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The Best Massage Stones for You

Closeup of masseuse hands placing hot stones on woman back at resort

Many professional massage therapists use massage stones to prepare muscles for a deep massage through the heat and comforting weight of the stones. But there’s no reason for massage stones to remain exclusive to professional practitioners!

Purchase a set of massage stones to reap the effective holistic approach to treat insomnia, poor circulation, and muscle tension while stimulating lymphatic drainage and more.

How Do I Find the Right Massage Stones?

Take a moment to consider these factors:

  • Body Area: Where is your pain? Many massage stones can treat all major areas of the body. However, some stones, like the gua sha facial tool, are used to scrape areas of the face and neck to relieve toxins and more. Just give some thought to where your body needs the most help.
  • Stone Type: Different stones are known to have different healing properties. Stones commonly used in massage are bian, jade, and basalt. Each of these stones works best for certain massage techniques as well. Jade, for example, is often used in gua sha massage.
  • Ailment: This category deserves your attention. What medical conditions, physical or mental, do you suffer with and want to treat with massage? Do a little of your own research, or ask your doctor how you may benefit from stone massage therapy. You may find some clues as to where to get started.

Best Set: ActiveBliss Six Large Massage Stones Set

Two stacks of flat, gray stones

This ActiveBliss massage stone set stands out from the rest because it includes the most useful and appropriate size stones to treat the most common areas. There are four placement stones and two working stones; the latter, larger, and the former, smaller. Each has its value in massage. The hand-polished basalt stones heat up quickly and retain heat, especially the placement stones for their size.

Best Massage Stone Set

ActiveBliss Six Large Massage Stones Set

This stone massage set includes four large and two smaller basalt stones.

Best Mushroom-Shaped: Windfulogo Bian Massage Stones

Image of a hand holding a mushroom-shaped, gray stone.

Those who prefer mushroom-shaped massage stones may find them easier to hold, and therefore, better to press deeply into stiff muscles or trigger points. The two 1.96- by 1.36-inch grey bian massage stones become darker over time with massage oil application. Bian stones have an interesting history in traditional Chinese medicine. As bian stones are pointed, they were used in massage before acupuncture became a common technique. It’s an ancient tradition you can utilize today!

Best Mushroom-Shaped

Windulogo Bian Massage Stones

This mushroom-shaped massage stone gives you the ideal angle for targeting pressure points.

Best for the Face: Rena Chris Gua Sha Scraping Tool

Heart-shaped, green stone
Rena Chris

In Chinese, “gua” means “scrape,” and “sha” means “petechiae” (tiny red or purple spots). Traditionally made of bian stone, the gua sha tool was used before acupuncture came into being in China, with the goal of scraping the skin to release toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and more. This Rena Chris gua sha heart-shaped facial scraping tool is pure jade, a stone known for its superiority for its durability, sturdiness, and smoothness.

Best for the Face

Rena Chris Gua Sha Scraping Tool

This jade heart-shaped gua sha facial scraping massage tool can be used on the legs, back, shoulders, and eyes.

Best Extra-Large: ActiveBliss Hot Massage Stone Set

Two large, black massage stones

Large, thick stones play an important role in stone massage therapy. Heated, these extra-large stones are ideal for wider and flatter areas of the body, such as the sacrum and belly. This two-piece set comes with two 4- by 3.15-inch 100% basalt stones. Yet another benefit of large massage stones is that they retain heat longer.

Best Extra-Large

ActiveBliss Hot Massage Stone Set

The heavier and larger the stone, the longer the heat lasts.

Best with a Warmer: KKTECT Twenty Stones Kit

Open pink case on right with stones inside, stacks of stones on left

This massage stone and warmer kit contain a total of 20 basalt stones of multiple sizes to be used anywhere on the body. The transportable heater box is easy to plug in and activate. Do so preferably 20 minutes before the massage to ensure the stones are hot. Importantly, the heater box maxes out at 160 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains that temperature.

Best with a Warmer

KKTECT Twenty Stones Kit

What a great way to tote your massage stones! Plug it in to heat your stones.

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