The Best Men’s Belts for Every Occasion

A men's leather trouser belt laying on denim shorts.

The right men’s belt does far more than just keep your trousers riding high. In equal measure, it’s about making a grand statement with your overall wardrobe. Like other clothing accessories, belts offer uniformity to every type of look, depending on the style you are trying to perfect. If you are in the market for a belt to accompany your midday or evening look, then here are a few options we think you should give a try.

What to Look for in Your Next Belt

When you need a new way to keep your pants up, consider these factors to guide your purchase:

  • Design Style: There’s a lot to consider in terms of belt style, but first and foremost, you should be on the lookout for a belt that adheres to your particular style. The right belt should fit the environment of your daily appearances at work and out on the town. Something slender and polished with a variety of color options is what you need to achieve a formal look. Informal options, like belts with designs or crafted from non-leather materials, are your go-to for a casual day out.
  • Adjustment: The material construction of your preferred belt is another consideration, as this gives way to finding the most appropriate adjustment and sizing for you. Loop-and-hole belts are the standard but can feel limiting to those who seek adjustment variety. On the other hand, belts designed with a ratchet buckle or multi-hole woven design allow for limitless adjustment for the perfect fit.
  • Built-In Perks: The design of a particular belt makes it inherently beneficial, beyond keeping one’s pants at their waist. Belts constructed from the likes of nylon or woven fabric not only allow for greater adjustability but are granted a propensity to withstand higher weight limits and harsher conditions. This durability makes these belts the ideal choice for anyone who needs to hang a few utilities off their hip.

Best Dress Belt: Steve Madden Men’s Every Day Leather Belt

On the left, a cognac brown poly-leather belt that is positioned to reveal its reversible, black underside. On the right, a closeup view of the belt's gunmetal buckle and its feather edge stitch work.
Steve Madden

The epitome of practicality and fashion, this Every Day Leather Belt from Steven Madden knows how to stand out for all work-related events and the evening festivities. This belt is molded from 50% leather and 50% polyurethane materials for a full range of motion and durability. Its reversible function means you are getting two differently colored belts in one. Steve Madden offers a variety of color choices and leather finishings, including burnished black/brown and feather-edged cognac/black.

Best Dress Belt

Steve Madden Men's Every Day Leather Belt

A formal yet relaxed belt with a reversible function that's available in five different color combinations.

Best Casual Belt: Timberland Men’s Classic Jean Belt

On the left, a closeup view of the leather belt's dark brown surface, gunmetal buckle, and the Timberland logo embossed on its tail end. On the right, a model in a casual top and blue jeans wears the belt.

Featuring 100% leather construction that looks great and ages even better, this Timberland Men’s Classic Jean Belt is the perfect casual choice for all denim appreciators. It features a 1.25-inch width with a single loop design and an antique finish belt buckle for a far more rustic appeal. Additionally, this hefty belt is available in five colors: brown, dark brown, wheat, black, and navy.

Best Casual Belt

Timberland Men's Classic Jean Belt

This belt is an all-leather option that pairs perfectly with a set of dusty denim pants.

Best Nylon Belt: WYUZE Tactical Webbing Belt

On the left, a side-by-side view of two belts, one black and one tan, featuring nylon material and a plastic belt buckle. On the right, two models, one in casual attire and one in outdoor gear, wear the belt.

This two-pack of immensely versatile belts features quality nylon construction that pairs lightweight and flexible movement with sturdy qualities to make it the best outdoor work choice. There’s plenty to love here, from its tactical strength to its travel-friendly perks. The latter includes its no-hole design for easier adjustments and its metal-free construction that allows users to waste no time in airport security lines.

Best Nylon Belt

WYUZE Tactical Webbing Belt

A hard-wearing belt that can withstand up to 500 kilograms of weight without faltering.

Best Woven Belt: BULLIANT Men’s Braided Belt

On the left, a closeup view of a silver belt buckle that is attached to a beige-colored belt made from interwoven fabric strips. On the right, a model in a white top and khaki shorts wears the belt.

Another popular alternative to the standard leather belt, this BULLIANT Men’s Braided Belt is designed from woven fabric and is intended for all-around elasticity. You may not always feel it wrapped around your waist, but you can walk assured knowing this lightweight belt will keep your pants or shorts in place whether you are going for a stroll or engaged in some moderate sporting. Its woven fabric enables you to place the buckle lock in any position, guaranteeing an ideal fit.

Best Woven Belt

BULLIANT Men's Braided Belt

A no-fray elastic belt that offers a highly stylish alternative to standard leather options.

Best Western Belt: F&L CLASSIC Western Leather Engraved Strap

On the left, a cowhide leather belt featuring an floral design sits in contrast to the black recesses of its embossing. On the right, a closeup view of the belt's button clasps where a belt buckle will be locked into place.

Designed with the humble guarantee that every belt will feature USA craftsmanship in addition to 100% top grain leather, this F&L CLASSIC leather belt is handmade to the highest standard. Twelve of the available options are made with an intricate embossed pattern that depicts various floral designs, while another two feature embossed eagles in a brown or black hue. This product focuses all its beauty on the leather belt and not the buckle, so you can easily change up the look with the buckle of your choice.

Best Western Belt

F&L CLASSIC Western Leather Engraved Strap

This western-themed belt features a variety of floral and Americana designs, amounting to one of the coolest options on the market.

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