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The Best Margarita Machines for Any Location

two hands filling up glasses with margaritas; people in the background with drinks

Margarita machines are a cold, mixed-drink lover’s best friend. They can help you become the ultimate party host or go-to bar owner. If you love margaritas or slushies, here are some machines that we recommend.

Buying a Margarita Machine

Here’s what you should consider in your purchase:

  • Size: Margarita machines come in varying sizes. Some can be very large and thus cause storage issues. Therefore, you should know how many drinks you’ll want to make per cycle or if the machine will be used in a commercial setting. If it will be used in a home, picking one about the size of a regular countertop blender would be a good way to go.
  • Cost: As with most appliances, margarita machines can be quite expensive. Certain places will allow you to rent a machine instead of buying one. You should keep in mind how often you will be using the machine before choosing to buy one.
  • Speed: A margarita machine that allows for different speeds indicates a higher-quality product. Those with pulse options and very high speeds are ideal. Make sure to check how many speed options are on a machine before purchasing.
  • Ease of Use: No one wants to spend a lot of money on something that turns out to be difficult to use. You should avoid machines that you can’t take apart and put back together again. This will also make it easier to clean, ensuring safe and delicious drinks every time.

Best at Home: Nostalgia MSB64 64-Ounce Margarita & Slush Maker

red margarita machine with a filled glass in front

This margarita machine is made from a combination of durable plastic and metal. It features a dual swiveling system that both pulverizes and shaves, creating consistently smooth drinks. This model can make up to 64 ounces at once and has a detachable cup rest that doubles as a drip tray.

Best at Home

Best for a Boat: MC Modern Comfort Home Products Cordless Blender

small, cordless blender with a carrying bag

This cordless, portable blender comes with a waterproof bag for easy storage and travel. With long battery life, it can crush and blend ice cubes and fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. It also has a convenient travel lid and nonslip feet. Since it makes multiple drinks per blend, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Best for Get-Togethers: Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

margarita machine with three pitchers

This margarita maker is perfect for parties. Using its rotating ice chute, it can create 72 ounces of frozen drinks per cycle. It can also create more than six other types of drinks, such as coladas and mojitos. This machine is made from premium bamboo wood and brushed aluminum.

Best for Get-Togethers

Margaritaville Tahiti Margarita Machine-for Margaritas, Smoothies, and Frozen Drinks, 3 24-Ounce Pitchers

This machine can create 72 ounces of delicious frozen drinks per cycle.

Best Commercial Option: Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine

commercial margarita/slushie machine with two mixing containers

This heavy-duty, commercial-grade machine can make up to 100 cups of frozen drinks at once. This product has a high refrigeration capacity, two durable mixing bowls, and is made from stainless steel. It also has two levers for easy pouring and two cup rests that double as drip trays.

Best Commercial Option


This heavy-duty, commercial-grade machine can make up to 100 cups of frozen drinks at once.

Best Premium Option: Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker

large gray and white margarita machine with pouring spout

This premium margarita machine has a 60-ounce jar capacity and features four pre-programmed drink settings for margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, and smoothies. The settings can be adjusted to make either full or half batches of drinks. There are also manual shave and blend controls, so you can make customized drink consistencies. For ease of use, there is a self-dispensing lever and auto-remix channel.

Best Premium Option

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Margaritas, Daiquiris, Coladas & Smoothies Machine with Self-Dispensing Lever and Mixes and Serves Party-Batch Size, 60 oz. Jar

This premium margarita machine features four pre-programmed drink settings for margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, and smoothies.

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