit to find freshwater and saltwater lures, those of the greatest detail and most convincing movement, and others that just need to fool the most unwitting fish. So, whether you’re fishing by boat, shore, pond, or stream, you can cast worry-free knowing there is a fishing lure in this kit that can get the job done.

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