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The Best Mattresses for Your Futon Frame

🕚 Updated October 2021

People love the futon because of how uncomplicated yet multifaceted it is, but that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to dress it up to the comfort level you desire.

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Futon Mattress
Futon Mattress
Futon Mattress + Frame
Futon Mattress
Kodiak Furniture
Futon Mattress
Our SummaryThis futon mattress features a welcoming variety of size options for different types of sleepers and frames.A highly responsive futon mat that provides comfort when you sleep and plump support when you sit. A quintessential futon mattress that's padded with classic comfort and features an optional frame.A twin-sized futon mat that works well for adults and children, given its adorable graphic designs that add a bit more flair to a room. A premium choice that looks flat-out stunning, this futon mattress brings you a leather-like surface and hundreds of innerspring coils just below.
ProsFeatures memory foam core, quilted surface adds to comfort, available in several accommodating sizes. Appropriately sized for most frames, combination of memory foam and firm foundation creates a contouring experience. Features 8-inch thick body, built to last and retain comfort in either setting, bundled with metal futon frame that can withstand 600 pounds. Narrow and easily transportable, memory foam core, dustproof cover prevents buildup of grime.Features stylish vinyl coating that's easy to maintain, high-density foam, hundreds of coiled springs.
ConsExtra-soft construction can allow too much sinkage, polyester usage can feel scratchy on the skin. Heavier than most mattresses, memory foam construction can conduct excess heat, lack of exciting colors. Large price tag, metal frame takes time to set up, padded surface on mattress can thin out and get close to coils underneath. Twin-sized measurement can feel limiting for some adults, thin construction leads to sinkage and excessive contact with the floor. Padding can eventually thin out and bring you closer to coils, vinyl surface may not feel as comfy as cotton alternatives.
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The Best Mattresses for Your Futon Frame

A futon with pillows and a throw blanket in a nice and cozy room with lots of wooden accents.

The futon frame doesn’t function without the mat resting on top of it, and even if there is one there, the most sound resting experience isn’t a given unless you look for it. If you’re shopping for a new futon mattress, here are a few we recommend.

Buying Guide for Futon Mattresses

A futon with a dark grey mattress on it with pillows in a modern room.

Why buy a futon mattress?

There are a variety of practical reasons to buy a specific futon mattress. For starters, you won’t get the same comfort level out of the futon mattress that comes in most frame bundles, and comfort is crucial. You also get to handpick your preferred look when you buy a particular mattress because your style matters, after all. Or, if you find a mattress you love the feel of but not the look of, you can add a futon cover to get the look you want.

What should you look for in a futon mattress?

Here are a few things to think about before making your selection:

  • Size: Like their traditional cousins, futon mattresses are available in a couple of different sizes. You can find them in most of the standard mattress sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. If you already own a frame, you’ll want to pair it with a futon mattress that’s the same size. If you haven’t bought a frame yet, consider how much space you have. A queen futon will take up the same amount of space as a queen bed when it’s fully spread out, so be sure to pick a futon mattress that will fit properly in your space.
  • Filling: As with regular mattresses and couch cushions, futon mattresses can be filled with spring coils or some sort of foam. Coil-filled models are generally comfortable, though they may gradually lose their shape over time. If you plan to use your futon short-term, on a less than regular basis, or as a guest bed, coil-filled will likely work well. Foam-filled futon mattresses hold their shape much better, which means they hold up better for daily use and are a good choice for futons that will mainly serve as couches. Spring for a memory foam-filled model if you don’t mind spending a little more money and want a high-quality, extra-comfy futon mattress.
  • Thickness and Firmness: Consider your personal preferences, sleeping position, and frame bulkiness when deciding how thin or thick your futon mattress should be. Softer futon mattresses are better for people who sleep on their sides, while firmer models are better for back and stomach sleepers. And if you have a thin, sleek futon frame, it’s going to look better with a thinner mattress. A big, bulky futon frame, on the other hand, should be paired with a thicker futon mattress.

What’s the appropriate balance to look for in a mat that serves two roles?

While the convenience of a futon allows it to function as two pieces of furniture, the mattress you place on top of it may not always be game. Because of this, you’ll need to determine how often your futon will serve each purpose. If you live in a studio apartment and your futon will function predominantly as a bed, then you’ll want to invest in a quality mattress that’s attuned to your sleeping needs. However, if your futon mostly serves as daily seating or for guest sleeping, then consider a mattress that’s ideal for how you and your guests would like to be seated. Spring-bearing mattresses are the go-to for users who need their futon to function as a chair because of their rigidity and how well they can keep sitters propped up.

Our Picks for the Best Futon Mattresses

Top Choice

MAXYOYO Futon Mattress

This futon mattress features a welcoming variety of size options for different types of sleepers and frames.

Pros: Filled with a layer of memory foam in between two layers of microfiber cotton plus a microfiber polyester-cotton cover, this futon mattress is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. It’s quilted to add extra padding and thickness for a more comfortable night’s sleep. You can even sleep directly on the ground, thanks to the supportive middle layer of memory foam, which makes it ideal for camping or car trips as well as home use.

Cons: As a mattress, its memory foam design is appealing for your backside, but it can be less than considerate when you’re using it as a seat. So, if you’re someone who prefers a couch to be firm and plump, then you may need to consider another option. While its cover features half-cotton construction, the other half is supported by polyester, a material that’s not necessarily well regarded for how it reacts to your skin.

Bottom Line: Whatever standard size you’re looking for in a futon mattress, you should be able to find what you’re looking for in this MAXYOYO Futon Mattress and its 18 different bright, pastel, or neutral-colored shades.


Most Comfortable

Milliard Futon Mattress

A highly responsive futon mattress that provides comfort when you sleep and plump support when you sit.

Pros: Capable of fitting on standard frames, or even regular bed frames with a foundation, this 6-inch thick futon mattress is a great choice for dorms and smaller sleeping quarters, one that doesn’t sacrifice quality. It features a 2-inch layer of highly cozy plush memory foam that rests on top of a 4-inch foam foundation. This combination of comfort and rigidity is accentuated by a contouring surface that hugs your body in ways that other options just can’t.

Cons: For all of their comfort, memory foam mattresses are also regarded as being far heavier than standard options, and this futon mat is no exception. It boasts a hefty 30-pound body, a surprising amount considering how transportable futons are intended to be. Its memory foam design can also conduct a lot of heat, which is burdensome for those who already consider themselves warm sleepers. Its monotone color selection doesn’t provide the most stunning appearance either.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking an option that understands quality comfort across each inch of its surface and base, this Milliard Futon Mattress brings you an option that blends the cozy with the firm to create a notably luxurious sleeping experience.


Best with Frame

DHP Futon Mattress + Frame

A quintessential futon mattress that's padded with classic comfort and features an optional frame.

Pros: A true classic, this 8-inch thick and 75-inch long futon is the ideal size for most futon frames. Its polyester fabric construction is durable enough for daily use, while its medium firmness and high-density foam provide an ample level of support. This futon features individually wrapped coils for weight distribution and reduced motion transfer, which ensures better resistance to daily wear and tear. A purchase here also includes a metal futon frame that can withstand up to 600 pounds.

Cons: It’s immediately important to note that if you’re searching for a bargain, you won’t find it here. This combo package asks for a big sum upfront, so you may be more comfortable seeking a frame elsewhere. Per the included frame, while it adds value, it can also take up a good chunk of your day as you piece it together out of the box. And though it isn’t apparent early on, it’s important to remember that the padded surface will eventually give way to closer contact with the firm coils underneath.

Bottom Line: For the user who not only needs an entire sleeping unit, but appreciates a good value at the same time, this DHP Futon Mattress + Frame offers double duty with its plush pad and sturdy metal platform.


Best Design

MAXYOYO Futon Mattress

A twin-sized futon mat that works well for adults and children, given its adorable graphic designs that add a bit more flair to a room.

Pros: Quilted and plush, this futon mattress offers a 4-inch thick body that also measures 39 inches in width, a much more narrow and easily transportable option. Tack on the fact that it only weighs 10 pounds and is easy to roll up for road trips and camping trips. Its core consists of memory foam and cotton, both of which provide better support and thickness for you to spread it out on the floor or bottom of a tent and sleep comfortably. It also includes a dustproof cover to prevent grime buildup.

Cons: Given its twin-sized measurements and youthful graphic design choices, this futon mat is undoubtedly a kid-forward choice. That’s not a bad thing, but if you’re an adult who wants a bit more room to move around, then you may need to seek out a mat with more width to its size. Some users have noted that it’s far too easy to sink into the mat, so its 4-inch thickness may not provide the same level of comfort that thicker choices provide.

Bottom Line: While most futons and their covers come in single solid colors, this MAXYOYO Futon Mattress allows you to add a little flair to your home or children’s room with the likes of its astral and nature-driven designs.


Best Faux Leather

Kodiak Furniture Futon Mattress

A premium choice that looks flat-out stunning, this futon mattress brings you a leather-like surface and hundreds of innerspring coils.

Pros: Standard in terms of support but completely above and beyond on the style side, this full-fledged futon mattress knows how to draw attention. Across the entirety of its 74-inch surface is a thick vinyl material that looks like leather but bears none of the upkeep or additional worries. Below the vinyl is high-density foam and a 276-innerspring unit, which allows the mattress to effortlessly convert from a sofa to a standard full-size bed without losing its firmness too quickly.

Cons: For starters, it’s vital to remember that because this futon mattress props you up on a foundation of firm coils, you’ll eventually begin to feel them as upper padding thins out. And while visually appealing as a couch, some users may not be able to appreciate the option as a mattress, as the feel of its slick vinyl surface may lack the nice feel of cotton options. This futon mattress also sports one of the largest price tags on the market.

Bottom Line: If you’re interested in making a statement with your new piece of furniture, this Kodiak Furniture Futon Mattress features an immensely fashionable appearance that puts other choices to shame. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to embrace the futon for what it’s really for—convenience. So, it is of the utmost importance that you put a genuine effort into your search for a comfortable, stylish mattress to both sit and sleep on.

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