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The Best Men’s Belts

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Men's belts are an essential component of most guys' wardrobes. Not only will they keep your pants fitting well, but they can also add some extra style to your outfit. This list of options includes plenty of great choices.

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  Top Choice Best Reversible Choice Best Canvas Choice Best Tactical Choice Best Value
Men's Belt
Reversible Belt for Men
Canvas Elastic Belt
Tactical Belt
Champion Sports
Baseball/Softball Uniform Belt
Our SummaryA great-looking belt that gets the job done, keeping your pants up.A reversible belt that gives you the option to go with black or brown.A no-fray elastic belt that offers a highly stylish alternative to standard leather options.A hard-wearing belt that can withstand up to 500 kilograms of weight without faltering.Find the color for your outfit with this stylish belt that also keeps you comfortable.
ProsFits comfortably, classic design, includes luxury packaging.Two belts in one, easy to reverse, includes seven different holes.Designed from woven fabric, lightweight, plenty of size options.Nylon build, lightweight and flexible, easy to take off.Plenty of color options, works great with any outfit, stylish design.
ConsMay come slightly unbuckled with too much pressure.Runs a little small.May fray after everyday use.Can be difficult to adjust.Works best for sports setting.
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The Best Men’s Belts

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Buying Guide for Men’s Belts

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Why buy a men’s belt?

The right men’s belt does far more than keep your trousers riding high. In equal measure, it’s about making a grand statement with your overall wardrobe. Like other clothing accessories, belts offer uniformity to every look, depending on the style you are trying to perfect. Find the right belt to accompany your midday or evening look.

What should you consider in a men’s belt?

  • Design Style: There’s a lot to consider in terms of belt style, but first and foremost, you should be on the lookout for a belt that adheres to your particular style. The right belt should fit the environment of your daily appearances at work and out on the town. Something slender and polished with various color options is what you need to achieve a formal look. Like belts with designs or crafted from nonleather materials, informal options are your go-to for a casual day out.
  • Adjustment: The material construction of your preferred belt is another consideration, as this gives way to finding the most appropriate adjustment and sizing for you. Loop-and-hole belts are the standard but can feel limiting to those seeking adjustment. On the other hand, belts designed with a ratchet buckle or multihole woven design allow for limitless adjustment for a good fit.
  • Built-In Perks: The design of a particular belt makes it inherently beneficial, beyond keeping one’s pants at their waist. Belts constructed from the likes of nylon or woven fabric allow for greater adjustability and are granted a propensity to withstand higher weight limits and harsher conditions. This durability makes these belts ideal for anyone who needs to hang a few utilities off their hip.

What are some tips to take care of a men’s belt?

This may seem obvious, but you will want to ensure that your belt fits you correctly. Typically, you want it to fit as well as your pants around the waist. If the belt is made out of leather, it may crease if it is too tight or big. You’ll want to use a dime-sized amount of leather conditioner or oil and rub it on the belt or other leather accessories you may have. When wearing a leather belt, you’ll want to avoid water as much as possible.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Belts

Top Choice

CHAOREN Men's Belt

A great-looking belt that gets the job done, keeping your pants up.

Pros: The CHAOREN Ratchet Belt Dress lets you easily adjust the fit of your belt to make sure it fits comfortably. The features of this belt are a great complement to the overall design, which is made for classic style. It’s super easy to use this belt, plus it’s made to last for years. It even comes with luxury packaging, making it a memorable gift for any guy in your life.

Cons: This belt may come slightly unbuckled if you apply too much pressure. That may only be a problem if you wear your belt too tight.

Bottom Line: Go with a belt that looks great, and that will hold up your pants whenever you need a little support. This belt is made to fit how you want while making sure that you look good.


Best Reversible Choice

CHAOREN Reversible Belt for Men

A reversible belt that gives you the option to go with black or brown.

Pros: The CHAOREN Reversible Belt for Men gives you two belts in one with its reversible option. You can choose the best color for your outfit thanks to this feature. It’s easy to reverse the belt: use the unique rotating technology to change which side you’re using. This belt comes with seven holes, making it easy to find the right fit for your waist.

Cons: This belt tends to run a little small—you may want to size up if you decide between two sizes.

Bottom Line: Tighten up with a quality belt that looks great and works well. Whether you’re wearing black or brown, get a belt that lets you choose whichever color you think fits best.


Best Canvas Choice

Maikun Canvas Elastic Belt

A no-fray elastic belt that offers a highly stylish alternative to standard leather options.

Pros: A popular alternative to the standard leather belt, the Maikun Canvas Elastic Belt is made from woven fabric and is intended for all-around elasticity. You may not always feel it wrapped around your waist, but you can walk assured knowing this lightweight belt will keep your pants or shorts in place whether you are going for a stroll or engaged in some moderate sporting. Its woven fabric lets you place the buckle lock in any position for an ideal fit.

Cons: It may start to fray after a few months of everyday use.

Bottom Line: Go with something that’s not a traditional belt with this canvas option. Enjoy a day out with your friends or go for a hike—this belt works great for either.


Best Tactical Choice

FAIRWIN Tactical Belt

A hard-wearing belt that can withstand up to 500 kilograms of weight without faltering.

Pros: The FAIRWIN Tactical Belt features quality nylon construction that pairs lightweight and flexible movement with sturdy qualities to make it the best outdoor work choice. There’s plenty to love here, from its tactical strength to travel-friendly perks. The latter includes its no-hole design for easier adjustments and its metal-free construction that allows you to waste no time in airport security lines.

Cons: This is a sturdy belt made to hold up your pants, which can be a little difficult at times to adjust quickly.

Bottom Line: A solid, durable belt that is great for your next adventure. It even comes with a molle pouch to give you extra room for preparation.


Best Value

Champion Sports Baseball/Softball Uniform Belt

Find the color for your outfit with this stylish belt that also keeps you comfortable.

Pros: The Champion Sports Baseball/Softball Uniform Belt gives you many choices you could want when it comes to color. While this elastic belt is meant for sports, it can be worn for most casual settings. It’s a versatile and stylish way to keep your pants up while you’re on the move.

Cons: This belt is made for baseball and softball. It will do a great job holding up your pants, but it may not be an ideal style if you’re going to tuck your shirt in for a more formal look.

Bottom Line: Get comfortable with a well-fitting belt with this stylish option. Choose your favorite color or go with multiple colors with different outfits.

Final Thoughts

Treat yourself to a functional yet stylish accessory that can add to your outfit with a men’s belt. With options in leather, elastic, canvas, nylon, and varying types of buckles, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and style.

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