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The Best Makeup Mirrors

🕚 Updated March 2022

When you're ready to upgrade your makeup game, you need the right tools for the job --- and that includes a good makeup mirror. Check out these top picks to level up your morning routine.

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  Beautiful Golden Design Best Lighted and Magnified Premium Choice Most Compact Best Wall-Mounted
Single Sided Vanity Mirror
Lighted Makeup Mirror with 21 LED Lights
Tri-Fold Two-Sided Makeup Mirror
Rechargeable Travel Makeup Vanity Mirror
Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror
Our SummaryA simple tabletop mirror for occasional makeup wearers.A folding LED makeup mirror with built-in magnification for precision grooming.A compact and travel-friendly lighted mirror that offers temperature and brightness controls.A slim mirror that can slip into your purse while still offering built-in lighting and hands-free use.A modern LED-lit interpretation on the classic wall-mounted swivel mirror.
ProsCompact, beautiful gold design, 360-degree swivel.Trifold design, 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification, dimmable LEDs, built-in storage tray.Compact design, folds flat, two magnification levels, four temperature settings.Fold-flat design, dimmable LED light, hands-free standing setting.1X and 10X magnification, built-in LED ring light, space-saving design.
ConsSingle-sided, lacks magnification.LED lights aren't temperature adjustable, only supports 180-degree rotation.Corded, fluorescent lights.No magnification, shorter runtime.Not portable.
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The Best Makeup Mirrors

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Buying Guide for Makeup Mirrors

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Why buy a makeup mirror?

Sure, you could simply use the bathroom vanity mirror or a full-length mirror to get ready. But if you want to use those for makeup application or eyebrow grooming, you’ll have a tricky time getting close enough. Plus, you can’t move those mirrors into another room to finish up if someone else needs the bathroom. Likewise, trying to apply makeup immediately after someone has showered means the bathroom is warm and humid, the mirror is steamy, and your makeup might shift on your face thanks to the added heat. A good makeup mirror means that you can get ready much more conveniently.

What should you look for in a makeup mirror?

  • Lighted: A lighted mirror will illuminate those hairs you may have missed or that patch of unblended concealer to ensure your face is picture-perfect. And depending on your budget, you can even upgrade to a mirror that offers multiple color temperatures. If you want to be confident that your makeup is precise whether you’re outside, in the office, or out at night, you’ll want a mirror that offers warm, cool, and neutral light temperatures.
  • Design: Mirrors come in a variety of styles, from simple tabletop options with a basic built-in LED  ring light to models that are intended to extend the full width of a vanity table. Additionally, you can have options such as folded mirrors with built-in storage and even full tabletop mirrors with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers to support music playback and call reception.
  • Magnifying: Depending on the type of mirror you’re targeting, magnification might be an option. With compacts or folding makeup mirrors, it’s not uncommon to get multiple mirrors with varying magnification strengths. A regular mirror offers 1X magnification, meaning that it reflects images that are true to size. But you can also find mirrors that support 2X, 5X, and even 10X magnification. This stronger magnification can help you with tasks that typically cause eyestrain, such as eyebrow shaping, peach-fuzz removal, or false eyelash application.
  • Rechargeable vs. Plug-In: There’s no right or wrong answer here; it’s going to depend on your goals. If you’re eyeing a travel-friendly lighted mirror, then a rechargeable solution is preferable. Meanwhile, if you know that your mirror is always going to stay at your vanity table, you might not mind a plug-in mirror since you won’t have to worry about recharging it.
  • Size: Again, the right answer for this criteria is going to depend on your preference and goals. If you’re creating a dedicated makeup vanity table and want to channel your inner Old Hollywood, a large mounted lighted mirror might be a better option. But if you have limited space, you may find that something more compact is better.
  • Controls: Especially if you’re selecting a makeup mirror with adjustable lighting or Bluetooth support, make sure that the controls are easy to use and intuitive. The last thing you want is to find that you have to fight your mirror every time you want to use it.

Which lighting is best for a makeup mirror?

Most makeup artists will agree that an LED-based makeup mirror with adjustable controls is the best option. While LED tends to be the standard these days, you can still find mirrors that rely on fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. LED tends to offer truer color clarity, which means that what you see in the mirror is how you’ll look in real life. Additionally, since LEDs offer more functionality, you can often find mirrors that support multiple light temperature settings, allowing you to ensure that you’re applying the right amount of makeup for any lighting situation.

Our Picks for the Best Makeup Mirrors

Beautiful Golden Design

PuTwo Single Sided Vanity Mirror

A simple tabletop mirror for occasional makeup wearers.

Pros: If you already have sufficient lighting for your makeup vanity, don’t wear makeup frequently, or have limited tabletop space, the PuTwo Single-Sided Makeup Mirror is a great starter option. With its stylized gold trim, it’s the perfect “Instagrammable” solution when you want a cohesive space to call your own.

Cons: While the PuTwo mirror is pretty to look at, the compact size and lack of built-in lighting may be a hard pass for someone that wears a full face regularly. Additionally, this is a single-sided mirror that only offers 1X magnification. So, for precision tasks like grooming brows, you’ll need to invest in another companion mirror.

Bottom Line: This petite mirror is a beautiful addition to a tabletop, especially if you’ve already figured out your lighting situation. But the small size, lack of lighting, and non-existent magnification can be a detraction for someone looking for a total mirror solution for their makeup applications.


Best Lighted & Magnified

Weily Lighted Makeup Mirror

A smart folding LED makeup mirror with built-in magnification for precision grooming.

Pros: When you’re ready to level up your makeup game, it’s time to get the right tools for the job. The Weily LED folding mirror is a great compromise for people who are ready for a serious makeup mirror but might not have the space to accommodate a massive mirror. The primary mirror features 21 LEDs and two folding mirror panels, including a 2X and 3X magnification panel. Many will like the built-in storage tray in the base and the fact that this mirror can be adjusted with 180-degree rotation support. It has dual charging, as you can opt for micro USB or traditional AAA batteries to power it.

Cons: Many noted that the size was probably too small to serve as a true vanity mirror, especially for serious makeup mavens. And while we don’t think this is a true negative, some individuals complained that the LEDs were too bright. However, note that even though the lights are dimmable, you can’t adjust their temperature.

Bottom Line: If you’re ready to upgrade from the bathroom but still like the idea of a portable vanity mirror, the Weily LED mirror is a great starting point. Along with being travel-friendly, it can run off of both USB and battery power. The dimmable lights and built-in magnifying mirrors allow you to work seamlessly in one space.


Premium Choice

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

A compact and travel-friendly lighted mirror that offers temperature and brightness controls.

Pros: For beauty lovers that travel frequently, a truly portable mirror that can easily be slipped into a carry-on bag is essential. The Jerdon mirror features a trifold design and offers both 1X and 5X magnification. What makes this mirror different is that you can adjust the light settings between day, office, evening, and home. It’s also slim, has an outlet for a curling iron or hair straightener, and folds up when you don’t need it.

Cons: The temperature adjustments are a nice touch, but you don’t have the option to adjust the brightness. Additionally, it uses fluorescent lighting rather than LEDs, which means that the color clarity might be a bit off. And finally, if you have your heart set on a USB-powered mirror, this is a plug-in model that requires a dedicated connection to a power outlet.

Bottom Line: For traveling beauties, this slim tri-fold magnifying mirror can be a nice addition to bring when you’re hitting the road. The four temperature settings are also a major win. Just keep in mind that it’s lit with fluorescent bulbs.


Most Compact

FunTouch Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror

A slim mirror that can slip into your purse while still offering built-in lighting and hands-free use.

Pros: Even if you’re not jet-setting your way around the globe, if you’re the type who likes to keep a mirror on you at all times, the FunTouch folding mirror is a great investment. You’ll like that it converts into a freestanding mirror and features a 72-LED trim with touch screen control. You can adjust the brightness and the temperature setting.

Cons: Because of the slim design, you don’t get a magnifying mirror. It may not hold as long of a charge as you need.

Bottom Line: If your makeup goals include owning a travel mirror that’s compact, functional, and easy to use, the FunTouch folding mirror is an affordable and smart investment. While it lacks magnification, the touch screen controls allow you to adjust the LED temperature and brightness. However, for more intensive makeup applications, you might want to keep this mirror plugged into a power bank so that the lights don’t die prematurely.


Best Wall-Mounted

Minetom Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

A modern LED-lit interpretation on the classic wall-mounted swivel mirror.

Pros: If you like the idea of being able to put your makeup on in the bathroom but need a bit of magnification, the Minetom wall-mounted makeup mirror is the best of both worlds. Designed to resemble the classic swivel wall-mounted mirrors, this pick features a built-in LED ring and is double-sided with a 1X and 10X mirror.

Cons: For people who don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom applying makeup, this mirror won’t be a solution to that issue. Additionally, depending on your preferences, it may require a more thorough installation process, as this mirror relies on AC power. However, it can also run on batteries.

Bottom Line: Those who prefer to get ready in the bathroom will like this mirror which offers 1X and 10X magnification. The added LED ring light provides a modern approach to a classic beauty tool.

Final Thoughts

A makeup mirror can be a versatile tool and free you from the bathroom by giving you a new place to get ready every day. Step up your beauty game with one of these quality makeup mirrors.

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