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The Best Men’s Hiking Sandals

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🕚 Updated July 2022

If your hiking trails aren't too rocky or rugged, consider wearing hiking sandals instead of heavy-duty hiking boots. Designed to keep your feet safe and comfortable on friendly terrain, these five hiking sandals could be fit for your outdoor exploration.

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  Top Choice Best Closed-Toe Design Best Leather Design Best Patterned Choices Best Bang for Your Buck
Men's Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals
Men's Newport H2 Closed-Toe Water Sandals
Men's Outdoor Hiking Leather Sandals
Men's Hiking Sandals
Men's Outdoor Hiking Sandals
Our SummaryThese hiking sandals offer comfortable long-lasting support.Don’t fret the elements with these hiking sandals that provide greater protection.These hiking sandals are what happens when handsome meets high performance.You can comfortably enjoy land and water in these hiking sandals.Experience the wonder of hiking trails without having to spend a mountain of cash.
ProsMade of EVA foam, polyester/nylon adjustable straps, quick-drying, durabrasion rubber outsole, waterproof, durable, come in 23 colors and designs.Closed-toe for extra protection, nylon for quick-drying, has EVA foam midsole, waterproof, come in 29 colors.Made of genuine leather, made to be water-resistant, have cushioned polymer-material, very stylish, come in three colors.Made of EVA foam, has deep grooves for traction, waterproof, provides arch support and lateral cradling, has adjustable straps with lining for greater comfort, come in 15 colors.Affordable choice, made of EVA foam, has adjustable straps, has rubber outsole, provides arch support, come in 15 colors.
ConsSizing can be tricky as these run large.Not very durable, sizing can be tricky as they run small.Leather is harder to break in.Narrow fit.Sizing is difficult.
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The Best Men’s Hiking Sandals

Close-up of a man's pair of feet wearing sandals outside.
Halinskyi Max/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Men’s Hiking Sandals

Hiker on a mountain top wearing hiking sandals.

Why buy hiking sandals?

When you’re on a casual hike in warmer weather, a hiking sandal is a comfortable choice for footwear. With more excellent airflow, your feet won’t become as sweaty. While hiking sandals don’t provide the same protection as boots, they are designed to keep your feet safe through less rugged terrain.

What should you consider when shopping for hiking sandals?

  • Open vs. Closed-Toe: Many hiking sandals come with an open toe for breathability. Since hiking sandals are designed for less-treacherous trails, an open toe is perfectly safe to wear. However, if you’d feel more secure in a closed-toe design, you can also find those options.
  • Material: While all hiking sandals will be designed with a material that will sustain hiking activities, some materials are better suited for water than others. If you tend to hike through shallow water like a running stream, consider a waterproof sandal that is quick to dry. Water-resistant material may not be as comfortable when submerging your feet during a hike.

How long can you expect hiking sandals to last?

If you’re truly using hiking sandals for only your hiking excursions, most pairs will last a few seasons unless you’re truly brutal on them. To get the most comfortable use out of your hiking sandals, let them dry in the shady open air after use. The sun can break down fabrics faster, and keeping them in a confined space could prevent them from drying out properly. If you need to clean them, opt for a gentle approach, like using an old toothbrush and plain water.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Hiking Sandals

Top Choice

TEVA Men's Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals

These hiking sandals offer comfortable long-lasting support.

Pros: These comfortable sandals have a footbed made of EVA foam for soft support all day long, while the outsole is made of durabrasion rubber to withstand harsh elements. The straps are an easy hook-and-loop closure, and they’re made of a quick-drying polyester and nylon blend, so they won’t stay wet or cause irritation on your skin.  These sandals come in 23 colors and patterns. Even with frequent use, these can be your favorite hiking sandals for years since they are made to withstand the elements.

Cons: Sizing might be tricky as they tend to run large.

Bottom Line: If this is your first pair of hiking sandals, they might also be your last. This brand has been trusted for decades and uses materials like EVA foam, durabrasion rubber, polyester, and nylon to create a sandal that protects your foot on a hike and lets you enjoy the natural elements.


Best Closed-Toe Design

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Closed-Toe Water Sandals

Don't fret the elements with these hiking sandals that provide greater protection.

Pros: If you’re planning to hike trickier trails, a closed-toe sandal is worth a look. These hiking sandals are designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe even on more rugged terrain or while getting wet. The midsole is made from compression-molded EVA foam, while the uppers are 100% polyester, meaning they’ll dry fast to keep your feet comfortable. The rubber sole helps you keep traction, even in shallow waters or while it’s raining. These hiking sandals are available in 29 different colors.

Cons: While these sandals boast of protection, they don’t take a rugged beating very well and may not last as long as other options. The sizing can be tricky, and it’s recommended to go up in size for a comfortable fit.

Bottom Line: If you are hiking on trails that are likely to include water, these sandals are a great option. Designed to dry quickly and provide extra protection for uneven terrain, these sandals can help your feet stay comfortable while wet or dry.


Best Leather Design

visionreast Men's Outdoor Hiking Leather Sandals

These hiking sandals are what happens when handsome meets high performance.

Pros: Classically handsome, these hiking sandals are made of high-quality cowhide. Naturally water-resistant, the leather keeps your feet comfortable, even if they get wet on trails or at the beach. Three adjustable Velcro straps create a custom fit, while the ergonomic footbed and polymer-material cushion provide extra comfort for your feet during your adventures. These stylish sandals are available in three neutral colors.

Cons: Because leather is a tougher material, the straps can be stiff on your feet while breaking them in.

Bottom Line: These hiking sandals can handle the trails and the beach, but unlike other hiking sandals, they also look nice on the town. Genuine leather provides beautiful color while also naturally resisting water to keep your feet comfortable even if they get wet.


Best Patterned Choices

CAMEL CROWN Men's Hiking Sandals

You can comfortably enjoy land and water in these hiking sandals.

Pros: These waterproof hiking sandals are great if you have streams to cross during your hike. They are waterproof to keep you dry, plus the anti-slip rubber outsole has deep traction and drain paths for a strong grip in the water and on the surface. The ergonomic footbed provides ample arch support as well as stable lateral support. The adjustable straps are lined with soft fabric, so contact with your skin is always comfortable. These sandals come in 15 fun patterns and colors.

Cons: These sandals have a narrow fit, and your standard shoe size may not be comfortable in that area.

Bottom Line: Whether you get caught in a downpour or like treading through the water during your hikes, these waterproof hiking sandals dry quickly to keep your feet comfortable for the duration of your use. The deep traction on the rubber sole provides a strong grip on the surface to help you stay safe no matter what surface you tread on.


Best Bang for Your Buck

atika Men's Outdoor Hiking Sandals

Experience the wonder of hiking trails without having to spend a mountain of cash.

Pros: Enjoy treading through nature with these affordable hiking sandals. Adjustable straps customize your fit while the EVA midsole cushions your feet. The rubber bottoms have a multitraction grip to support your foot and grip whatever surface, even when it’s under shallow water. These hiking sandals are available in 15 colors and patterns.

Cons: The sizing is a bit difficult for these sandals, including a long toe area and a somewhat narrow footbed.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re just beginning your adventures with hiking or don’t feel like spending tons of money on footwear, these hiking sandals are a great affordable option. Features like arch support, the EVA midsole, adjustable straps, and the antislip bottoms make these a quality hiking sandal.

Final Thoughts

Hiking during warmer weather doesn’t have to create a sweaty swamp in your footwear. Opt for breathable, high-performance hiking sandals instead; any one of these options can help you enjoy the most of the outdoors in comfort and style.

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