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The Best Men’s Scarves for Every Setting

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Scarves are worn for a variety of reasons. Yes, their top priority is to provide a means of warmth when your coat collar doesn’t get the job done. They’re also around for mere comfort, a soft extension of your personal style that can really tie your midday look together. It’s no secret why scarves have been so popular for century upon century: they’re multifaceted thermal retainers that know how to look darn good any day of the year. If you’re in the market for a scarf that knows how to keep you warm, protected, or looking like the next best thing, here are a few options that we recommend.

What to Look for in Your Next Scarf

Consider these factors during the selection process:

  • Material Design: There’s no doubt to it; your scarf’s material design heavily influences the kind of warmth you’re looking for. Scarves crafted from heavy materials like wool are among the warmest you’ll find but prove highly polarizing when it comes to a comfortable feel. Lighter materials like cotton, polyester, and cashmere benefit from a user’s ability to generate an ideal amount of warmth by wrapping the material around their head and neck however many times they would like. If you live in an area where the cold is downright unbearable, seek out a scarf designed with heavier materials or just one that you wouldn’t mind bundling over itself.
  • Fashion Forward: Bouncing off your scarf’s material design, it’s also important, in a minor superficial aspect, that what you wear around your neck is unapologetically you. This is a case where thinner materials like those mentioned above may look the most aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, though, a scarf that provides various color options is critical. You want customization in your look, after all.
  • Alternative Purposes: You should also be on the lookout for a scarf that knows how to do a little more than keep you warm on grey days. There are various sports-forward scarves, also referred to as neck gaiters, that utilize their thinner materials for enhanced breathability when placed over the face. They’re scarves, but they also know how to protect your skin on especially hot days, too.

Best Cold-Weather Scarf: Alpine Swiss Men’s Plaid Scarf

Designed from 100% Acrylic materials to replicate a soft cashmere feel, this Alpine Swiss Men’s Plaid Scarf is stylish, reasonably priced, and ready for the wind chill when you walk out the door. Measuring 12 by 80 inches long, this scarf can be worn, wrapped, and even double-wrapped around your neck in a variety of ways. Its long length adds an extra bit of warmth where its lightweight heft may lack. With a bit of layering among its 13 plaid color options, this is a fashionable scarf worth breaking out when the snowflakes start to fall.

Best Cold-Weather Scarf

Alpine Swiss Mens Plaid Scarf Soft Winter Scarves Unisex,Red Stripe,One Size

This acrylic scarf has a look and feel to that of cashmere and offers 13 unique color varieties.

Best Casual Scarf: Ohayomi Men’s Cashmere Scarf

Of course, scarves aren’t always intended to be worn when snowmen line the streets. You should also be able to wear your scarf out on warmer days, because why relegate any piece of clothing to a single season. Designed from cotton, cashmere, and mulberry silk, this Ohayomi Men’s scarf’s tri-blend of super-soft breathable materials ensures only the most comfortable feel. More importantly, that means no itchy sensations like you might get out of bigger cool-weather scarves. It’s available in over 25 vibrant colors and intricate patterns for any casual or formal occasion.

Best Casual Scarf

OHAYOMI Mens Scarf Winter Fashion Formal Soft Scarves for Men

A super-soft scarf that you can dress up or down as the ideal complement to your daily attire.

Best Sporty Scarf: Into The AM Breathable Neck Gaiter

Like its transition from being a piece of cold-weather attire to something fairly trendy, the modern scarf is also used to protect the face from outside conditions, not just the breeze. This Into The AM Breathable Neck Gaiter is the perfect fit for running, fishing, skiing, yard work, and other forms of sporting and everyday exercise. Its thin, four-way stretch polyester construction is designed to be 100% breathable for any kind of user. For cooler outings, athletes utilize a neck gaiter not only for warmth around their exposed neck but to reduce the intake of cold air that reaches their lungs. Similarly, those tending to their lawns wear a gaiter to prevent inhaling debris and dirt and to offer protection from harmful UV rays. This gaiter’s quick-dry fabric also absorbs moisture within minutes, so you can sweat all day and won’t feel a drop.

Best Sporty Scarf

INTO THE AM Black Breathable Neck Gaiter Masks Half Face Cover Wrap Cool Mask Bandana Festival Rave Balaclava Scarf

This neck gaiter scarf is less about making a statement than it is about providing a safe way to run and work in the cold or heat.

Best Scarf Bundle: Fantastic Zone Beanie Scarf Set

Trendy and warm, this Fantastic Zone set not only offers users a neck gaiter-like scarf but a beanie as well. Both pieces of attire are made of a quality stretchy polyester fabric that’s soft-spun knitted, making it extremely comfortable to the touch. Additionally, while the outside of both beanie and scarf are made from an acrylic construction, the interior of each also features a fleece lining that emits and retains heat better than most standard options.

Best Scarf Bundle

Mens Winter Beanie Hats Scarf Set Warm Knit Hats Skull Cap Neck Warmer with Thick Fleece Lined Winter Hat & Scarf for Women A-Black

Available in five exciting shades, this scarf set fits most and is capable of far more than just keeping your neck warm.

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