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The Best Magic Kits

🕚 Updated December 2022

While watching magicians perform on stage is a sublime experience, taking the role of the magician is a whole other level of wonderment. Here are some fantastic magic kits we recommend to get your kid started.

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  Most Tricks Best for Card Tricks Best for Beginners Best STEM Magic Kit Best with Cape
Magic Kit
Marvin's Magic
Fifty Greatest Card Trick Sets
Marvin's Magic
Box of Tricks
Science Magic Kit
Magic Kit for Kids
Our SummaryA magic kit with 350 tricks, quality props, and three ebooks.A 50-trick kit that comes as a nifty tin, plus access to online tutorials.This magic kit contains all the stuff your kiddo needs to fool friends as they learn the art of performance.This kit combines magic and science with 20 science experiments and fun props.This magic trick kit provides all the props needed for your kid to transform into a real magician.
Pros✓ 350 tricks
✓ Three ebooks
✓ Secret magic club code for video access
✓ 50 card tricks
✓ Five secret sets
✓ Storage tin
✓ QR code for instructional videos
✓ 125 magic tricks
✓ Classic props
✓ App for instructional videos
✓For ages 6+
✓ Illustrated guide
✓ 20 science experiments
✓ For learning and playing
✓ Magic wand
✓ Cape
✓ Gloves
✓ Trick props
✓ Illustrated manual
Cons✗ Too few tricks for enthusiasts
✗ Pricey
✗ Cards are designed for sleight-of-hand tricks
✗ Not for traditional card games
✗ Older kids may get bored✗ Not for kids who want magic-only tricks✗ Not for adults
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The Best Magic Kits

Young magician showing a trick indoors.

Buying Guide for Magic Kits

Little magician doing a trick with a rabbit.

Why buy a magic kit?

A few kits target adult magicians, but most are accessible to all ages. Practice leads to mastery and a feeling of satisfaction. You also learn confidence through performances in front of an audience. While young magicians practice tricks, they improve dexterity and cultivate the ability to share.

What should you look for in a magic kit?

  • Experience Level: If you are new to magic or are buying for young children, search for an appropriate kit with simple tools and beginner-friendly guides. Many quality magic kits are great for all skill levels and ages.
  • Props: If you are an experienced magician, you may already own some props and can look for kits that offer tricks and props new to you. Young magicians may also enjoy the flair and fun of a top hat and cape.
  • Goal: If you only want to learn card tricks, you don’t need to research kits with props. Just stick to your goal. There are kits for adults that provide materials to learn coin tricks and other classic tricks. For children, if you don’t already know, ask what kind of magic they want to learn.

What if you want an adult-level kit? What should you look for?

Our picks here are geared toward kids, but if you’re an adult interested in your own magic kit, there are some good ones out there for you too. It always helps to add the keyword “adult” to find the most suitable search results. Generally, the tricks and props in adult magic kits are more advanced and of higher quality. They have more advanced card tricks that require more memorization and complex patterns. If you’re looking for a gift for a professional magician, look beyond kits for specialized tricks, like the coin through glass trick.

Our Picks for the Best Magic Kits

Most Tricks

MasterMagic Magic Kit

A magic kit with 350 tricks, quality props, and three ebooks.

Pros: This kit comes with instructions and props for 350 tricks! That could last almost a year if you were to pace yourself and learn one every day. Ambitious magicians will love having the magic guide for its detailed instructions. One has to know the proper steps to pull off a trick successfully. Three ebooks cover the subjects of coin, card, and card table magic. With the secret magic club code, students can access the MasterMagic secret website to find instructional videos. And the stuff new magicians get excited about most: a magic wand, appearing flower, magic ball, and more are included.

Cons: The props aren’t as quality as they could be, considering the price.

Bottom Line: For novice magicians of all ages, the MagicMaster Magic Kit is just the thing to get started and learn a lot of fun tricks.


Pros: Ever dreamed of becoming a magic card master? This magic card set invites adults and children to practice and master 50 classic tricks. Interestingly, the set also includes five secret sets for you to discover on your magic journey. The kit comes with a storage tin for easy transport. You can also access bonus tricks online by scanning the QR code to view many instructional videos.

Cons: The magic cards are exactly that, cards that have been altered in thickness, length, or tapered edges to achieve sleight-of-hand tricks. It’s not a deck of regular cards with card trick instructions.

Bottom Line: The eye-catching tin alone is of value. You could remove the cards, fill it with candy, and really fool people. The Marvin’s Magic card set makes a great gift for kids who like to entertain their friends.


Best for Beginners

Marvin's Magic Box of Tricks

This magic kit contains all the stuff your kiddo needs to fool friends as they learn the art of performance.

Pros: There’s nothing quite as magical as watching kids happily work to improve their skills to achieve a goal. With Marvin’s Magic Box of Tricks, the goal is not to master one but 125 magic tricks. Some are easier than others, but all will draw oohs and awes from the audience. The kit contains props like the magic wand, cards, and more. The Marvin’s Magic App offers exclusive instructional videos, as does the booklet.

Cons: This kit is designed for a younger audience, so older kids might find it boring.

Bottom Line: It’s a favorite magic kit across all boards for kids ages 6 and up. You get the classic props magicians most want and plenty of novel tricks to challenge memory and improve social skills.


Best STEM Kit


This kit combines magic and science with 20 experiments and fun props.

Pros: Playing with magic isn’t simply an entertaining distraction; learning isn’t always about convention and test-taking. Your child will prove how magic and science education coincide as they explore this STEM science magic kit. It contains 20 science experiments, an illustrated guide, a magic wand, and white gloves. They will learn to bend metal with water, clean up an oil spill, make a square bubble, and more. This kit allows kids to learn the science behind the magic!

Cons: Some kids are less interested in science than magic as a performance art. If the kid you know wants a top hat, cape, and magic wand more, you might want to consider the other products we reviewed here.

Bottom Line: If your child likes science and magic, this is the ideal magic kit for them since it helps them learn the magic of science and the science of magic!


Best with Cape

Heyzeibo Magic Kit for Kids

This magic trick kit provides all the props needed for your kid to transform into a real magician.

Pros: Somehow, kids know they must dress the part to feel confident and convince their audience that they truly are magicians. This magic trick dress-up kit has all the desirable props, such as a magic wand, cape, and gloves. Also included are trick props like dice, a ball, a chain, a ribbon, and a spinning top. Using the included illustrated manual, you learn along with your kiddo.

Cons: The instructions for the tricks aren’t very clear.

Bottom Line: This kit offers an extraordinary opportunity for kids to dress up and play with magic. Take advantage of your kid’s prime years for building creativity, problem-solving, and even hand-eye coordination.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some inspiration, get to it! It’s a great time of year to give gifts and begin new hobbies. Give the gift of magic, and you won’t disappoint. 

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