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The Best Magnetic Hooks for Your Home

🕚 Updated March 2022

You can never have too many places to hang items from, and a good set of magnetic hooks are a great way to add more to your living space with easy convenience. Here are a few of our recommendations.

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  Top Choice Best with Swivel Carabiner Best Black Swivel Hooks Best for Strength Best Colorful Hooks
Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hooks
Neodymium Swivel Carabiner Magnet Hooks
Rustproof Magnetic Hooks
Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks
CMS Magneitcs
Ceramic Magnet Hooks
Our SummaryA set of small but strong steel magnetic hooks, each able to support extremely high amounts of weight.A set of swinging magnetic hooks that clip closed with carabiners for an extra-secure grip on your belongings.A stylish set of black, rustproof, magnetic swiveling hooks with rotating heads for greater flexibility.A set of heavy-duty, swinging magnetic hooks that can support larger, bulkier items better than most.The bright, eye-catching hues of these magnetic hooks bring a unique colorful twist to an otherwise classic set.
ProsThree weight capacities, 100-pound option, antirust, triple-coated.Extra secure carabiner hooks, several quantity and capacity options, swivel/rotating head.Rotating and swiveling heads, rust-free, scratchproof, less common color.Good weight capacity, full rotation and swivel, nice price, several purchasing options.Unique look, several color choices, inexpensive, strong magnets.
ConsShorter hooks, sets of 10 only.May leave scratches, pricier.Lower weight-bearing capacity, small size.Scratching risk, not rustproof.Not as strong, low weight bearing capacity.
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The Best Magnetic Hooks for Your Home

 neodymium magnet with static rope and hook accessory for magnetic fishing,on wooden panel background.

Buying Guide for Magnetic Hooks

A wooden item with a magnet and a mini hook.

Why buy magnetic hooks?

Magnetic hooks are super convenient items to keep around your home. They’ll stick to any metallic surface in your living space—the fridge, doors, shelves, frames, etc. Like regular hanging hooks, they can be used to hang various household items, from coats to mugs to pans, to tools to keys and beyond.

What should you look for in magnetic hooks?

  • Weight-Bearing Capacity: The most important factor to consider in your magnetic hooks is how much weight they can support. Even the least heavy-duty models should be able to hold at least 10 to 15 pounds each, and many magnetic hooks have a much higher weight capacity than that. Some of the industrial or especially heavyweight magnetic hooks can support 100 pounds or more. Consider the items you plan to hang on your metal hooks and pick their weight capacity accordingly. You’re not going to need especially heavy-duty hooks if you don’t intend to hang anything heavier than your keys. Also, keep in mind that the weight-bearing capacity of some magnets changes depending on if you hang them horizontally (such as on the wall) or vertically (on the ceiling). Generally speaking, most magnetic hooks can support more weight when hung vertically.
  • Quantity: You can buy magnetic hooks from two to six at a time or in larger bulk packs of 20, 30, 50, or more. Even if you only anticipate using a few hooks at a time, you may find it helpful to purchase a bigger pack to have extras on hand, just in case.
  • Type: There are a couple of different kinds of magnetic hooks available. The most common are round hooks, which feature a circular backing plate with the magnet attached to the back, hidden from view. They’re handy, all-around compatible magnetic hooks that will work just about anywhere and usually support a good amount of weight. There are square hooks that are, as the name suggests, square-shaped and made of small stacked magnets instead of one single solid magnet, with the hook usually hanging from the bottom. If you want something really heavy-duty, look for Y-shaped hooks on a magnetic backing plate or magnets with a built-in carabiner hook. The latter especially tend to offer industrial-level strength to accommodate items well over 100 pounds.

What’s the best material for magnetic hooks?

As long as the base of the hooks is magnetic, the hooks themselves can theoretically be made out of pretty much any sturdy material. That said, most magnetic hooks will be made entirely out of metal. You can’t go wrong with a good set of aluminum, nickel, or stainless steel magnetic hooks. Aluminum and nickel will be lighter than steel—though still plenty strong, especially aluminum—so consider if you prefer something that feels lighter or heavier and sturdier. Also, look for metal magnetic hooks that have been treated to avoid rusting and corrosion (an advantage that is built-in to stainless steel), especially if you plan to mount your new hooks in the kitchen or garage or other spaces where they might be exposed to more moisture.

Our Picks for the Best Magnetic Hooks

Top Choice

Neosmuk Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hooks

A set of small but strong steel magnetic hooks, each able to support extremely high amounts of weight.

Pros: Thanks to their antirust powder coating, these quintessential magnetic hooks work indoors or outdoors, in the home or at the office, in a workshop or the garage, or any other space you want to hang, organize, and de-clutter. Each hook is made out of triple layers of nickel with a steel coating for a longer, more durable life and is backed with a small but rounded solid magnet. They’re capable of supporting small items like keys and bigger tools like brooms and tools. There are three possible weight-bearing capacities: a maximum weight-bearing of 22, 35, or 100 pounds. (Keeping in mind that this is when the hooks are hung vertically; while still strong when hung horizontally, they won’t be able to support quite as much weight.)

Cons: The actual hook length is on the short side. These are only sold in packs of 10, with no larger or smaller quantity options available for purchase.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for magnetic hooks with a low-, medium-, or high- weight-bearing capacity, you can’t go wrong with these classic magnetic hooks. They’re durable, long-lasting, and antirust in three different weight capacities. They are great for any indoor or outdoor living space item, from keys to barbeque tools to curtains.


Best with Swivel Carabiner

DIYMAG Neodymium Swivel Carabiner Magnetic Hooks

A set of swinging magnetic hooks that clip closed with carabiners for an extra-secure grip on your belongings.

Pros: If you want a set of magnetic hooks that hold your items extra securely, these carabiner hooks match your needs. They clip open and closed, fixing your items firmly in place. These hooks are quite secure regarding how much weight they can hold as well. There are three different purchasing options, a set of four, six, or seven, with max weight capacities of 160, 100, and 60 pounds, respectively, when hung vertically. (Reduce by two-thirds to calculate their horizontal weight capacities.) The carabiners swivel 180 degrees and rotate the full 360 degrees for greater flexibility.

Cons: These are more expensive than regular hooks. There is also a risk of these hooks leaving scratches behind.

Bottom Line: Great as regular magnetic hooks might be, there is always the slight risk of your items popping or sliding off the hook and onto the floor if they’re jostled or bumped. This set helps to eliminate that particular risk. Since the hook is a carabiner, it clips closed to lock your items firmly.

Best Black Swivel Hooks

Tohoer Rustproof Magnetic Hooks

A stylish set of black, rustproof, magnetic swiveling hooks with rotating heads for greater flexibility.

Pros: These small and lightweight magnetic swivel hooks are extremely flexible, thanks to the rotating head. They’re capable of rotating a full 360 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally. They’re made of stainless steel to ensure strength, durability, and natural resistance to rusting. The black finish offers an extra layer of protection for the hooks themselves and a sleek, alternative color choice to the usual silvery hooks (though the same set is available for purchase in silver as well). You receive eight magnetic swivel hooks with your purchase, and each comes with an adhesive metal-backing plate for those who want to protect their home surfaces from accidental scratches.

Cons: These hooks are designed for smaller items, such as keys; you aren’t going to want to hang bigger tools like brooms or wrenches from them.

Bottom Line: Swivel hooks are a great option for extra flexibility. If hung on a wall, they lie closer to the wall itself rather than sticking out a few inches from the wall, making them ideal for especially cramped spaces. If you want a magnetic version of a swivel hook or magnetic hooks that come in a different color besides silver, these are an optimal choice.


Best for Strength

BAVITE Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks

A set of heavy-duty, swinging magnetic hooks that can support larger, bulkier items better than most.

Pros: These can sustain up to 20 pounds when hung horizontally, with an impressive 60-pound weight-bearing capacity when hung vertically. These magnetic swivel hooks will have you covered whether you want to hang coats, lights, wreaths, towels, cups, or even a tiny plant. They hang down rather than stick out, and the arm on each can move 180 degrees up and down on the base and rotate 360 degrees to give you some extra flexibility. If the 10-pack is more hooks than you need, quantities of six and eight hooks are also available.

Cons: No protective adhesive or metal layer is provided with your purchase. Also, keep in mind that these hooks aren’t 100% rustproof, so you may want to avoid using them outside or in humid environments.

Bottom Line: Another excellent set of swivel hooks for those who want to take advantage of their flexibility or ability to squeeze into tight spaces, they’re an especially great choice for school or work lockers or dorm mini-fridges. They’re also ideal for kitchen utensils and pans due to their ability to hold more weight.


Best Colorful Hooks

CMS Magnetics Ceramic Magnet Hooks

The bright, eye-catching hues of these magnetic hooks bring a unique colorful twist to an otherwise classic set.

Pros: These are nice and sleek-looking, but if you want something more fun and colorful, these are the hooks for you. They can be bought in four different colors, three brighter shades, and a more classic black shade. You don’t have to pay extra for their more unique look; the brighter colored options are pretty inexpensive. And though small, the magnets attached to the bases pack a surprisingly powerful punch.

Cons: These hooks are made of ceramic rather than metal, so they aren’t as strong and durable as nickel or steel or aluminum magnetic hooks. They also have a much lower weight capacity.

Bottom Line: These fun little magnets bring a more colorful twist to an otherwise classic, quintessential set of magnetic hooks. If you want something more decorative and more unique than the usual silvery metal hooks, or a more lightweight set, you’ll love this 6-pack. Kids will enjoy their bright colors as well.

Final Thoughts

As long as you have metallic surfaces available, magnetic hooks are an extremely convenient way to add some extra hanging storage space in your home or in your work or school locker. They can be attached or taken down in a matter of seconds, and are capable of holding much more weight than you’d expect despite their small size.

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