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The Best Mailboxes

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Some mailboxes are fun and colorful; others are all business. Fundamentally, though, you want a mailbox to protect your mail. If you're looking for an upgrade, here are a few of our favorites to share with you.

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  Great Wall-Mounted Choice Most Fun and Unique Best Classic Pick Best Mounted with Lock Best Standing with Lock
  Gibraltar Mailboxes
Woodlands Wall-Mount
River's Edge Products
Giant Lure Mailbox
Gibraltar Mailboxes
Elite Large-Capacity Post-Mount Mailbox
Wall-Mounted Vertical Mailbox with Combination Lock
Mail Boss
Mail Manager Street Safe Locking Security Mailbox
Our SummaryAn understated, quality steel, wall-mounted mailbox that comes fully assembled.This fishing lure-shaped mailbox is one of a kind.A large, sturdy post-mount mailbox with room for parcels and everyday mail.A waterproof, locking mailbox with room for a few days' mail.A seriously secure mailbox built to guard your mail and protect your identity.
ProsSubtle look, wall mount, heavy-duty galvanized steel with a black powder-coated finish, medium capacity, fully assembled, pre-drilled holes, cut-out template.Remarkable fishing lure design, multi-color reflective paint, two shiny hooks and tail, made of high-impact polyethylene with a UV-resistant coating, comes with tamperproof mounting hardware.Large capacity, galvanized steel, fewer missed deliveries, adjustable door latch.Wall-mounted, vertical rectangular shape, three-digit combination lock, galvanized steel, powder-coated and waterproofed, pre-drilled holes, has mounting screws.US Postal Service-approved curbside, heavy-duty galvanized steel alloy, resists impact, has leveraged entry, baffle door, bi-cam anti-pry latch, front and rear-locking system, stainless steel hinges, laser-cut brass keys.
ConsMounting hardware must be purchased separately.Novelty mailbox isn't for everyone.Post and mounting hardware must be purchased separately.Mail slot isn't large enough for some items.Not waterproof.
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The Best Mailboxes

Colorful antique mailboxes on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.
Dean Fikar/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Mailboxes

Red mailbox with old wooden background with copy space.

Why buy a mailbox?

We haven’t outgrown snail mail, and the postal mail has to go somewhere. You want to buy a mailbox if your current box breaks down, the lid fastener falters, it no longer suits your aesthetic standards, or you’ve experienced identity theft. Though it’s less of a problem than cybercrime, stolen mail is one of the leading causes of identity theft. So what can you do? Get a secure mailbox. Buy a mailbox that expresses your personality, complements your home’s exterior look, or a subtle model that disappears into the background.

What should you look for in a mailbox?

  • Looks: Your mailbox takes an upfront and center position, so get one that you think will look nice. There is the standard black mailbox with red flags, and you’ll find variations of it. Many, but not all, black metal mailboxes have glossy finishes. If you find a model you like, check if there are other color options to choose from. If you’re open to plastic mailboxes, you’ll find colorful novelty options.
  • Size and Shape: You may need a large capacity mailbox if you get a lot of mail. If you shop online and get deliveries set in front of your mailbox rather than inside it, you might want to level up a size. Shape and size are both necessary to consider. There are curbside mailboxes, wall-mounted, and mail slots; each has pros and cons.
  • Material: Galvanized steel is a great way to go. It’s known for its strength, durability, and rust resistance. Plastic, too, can be a sound choice. Mailboxes made of plastic may not shine like the classic black metal versions, but they’re rustproof, waterproof, often UV-resistant, and low maintenance. The material of a mailbox affects its look, which is something to keep in mind. If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing mailbox, you may have more luck if you’re open to plastic.

What are the safety features to look for in a mailbox? 

If security is a concern, look for mailboxes with either combination or key locks. Check that the material of the lock and the key are composed of high-quality metal such as brass or steel. Other important elements include design and material. You need a mailbox that’s hard for anyone other than yourself to open. Protective features include a baffle door, anti-pry latch, and a bi-cam locking system.

Our Picks for the Best Mailboxes

Great Wall-Mounted Choice

Gibraltar Mailboxes Woodlands Wall-Mount

An understated, quality steel, wall-mounted mailbox that comes fully assembled.

Pros: Subtle in appearance, the Gibraltar wall-mount mailbox is less likely to attract unwanted visitors or detract from your home’s front-facing style. With heavy-duty galvanized steel with a black powder-coated finish to stave off rust, the mailbox will maintain its clean look for years with little maintenance. It’s not a large mailbox but spacious enough for most households. The dimensions are 4.5 x 16.6 x 9.8 inches. Installation should be a breeze considering it comes fully assembled. The mailbox will arrive with pre-drilled holes on the back and a cut-out template for easy mounting.

Cons: You will need to buy the hardware for mounting the mailbox.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent buy if the mailbox meets your style requirements. Just make sure you have sufficient exterior wall space before purchasing.


Most Fun and Unique

River's Edge Products Giant Lure Mailbox

This fishing lure-shaped mailbox is one of a kind.

Pros: Brace yourself and your fishing pole because this colorful mailbox will surely snare a gigantic and strong fish. With its multi-color reflective paint and shiny hooks, this 27 x 7 x 9-inch shad lure-inspired mailbox will attract attention. This novelty mailbox takes mail seriously, though; rest assured. It’s high-impact polyethylene with a UV-resistant coating to withstand sun and rain, though maybe not saltwater. The bait mailbox is designed for a 2 x 4- or 4 x 4-inch post and has tamperproof mounting hardware.

Cons: The hooks are not the most durable.

Bottom Line: The shad lure mailbox has textured scales and even a tail to give you the full-fledged fish mailbox experience.


Best Classic Pick

Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Large-Capacity Post-Mount Mailbox

A large, sturdy post-mount mailbox with room for parcels and everyday mail.

Pros: Does your household get a lot of mail every day? If so, this Gibraltar post-mount mailbox is worth a look. At 22.57 x 8.61 x 10.88 inches, this super-strength galvanized steel mailbox has a 1475-cubic-inch capacity. It can hold packages, large catalogs, padded envelopes, and regular envelopes. You’ll get all your bulky mail so long as the mail carrier can fit it inside the 9.2 x 7.6-inch slot. That means fewer missed delivers and trips to the Postal Office to retrieve your mail. There’s also an adjustable door latch to keep your mail inside even when packed to the brim.

Cons: You’ll need to buy the post and mounting hardware separately.

Bottom Line: This post-mount mailbox has a classic look that will withstand rust and corrosion thanks to its black powder-coated finish. It’s also made in the USA, which is always a plus.


Best Mounted with Lock

Jssmst Wall-Mounted Vertical Mailbox with Combination Lock

A waterproof, locking mailbox with room for a few days' mail.

Pros: You can avoid getting your mail stolen with this locking mailbox. The powder-coated galvanized steel mailbox is waterproof, too. There’s no way of getting inside this thing unless, of course, you have the combination. If you buy it, you create your three-digit password. It’s designed for security, but it looks nice as well. Mount the rectangle-shaped mailbox vertically, and flush against a wall using the pre-drilled holes and mounting screws. It measures 12.6 x 8.46 x 3.35 inches with an interior with capacity enough to hold several days’ mail if you happen to leave town for a couple of days.

Cons: Some users say the mail slot isn’t large enough for some items.

Bottom Line: This heavy-duty mailbox is made to keep your mail safe and dry. While it has a formidable look, the transparent cover gives it some character.


Best Standing with Lock

Mail Boss Mail Manager Street Safe Locking Security Mailbox

A seriously secure mailbox built to guard your mail and protect your identity.

Pros: This US Postal Service-approved curbside mailbox promotes ultimate safety. The 21.48 x 10.83 x 11.06-inch heavy-duty galvanized steel-alloy mailbox resists impact, leveraged entry, and hurricanes. The baffle door deters hand phishing. The bi-cam, anti-pry latch front, and rear-locking system have stainless-steel hinges for added durability. Only you, with your set of laser-cut brass keys, will be able to open it. It’s designed to keep your identity safe and your mind at ease.

Cons: This Mail Boss model is not waterproof.

Bottom Line: If you’ve been a victim of identity theft or know someone who has, you likely prioritize security features in all high-theft areas of life, including electronics, homes, and cars. The Mail Boss Street Safe mailbox has your mail covered too.

Final Thoughts

Keep your mail and deliveries protected and safe with a good quality mailbox. Depending on your preferences and tastes, you can find one that has extra-safe features or one that is simple enough to get the job of holding your mail done.

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