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The Best Mason Line for DIY Projects

yellow roll of mason line beside a roll of red mason lineAn essential tool for professional brick masons is a braided, nylon mason line. It’s used for keeping a wall straight and level while it is being built. This heavy-duty twine is necessary to avoid lifting the level, and it will not sag like regular twine. Mason line is an exceedingly useful tool for not only brick masons but also for many DIYers. Here are some rolls of mason twine we recommend.

How to Choose a Good Mason Line

When purchasing a mason line, there are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Durability: Determine if the mason line can withstand the toughness of the job. If you want to use it to hang something on, it will need to be strong enough to withstand the weight. Some are also resistant to mildew if it’ll be exposed to the elements.
  • Length: Decide if the length of the twine is long enough for the job.

Most Durable: W. Rose RO689 Super Tough Professional Bonded Braided Nylon Mason’s Line

wide roll of yellow and red and black patterned mason line

This is a durable roll of 685 feet of bonded braided nylon line. The eye-catching color is a mix of black, gold, and orange, and it’s bonded for better knot holding. The twine is 35% stronger than a regular mason line, per a 216-pound weight test. The twine is made in the U.S. and can withstand tough job demands.

Most Durable

Best for Budget: T.W Evans Cordage 12-250 Number-1 Braided Nylon Mason Line, 250-Feet

roll of white nylon mason line

A strong and durable mason line, it is made from 100% nylon fiber. The twine is resistant to rot and mildew and is meant to be used as a chalk line, fishing line, net repairer, and more. The break strength is 131 pounds. The braided nylon will not unravel, and it is abrasion-resistant. Get 250 feet in this roll.

Best for Budget

T.W Evans Cordage Co. 12-250 Number-1 Braided Nylon Mason Line, 250-Feet

Affordable mason line made from 100% nylon fiber that is resistant to rot and mildew.

Best for Professionals: Kraft Tool BC353 Premium Professional Bonded Braided Masons Line

tall roll of red mason line

This mason line is built to handle the toughest jobs. It is American made with extra elasticity to help eliminate sagging. The bonded braided line is ultra-strong and ultra-light and has a special bonding process that adds extra abrasion and alkali resistance.

Best for Professionals

Kraft Tool BC353 Premium Professional Bonded Braided Masons Line

Mason line built to handle tough jobs and made with extra elasticity.

Also Consider: Masonry Mason’s Line Braided Nylon

tall roll of yellow-green mason line

Here’s some bright yellow mason line that is made from braided nylon. This high-quality twine is versatile in its use for masonry and more. The color is good for visibility and the line will not mildew. The 500-foot line will not unravel if struck by a trowel.

Also Consider

Masonry Mason's Line Braided Nylon 500' Yellow Sz 18 6" Core

Bright and visible fluorescent yellow mason line that does not mildew or unravel if struck by a trowel.

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