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The Best Massage Chairs

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🕚 Updated September 2022

There's nothing like resting your achy muscles after a hard day. However, nothing beats a massage when the aches and pains settle in. Check out these top-rated massage chairs for next-level relaxation.

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  Top Choice Best with Footrest Best Value Premium Choice Best Folding Chair
Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair
Best Choice Products
Faux-Leather Massage Recliner
Massage Recliner
2022 New Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity
Portable Folding Massage Chair
Our SummaryTurn on the relaxation with this massage chair that will take care of your muscle aches and pains.This budget-friendly massage chair stands out for its elegant design and relaxing vibrating massage settings.This compact massage chair features an effortless assembly process and is incredibly comfortable for its low price.You can connect your devices but recharge your body with this zero gravity massage chair.This foldable massage chair arrives ready to use and sports an adjustable design.
ProsAdjustable speed and intensity, preset massage modes, seven massage techniques, chair angle adjusts, airbag pressure and rollers, heat.Affordable price, comfortably padded, provides heating and massage, comes with ottoman.Affordable price, great for smaller spaces, relaxing vibration massage, simple and quick assembly.Zero-gravity reclining, great massage presets, full-body experience, great for relieving aches and pains, Bluetooth connectivity.Versatile massage, works neck and back well, no-assembly design, compact and portable.
ConsAssembly is not easy, foot massager doesn't include rollers.Lack of massage variety.Limited massage points.Neck massager is high for shorter people.Fairly heavy.
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The Best Massage Chairs

Massage chair in living room.
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Buying Guide for Massage Chairs

A senior woman lies on a massage chair in her apartment.

Why buy a massage chair?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of relaxing your body and mind, investing in a high-quality massage chair is a great idea. Massage chairs come in various attractive styles and are perfect for relaxing while watching your favorite show or the big game. They can also improve your quality of life by loosening up tense muscles and improving overall mobility. While a massage chair may prove to be a hefty investment, they are quite affordable compared to receiving a weekly massage from a professional masseuse.

What should you look for in a massage chair?

  • Massage Type/Area: Not every massage chair can give you a deep, full-body massage. While shopping for a massage chair, take note of each product’s capabilities and be sure to read reviews to see how the massage experiences stack up against each other. Additionally, choose a product capable of giving you relief in your most tense, problematic areas.
  • Weight and Size Capacity: Check a massage chair’s specifications to ensure its size and weight capacity are ideal for you and your family.
  • Extra Functions: Extra functions such as heated seating, zero-gravity reclining, and Bluetooth speakers may not be essential for a massage chair, but they can elevate your overall massage enjoyment. While browsing for massage chairs, keep a mental list of all the features you can’t live without and the ones you would enjoy if the price is right.

What are the different types of massage chairs?

Most budget-friendly massage chairs will provide a vibrating massage, which is excellent for improving blood circulation and relaxing after a long day. Air massage chairs are another popular option that inflate and deflate to squeeze targeted areas of the body. However, roller massage chairs are what most people think of when it comes to massage chairs. These are capable of “deeper” massages than the other options and are known for emulating classic massage styles such as Shiatsu and kneading. If it’s within your budget, finding a massage chair that combines these three massage styles is the best way to receive the most luxurious massage that a massage chair can offer.

Our Picks for the Best Massage Chairs

Top Choice

BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Turn on the relaxation with this massage chair that will take care of your muscle aches and pains.

Pros: If you thought you had to leave your home or schedule an appointment for a massage, think again. This massage chair comes fully equipped to help you get rid of muscle pains while your mind can relax from the day’s demands. For a custom fit no matter your size, this massage chair will do a full scan to find where your spine is and position itself to give you the best massage possible. Even after this initial setup, you can adjust the angle of the chair for your needs and preferences. This chair uses an air massage system that targets your neck, shoulder, back, legs, and feet. You can adjust the speed and intensity, as well as add heated relief to the back and feet. The chair features seven massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, stretching, Shiatsu, combo, air pressure, and heat. It also comes with three programmed options if you don’t have a preference.

Cons: The instruction manual is difficult to understand. The foot sections do not include rollers like other massage chair brands.

Bottom Line: If you don’t regularly get to a massage appointment but understand the need for them, this is a great chair for you. With so many customizable features and programs, it’s tough to pass up such a chair. Choose the intensity, speed, and technique for your massage. Enjoy it as long as you want, any day of the week!


Best with Footrest

Best Choice Products Faux-Leather Massage Recliner

This budget-friendly massage chair stands out for its elegant design and relaxing vibrating massage settings.

Pros: If you’re seeking an affordable massage chair with a gorgeous, modern design, the Best Choice Products Faux-Leather Massage Recliner might be what you’re looking for. This sleek massage chair features vibrating massage functionality, heat, and a double-padded backrest that is extremely comfortable, even when not receiving a massage. Factor in this product’s ease of assembly and nice array of pre-programmed massage options, and you have a tantalizing value that’s hard to pass up.

Cons: While this chair’s massage functionality is adjustable in intensity, this is not a product that will provide a deep-tissue massage. Additionally, the chair’s power cord is on the short side, so you will need to find an appropriate spot for it.

Bottom Line: While this chair won’t provide a next-level massage, its gentle heating and luxurious vibrating massage functionality are more than enough to help you unwind after a long, hard day.


Best Value

BestMassage Massage Recliner

This compact massage chair features an effortless assembly process and is incredibly comfortable for its low price.

Pros: Featuring a nice variety of color options and an effortless assembly process that can be completed in a few minutes, the BestMassage Massage Recliner provides value for its budget price tag. This massage chair’s compact design makes it a great fit for smaller spaces, and its targeted massage function is incredibly luxurious, given that it only targets two points on your back. At this price, it’s hard to ask for anything more.

Cons: This is not the best option for tall people, as its compact design might not extend to your head and feet.

Bottom Line: BestMassage’s budget-friendly offering will impress most people not only in terms of comfort but also in its quality construction and surprisingly comfy massage.


Premium Choice

SMAGREHO 2022 New Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

You can connect your devices but recharge your body with this zero gravity massage chair.

Pros: When you’re looking to unwind in this massage chair, you can also easily connect an audiobook or your favorite relaxing tunes to add even more relaxing elements. This chair adds another level of therapeutic relaxation with a zero gravity option. Simply press a button, and your chair can recline to bring your feet above your heart for better circulation. The massage chair includes both airbag pressure massage as well as rollers and heated options for enhanced muscle relaxation. From your shoulders down to the bottoms of your feet, your entire body can experience soothing relief that you can manually adjust or choose from six preset modes. For such a large piece of furniture, it’s easy to assemble, and the wheels make it easy to move around.

Cons: Shorter people may not be able to fully benefit from the neck massager without extra effort.

Bottom Line: In addition to a relaxing and customized massage, this chair features the ability to connect your music or audiobooks via Bluetooth to add another level to your experience. It also features a zero gravity option to allow you to recline all the way to a level that raises your feet slightly above your heart for added blood circulation. If you’re of shorter stature and don’t mind inching yourself up, you can enjoy a full body massage with rollers, heat, and air pressure from the neck down to the soles of your feet.


Best Folding Chair

COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair

This foldable massage chair arrives ready to use and sports an adjustable design.

Pros: If you’re in the market for a massage chair that’s easy to store and travel with, the COMFIER Portable Folding Massage Chair is great. This massage chair sports a foldable, no-assembly design and adjustable neck massager suitable for a wide range of body types. It also provides an incredibly versatile massage for your money, thanks to its vibration, Shiatsu, kneading, and targeted heat.

Cons: Some have noted that this massage chair is pretty hefty, so although it can be easily folded and stored, it might require a bit of strength.

Bottom Line: This massage chair is an instant upgrade over just about any massage pad that you can put it up against.

Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves a relaxing massage from time to time, and regularly visiting a masseuse can be expensive and inconvenient. Thankfully, plenty of high-quality massage chairs on the market can relieve your achy back for years to come at a great price. We made this guide to showcase the best massage chairs you can buy so that you can find the perfect one for your unique needs.

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