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The Best Medicine Balls

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🕚 Updated December 2022

Medicine balls have been around quite a long time and seem to be implemented into each new workout craze. This is a testament to how great they work for creating lasting core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Here are the best medicine balls you can buy to make an instant impact on your workout routine.

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  Best Overall Best Slam Ball Best with Handles Best Wall Ball Best Pair
  Amazon Basics
Medicine Ball
Slam Medicine Balls
Xerball Medicine Ball with Handles
Champion Sports
Rhino® Promax Slam Balls
Toning Ball
Our SummaryA basic medicine ball made of quality rubber with a secure grip.A slam medicine ball perfect for CrossFit, MMA, and HIIT workouts to build strength, coordination, aerobic, and anaerobic fitness.This medicine ball features large handles and a dual-grip rubber design for optimal control.This medicine ball features synthetic leather outer-construction with a nonslip grip and secure stitching.An unstable toning ball to work into your fitness routine to stabilize joints, improve balance, and more
Pros✓ Simple design
✓ Rubber textured surface ✓ Secure grip
✓ For increasing body strength
✓ Ideal for CrossFit, MMA, HIIT
✓ Doesn't roll or bounce
✓ Textured PVC shell is seamless
✓ Weighted by sand
✓ Oversized handles
✓ Easy to grip
✓ More control over movements
✓ Great for targeting muscle groups
✓ Tacky vinyl exterior
✓ Durable
✓ Full-body workout from ✓ Build muscles
✓ Cardio
✓ Increase mobility, strength, balance, and coordination
✓ Unstable iron sand
✓ Activates stabilizing muscles
✓ Good for Pilates
Cons✗ Bounces a bit✗ Doesn't bounce like most medicine balls✗ Unpleasant odor
✗ Handles ay be too wide or narrow
✗ Not the best grip✗ Not for substantial muscle building
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The Best Medicine Balls

athletic male doing side twist exercise with medicine ball
Max kegfire/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Medicine Balls

Fit and muscular woman exercising with medicine ball at gym.

Why buy a medicine ball?

The values of medicine balls in fitness are numerous. Most commercial gyms have them for member use or personal training sessions. If they can have them, why not you? As with a lot of gym equipment, medicine balls may seem inaccessible, but they’re not! 

What should you look for in a medicine ball?

  • Type: The first step to securing an amazing medicine ball that suits your needs is to consider how you plan to use your medicine ball. Go with a slam ball for rigorous workouts that incorporate slamming the ball with brute strength. For gently tossing the ball with a partner or against the wall, look for a wall ball. For everything else, a durable, old-school medicine ball should suit you fine.
  • Grip: A good, secure grip will aid in mind and muscle connection and help you get the most out of every rep. Finding a medicine ball that is easy to grip, even while slippery, can be challenging. Rubber usually provides a nice grip, but other synthetic options can also be amazing choices that give you great control.
  • Durability: This factor is significant when purchasing slam balls and wall balls. First, consider the product’s construction to ensure its materials are known for toughness. If the ball is stitched, ensure it is done well, and look for double- or triple-stitched options. Finally, check out the reviews to see how your prospective medicine ball has fared in the hands of others.

Which is better? A slam ball or a medicine ball?

They’re both great! A slam ball is a medicine ball that’s weighted with material that reduces its bounce. It takes a lot of strength to slam a weighted ball with as much force as you can, an activity that engages the full body and the cardiovascular system. Because they don’t bounce, you can put everything you have into throwing, slamming, or lifting it. They’re often used in CrossFit, MMA, and other military-type training. But regular medicine balls have their advantages, too; they’re lighter with a softer surface, which makes them accessible to a wider crowd. Also, you don’t want to go hard-core every day. Use medicine balls on lighter conditioning days or to strengthen easy-to-injure muscles like the back.

Our Picks for the Best Medicine Balls

Best Overall

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

A basic medicine ball made of quality rubber with a secure grip.

Pros: Often, the simplest design is best. This 8-pound rubber medicine ball has a textured surface for a secure grip. Use it to increase full-body strength with squatting, tossing it up a wall, sit-ups, lunges, you name it. 

Cons: You can’t slam this ball down without some bounce. 

Bottom Line: This is a thumbs-up product for those who just want a decent medicine ball. The quality of the rubber is promising.


Best Slam Ball

Yes4All Slam Medicine Balls

A slam medicine ball perfect for CrossFit, MMA, and HIIT workouts to build strength, coordination, aerobic, and anaerobic fitness.

Pros: Hello, all who are serious about building muscle, adding intensity to already challenging HIIT workouts, and those just setting foot on the journey to better health! Meet the Yes4All slam ball. Its seamless, textured PVC shell is weighted by sand, a combination that makes an almost indestructible ball. Slam away to release anger, and practice focus and coordination while doing core figure-8s, weaving the ball between your legs. It won’t bounce, burst, or split. Use it for CrossFit, MMA, and classic sports like wrestling or lacrosse. 

Cons: If you’re in the market for a medicine ball with some bounce, this slam ball may disappoint. This ball is not meant to bounce.

Bottom Line: We like the Yes4All slam ball because it meets the general requirements—a high-density shell, easy grip, and seamless design while looking nice, too. The ball is available in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 pounds, each in a different color and tread.



Best with Handles

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball with Handles

This medicine ball features large handles and a dual-grip rubber design for optimal control.

Pros: For those seeking a medicine ball that allows for more control and a simplified mind-muscle connection, the SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball is our top pick. Featuring oversized handles that are ideal for a wide variety of hand sizes, these medicine balls are easy to grip and perfect for rotational ab exercises like Russian twists and rotational presses. 

Cons: These medicine balls give off a pronounced rubber smell when unboxed. Also, the 11-inch ball may be too wide for some builds.

Bottom Line: Because the Xerball requires less hand strength to maneuver, you can focus more on how your muscles feel, whether you can push intensity or not. Increased control makes you less likely to overdo it and injure yourself.


Best Wall Ball

Champion Sports Rhino® Promax Slam Balls

This medicine ball features synthetic leather outer construction with a nonslip grip and secure stitching.

Pros: When shopping for slam balls, durability is key, and the Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Balls are just about as durable as you can get. The tacky vinyl exterior holds up against significant force and wear and tear; it’s as if it were made of the leathery hide of a rhinoceros. This slam ball offers a full-body workout from core strengthening to increasing aerobic fitness. Try tossing upward on a wall as high as you can. That’s one of the activities the Rhino® Promax is made for.

Cons: The smooth outside makes it a little tricky to catch for some.

Bottom Line: Once you have one of these medicine balls, you’ll likely want more. These color-coded wall balls come in even numbers beginning with 6 pounds and maxing at 30 pounds. 


Best Pair

Yes4All Toning Ball

An unstable toning ball to work into your fitness routine to stabilize joints, improve balance, and more.

Pros: You can still increase mobility, strength, balance, and coordination, all at once, with lighter equipment. And using a toning ball like the Yes4All with unstable iron sand inside activates the deepest stabilizing muscles in the body. The instability of the ball forces your muscles to work differently. While frequently used in Pilates workouts, toning balls make great equipment for standard fitness moves like single-leg deadlifts and woodchops, both of which lead to injury when not executed correctly and with too much weight.

Cons: Check out a heavier medicine ball to noticeably increase muscle strength. Some users point out inconsistencies in the balls’ shape and colors.

Bottom Line: Teens and adults of all ages can benefit from these toning balls if approved by a doctor. Find a fitness routine you can do with your teenagers or friends, perform it regularly, and feel the subtle changes in your posture and muscle tone.

Final Thoughts

Medicine balls make home gym strength-building equipment safer than a set of dumbbells or barbells. Because they’re lighter than cast iron weights, you’re less likely to injure yourself. And you know what? They’re fun, too. Try one out!

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