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The Best Measuring Tape for Your Toolbox

A craftsman using measuring tape and pencil to make marks on piece of wood placed in workbench.
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Having a measuring tape handy is essential for all DIY home projects because you never know when you will need to measure something. Whether you are renovating your bathroom, hanging frames, or buying a new rug, a measuring tape can help you tackle the project. There are various tape measures on the market, but here are some of the best ones for your toolbox.

Purchasing a Measuring Tape

Here is what to consider before you buy a measuring tape:

  • Lock: Consider if the measuring tape can lock into position when using it to provide accurate measurements. Locking mechanisms allow you to keep the tape in place while you make notes. A soft tape measure may require someone lending a hand but are great for measuring irregular surfaces.
  • Durability: Determine if the measuring tape is sturdy and will last for long-term use. Plastic exteriors protect from scratches and drops that may occur while working on a project. A rubber grip is not only great for handling but also provides extra protection with its bouncy characteristic.
  • Features: Consider if the tape has features to be user-friendly so that you can complete your project with ease. Look for tape measures with a self-retracting mechanism for easy storage. A clip for your work belt allows you to keep the tool handy at all times. Easy-to-read measurements are imperative to achieving accurate results.

Top Pick: Komelon SM5425 Speed Mark Gripper Measuring Tape

A Komelon 25 foot tape measure in its orange and black packaging.

This Speed-Mark tape measure has fractional graduations on the non-glare white blade. It is easy to grip while using and has a thick rubber jacket coating. There are stud markings on the blade for easy measurement, and the end hook is protected for safety. The tape has a smooth retractor and is sturdy.

Top Pick

Best for Sewing: iBayam 2 Pack Tape Measure

a pink soft tape measure on top and below it a black retractable soft tape measure

This pack contains two soft, retractable measuring tapes that are double-sided with both inches and centimeters. Both tape measures are small, light, pocket-sized, making them portable. The measurements are large and clear, which makes them easy and convenient to read. The black tape is retractable, allowing you to quickly rewind the tape measure without hassle. The soft pink tape is great for measuring sewing, crafting, and tailoring.

Best Extra Long: MULWARK 26ft Measuring Tape

A grey and yellow tape measure with a strap.

This measuring tape is a portable, flexible and retractable decimal measuring tape ruler. It is impact-resistant, rustproof, chemical, and odor-free. The tape blade remains stiff at up to 7 feet horizontally and 13 feet vertically. The tape is double-sided and easy-to-read, with a magnetic hook to enforce stability when measuring long distances. Measurements are guaranteed within 0.2 mm, and it is comfortable to hold in your hand because of the soft rubberized cover and contoured shape.

Best Digital Laser: LEXIVON 2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure

A yellow and black tape measure with a laser above the blade.

This innovative tape measure takes measurements via a digital laser. It has a smooth, single-button operation to measure long distances in either feet or metric measurements. The results are displayed on an LCD screen, and it can measure up to 130 feet or 40 meters. The measuring tape is designed with an outer layer that has an anti-skid, high-impact rubberized case, and an auto-locking tape mechanism. This device also includes auto-off technology, a belt clip, stud center markings, two AAA batteries, and a screwdriver.

Best Magnetic: Kutir 25 Foot Tape Measure

A side by side comparison of a black and yellow tape measure sitting outdoors.

This measuring tape makes measuring simple with its sturdy matte blade that measures up to 25 feet. The case is shock-absorbent for accidental drops. It comes with a retractable measuring tape and is outfitted at the end with a powerful magnet, allowing you to get a proper measurement. The numbers on the tape are bold and easy to read.

Best Magnetic

25 Foot Tape Measure by Kutir - Easy to Read, Both Side Dual Ruler, Magnetic Hook, Shock Absorbent Solid Rubber Case Measuring Tape

A measuring tape with a powerful magnet hook at the end that allows for precise measurements.

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