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The Best Mahjong Sets for Your Next Game Night

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Mahjong is a traditional Chinese four-player game in which the object is to collect winning sets of tiles. Whether you are a professional Mahjong player or have just started showing interest in the game, a Mahjong set will make a fun, unique addition to your game night repertoire. Here are some fantastic Mahjong sets that we recommend.

Choosing the Best Mahjong Set for You

To purchase the right Mahjong set for you, you should find out which version of Mahjong you are accustomed to—traditional Chinese Mahjong or American Mahjong. Each set typically adheres to either Chinese or American Mahjong rules and gameplay, not both, so you should know what version you play before buying a set.

Best Value Set: American Mahjong Set with Soft Bag Case

Looking for a new addition to your board game collection? This American Mahjong set is great fun for the entire family! The set comes with everything needed to master the game of Mahjong: 166 cream white tiles that are engraved and then painted, four transparent colored racks with attached matching pushers, and a soft bag carrying case that is perfect for transporting the set to wherever works best for you. This Mahjong set is sure to make regular appearances at your weekly game nights.

Best Value Set

American Mah Jongg Soft Bag Case New 166 Tile Set with 4 Color Pushers, Burgundy(Discontinued by manufacturer)

This Mahjong set comes with everything you need to master the game of Mahjong: hand-painted tiles, matching racks and a pusher, and a soft carrying case.

Best Traditional Set: Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Set

Are you a Mahjong enthusiast looking to invest in a traditional game set? This Chinese Mahjong set plays entirely by Chinese gameplay. The Joker tiles and Arabic numeral markings found in American Mahjong are not included in this traditional set. Instead, you will find tiles featuring the original characters and iconography used in traditional Chinese Mahjong tile art. It comes with 146 scratch-resistant tiles, three dice, and a wind indicator. The set comes in a compact, red vinyl case that makes it easy to take the game with you wherever you go. The case features different compartments to keep your Mahjong accessories organized. This set is the perfect way to learn more about traditional Chinese Mahjong.

Best Traditional Set

Yellow Mountain Imports Professional Chinese Mahjong Game Set - Double Happiness (Green) - with 146 Medium Size Tiles, 3 Dice and a Wind Indicator - for Chinese Style Game Play

This traditional Mahjong set features original Chinese characters and iconography in order to give you the most authentic gameplay.

Best Premium Set: Linda Li American Mahjong Set

Looking to give the perfect gift to the Mahjong enthusiast in your life? This high-quality Mahjong set will do just the trick. Each tile is beautifully hand-painted and crafted with durable, scratch-resistant melamine. The set includes four pusher and tile rack combos, three large dice, 100 money chips, and a bettor. It also comes with two tile trays that come with clear plastic lids to keep your tiles safe during transport. The trays hold 80 tiles each and are secured by a blue paisley quilted wrapper. This Mahjong set comes in a soft-sided carrying case that sports the same beautiful paisley print featured on the tile tray wrappers. Everything little thing about this Mahjong set is deluxe.

Best Premium Set

Also Great: Mose Cafolo X-Large Chinese Mahjong Set

This Mahjong set was truly designed for serious players. The tiles are slightly larger than the tiles featured in other Mahjong sets, making them easier to read and handle. They are also made of high-quality, durable melamine to allow you to play with them for years to come without worrying about them fading or discoloring. This traditional set follows Chinese gameplay only; it does not contain joker tiles or racks, and you would not be able to play by any American rules with this set. It comes in a sturdy travel case for convenient transportation. If you are a professional Mahjong player or simply just prefer larger-sized tiles, this is the Mahjong set for you.

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