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The Best Marine Speakers to Amplify Your Boat

A boat speaker resting on a rock out by the shore.

For boat owners, marine-grade speakers are specifically designed to be resistant to saltwater and sea air since they are highly corrosive. So when looking for the best marine speakers for your boat, be sure they’re built using anti-corrosive parts and materials.

Music can play an instrumental part in anyone’s life. It can invoke plenty of old memories, hype up our mood, or make us feel any sort of feeling from somber to tranquil. If you’re constantly listening to your favorite artists then you want to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with quality speakers, regardless if you’re driving your motorcycle, your car, or your boat.

What to Look for in Marine Speakers

  • Resistance: For boat speakers, look for weather-resistant, saltwater resistant, as well as speakers that protect against sun damage. Believe it or not, some boat speakers are more waterproof than others. A clever grille design or UV protective treatments to prevent sun damage are also noteworthy design components.
  • Style: Coaxial speakers are the most common for two-way and three-way setups. The woofer and the tweeter each have their own driver to provide a more superior sound. A dual-cone style speaker is a more affordable option, however, the audio separation with a dual-cone speaker doesn’t perform as well as coaxial marine speakers but is still a reliable alternative.

Now, let’s rock the boat and take a look at some of the best marine speakers on the market!

Best Overall: Kenwood 2-Way Marine Speakers

Two white boat speakers.

One of the best overall boat speakers is this pair of tan-colored speakers from Kenwood. Designed specifically for marine use, these speakers bring power and precision that feature water-resistant cone woofers and 1″ balanced dome tweeters. The water-resistant woofers are surrounded by Santoprene rubber and are constructed to fight off harmful effects like water, salt, and the sun. The black, UV-resistant grilles and stainless steel hardware assure you will get outstanding performance for years to come.

Best Overall

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5" 2-Way Marine Speakers Pair (Tan)

With quality frequency, this pair of white boat speakers will provide plenty of boom for your next boat party.

Best Value: Pyle 6.5 Inch 2-Way Marine Speakers

Two marine speakers resting side by side

For a more affordable option, we recommend this pair of white speakers from the folks at Pyle. There are plenty of colors, style, and size options with this brand but we’re recommending the 150 watts speakers. It’s completely waterproof and can actually be used for several vehicles because it can withstand heavy water splashes and other outdoor conditions. Its polypropylene cone has a durable design with heavy-duty molded ABS plastic and a grille to combat sun damage and any accidental bumps during a boat party.

Best Size Options: BOSS Audio Systems Marine Speakers

Two Boss marine speakers resting; one view of bottom, one view of top

This two-way, full-range marine speaker from BOSS is our favorite when it comes to different size options. Much like the aforementioned speakers, this set also comes in plenty of colors, styles, and size options. We like the 6.5 200 watts speakers in white for a nice, loud and full sound regardless if you are taking your boat off to sea or hanging out on the marina. If you’re an audiophile and like to have options when it comes to the size and power of your marine speakers then we highly recommend these.

Best Size Options

BOSS Audio Systems MR6W 180 Watt Per Pair, 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way Weatherproof Marine Speakers Sold in Pairs, White

These full range speakers provide a great sound and can be bought in numerous size options, perfect for any boat size.

Also Consider: Skar Audio 2-Way Marine Speakers

Two boat speakers; one side view, one front view

Another set of high-quality marine speakers to consider is this pair from Skar Audio. These two-way coaxial, full-range speakers are constructed with premium microfiber and durable steel so it not only provides a balanced sound but it will protect you from harsh conditions. The permanently affixed design of the grille and tweeter allows for extreme reliability and a hassle-free installation, plus you can hear these speakers from leagues away so it’s a reliable purchase for anyone looking to add some more bass to their boat.

Also Consider

Skar Audio SK65M 6.5" 2-Way Marine Full Range 320 Watt Coaxial Speakers, Pair (White)

With a slick dome design, this pair of boat speakers has plenty of protection from the sun and the water.

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