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The Best Medicine Cabinets

🕚 Updated October 2022

When it comes to bathroom storage, we often find ourselves quickly unprepared for the abundance of soaps, serums, and medicated creams that take over our pre-established space. Check out these medicine cabinets to make better use of your bathroom space.

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Medicine Cabinet
Bathroom Cabinet
Behind The Door Medicine
Wall Cabinet
LED Medicine Cabinet
Our SummaryThis medicine cabinet features a mirrored interior and exterior and hard-wearing glass shelves.This medicine cabinet features cabinet-style doors and an open base shelf that's ideal for quick access to items.This medicine cabinet measures 70 inches tall and can store as much as five standard options.This medicine cabinet is smaller but still features ample storage space throughout its three-shelf construction.This modern mirrored medicine cabinet features LED lighting and a time and temperature display.
Pros✓ Mirrored interior and exterior
✓ Adjustable shelves made from tempered glass are tough, sleek, and modern
Multi-tiered design
✓ Ideal storage space
✓ Doors feature mirrored inlay
✓ Adjustable interior shelves
✓ Lots of storage space
✓ Designed to be tucked away
✓ Doesn't require you to drill into drywall
✓ Built entirely from natural wood
✓ Features an adjustable shelf and an outside display
✓ Visually stunning mirrored exterior
✓ Electrical capabilities display time and temperature
✓ Three lighting settings
Cons✗ Mirrored surface needs to be cleaned often
✗ Recessed installation could require a bigger investment
✗ MDF construction can easily take on damage over time
✗ Cardboard backing is not sturdy
✗ MDF construction doesn't feature waterproof coating like similar options✗ Limited storage
✗ Shallow depth
✗ Expensive
✗ Weight may be an issue when installing
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The Best Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet with mirrors on its cabinet doors and an open shelf underneath.

Find a medicine cabinet that provides the storage you need and a boost in style. If you’re in the market for a few more inches of space, then here are some medicine cabinets we recommend.

Buying Guide for Medicine Cabinets

Two mirrored medicine cabinets over a dual vanity in a modern bathroom.

Why buy a medicine cabinet?

A medicine cabinet creates a new degree of space for items you’d like to have readily on hand, all while acting as a wonderful addition to your layout. The right medicine cabinet can provide convenience, functionality, and visual appeal with different features, capacities, details, and additions.

What should you look for in a medicine cabinet?

  • Storage Space: A top priority you should look into is storage space. Consider what you’re trying to stow away with a new medicine cabinet. Would this purchase accommodate a few stray items that you just don’t want lying around the counter? Or, are you in serious need of more space?
  • Material Construction: It’s also vital to consider the type of material your medicine cabinet is made from. There are enough pros and cons in this factor alone to make you spend some time weighing your options. Medicine cabinets made with exterior glass are a snazzy sight, but it’s also one that requires weekly, if not daily, upkeep. Wooden options are a bit sturdier and don’t often cost that much, but if they’re not coated in a protective gloss, they may absorb too much moisture and begin to warp, crack, and even mold.
  • Style: Lastly, the overall appearance of your medicine cabinet is a crucial factor because why buy something that doesn’t fit the rest of the space? Are you seeking an option that’s just intended to fade into the background or one that you can smile at every time you wash your hands?

Should you buy a cabinet made from engineered or real wood?

While engineered wood was built to be a more cost-efficient substitute, there are a variety of well-known downsides to it. For instance, you may be paying less for a cabinet made from engineered wood, but you could be forced to replace that option frequently, given MDF’s knack for being easily damageable. This damage can’t be undone with a bit of sanding, unlike real wood. Cabinets made from engineered wood are heavier than real wood options, yet they don’t support the same amount of weight. So, if you end up with an MDF cabinet, keep it out of harm’s way, ensure it’s installed tightly to your wall, and don’t overload its shelves.

Our Picks for the Best Medicine Cabinets

Top Choice

Kohler Medicine Cabinet

This medicine cabinet features a mirrored interior and exterior and hard-wearing glass shelves.

Pros: This is a traditional medicine cabinet dressed up in a modern sheen. This option provides the baseline level of storage and versatility you could want. Its mirrored surfaces line the exterior and interior of its 16-inch frame. Inside are two adjustable shelves made from tempered glass, which means you don’t have to worry about overloading either shelf.

Cons: While the appearance of a mirrored exterior often takes your bathroom from simple means to luxury living, it can backfire if you don’t clean it regularly. Glass mirrors are magnets for fingerprints, water and toothpaste droplets, and dust, so if you don’t give this cabinet an occasional wipe-down, it’s going to get dirty quickly. Additionally, this cabinet requires recessed installation, which can cost a lot.

Bottom Line: This is an ideal choice when you’re seeking an option that looks just as good as it works. The Kohler Medicine Cabinet features a worthwhile combination of mirrored and aluminum exterior. 


Best with Cabinet Doors

Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet

This medicine cabinet features cabinet-style doors and an open base shelf that's ideal for quick access to items.

Pros: This medicine cabinet offers functionality alongside must-have details by presenting multi-tiered storage in a lovingly classic aesthetic. Built into the base of its wooden frame is an open shelf on the bottom that’s perfect for storing items that you want within arm’s reach, like candles, toothpaste, or hand towels. Above that is a two-door opening with a mirrored inlay that encases a three-layer shelf design, which can be adjusted depending on your storage needs.

Cons: Though it’s coated in a waterproof shell to protect itself from moisture, most of this cabinet’s frame is made from engineered wood, which isn’t well-regarded for how it takes damage over time. The cabinet’s carboarding backing is flimsy and cheap-looking.

Bottom Line: If you’re after a traditional option that can fit with almost any style of home and bathroom setting, this Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet features an ample amount of open and closed storage.


Best for the Door

Cabidor Behind The Door Medicine Cabinet

This medicine cabinet measures 70 inches tall and can store as much as five standard options.

Pros: Structured with optimal storage while preserving space at the same time, here’s a uniquely designed medicine cabinet that will stay out of the way. Unlike options that ask you to dig into the drywall of your bathroom, this medicine cabinet latches onto the hinges of almost any door in the house, utilizing space that’s normally forgotten. The cabinet itself stores items lengthwise (70 inches tall), creating one large space that stores as much as five standard wall cabinets.

Cons: Like similar options, this medicine cabinet is made from engineered wood, only it doesn’t feature a waterproof coating to keep moisture absorption at bay. Thus, it is likely to warp and deteriorate faster if it’s kept in the restroom. It’s also imperative to note that this cabinet requires a 3.5-inch clearance between the door hinge and the back wall; anything less won’t be properly stored alongside the door.

Bottom Line: Featuring an uncommon amount of storage space, this Cabidor Medicine Cabinet works as both an extra-large means of storage and a full-length mirror that will keep your outfit in check.


Best Rustic Look

EXCELLO Wall Cabinet

This medicine cabinet is smaller but still features ample storage space throughout its three-shelf construction.

Pros: This medicine cabinet would go well with farmhouse decor. This wall-mounted cabinet is made from real wood that’s painted with a rich barnwood brown finish. Its adjustable shelf divides the interior into two sections, while the outside display shelf adds a level of storage that’s both handy and nice to see.

Cons: When you pair its smaller size with its overall weight (6.5 pounds), the potential for overloading or even breaking the cabinet is a bit high. It can’t accommodate bigger objects, as the doors can’t close if too large of a toilet paper roll is in the way.

Bottom Line: If you’re after an option that’s a bit more compact, this EXCELLO Wall Cabinet provides just enough space for your bathroom essentials while looking enormously stylish.


Premium Choice

DECADOM LED Medicine Cabinet

This modern mirrored medicine cabinet features LED lighting and a time and temperature display.

Pros: This visual treat packs more than just cabinet space. This medicine cabinet embraces the future. On the surface, it’s just like any other mirrored medicine cabinet, but with the click of a button, it becomes an LED mirror that displays the time and temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) and can even defog itself after you shower. You can set its LED lighting mode to a warm, neutral, or cool setting.

Cons: This is undoubtedly one of the most expensive medicine cabinets on the market, amounting to nearly five times the price of the next most expensive option on this list. Even its most compact size weighs a considerable amount more than the average non-electrical option.

Bottom Line: For the person who prefers all the perks that a modern twist can offer a traditional medicine cabinet, this is an excellent and high-end choice.

Final Thoughts

Whether it stores a lot or a little or works double-duty as a mirror to use for your morning routine, the medicine cabinet is an invaluable home necessity. It not only stores your bathroom essentials, but it can add the missing piece of style that your bathroom needs.

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