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The Best Men’s Slider Sandals

Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated April 2023

Slider sandals are the ideal footwear for a chill day. They're brilliantly uncomplicated, the way they allow you to slip in and out of them without so much as a second thought. If you want a pair of slider sandals, here are some we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best for Comfort Best Laid-Back Look Also Great
Adilette Shower Slide
Memory Foam Sandals
Slide Sandals
Under Armour
Ignite VI Strap Sandals
Our SummaryThis pair of men's sandal sliders is made from 100% synthetic materials and backed by one of the biggest athletic brand names.This pair of men's slider sandals offers supreme anti-slip support and some of the softest inner padding on the market.These men's slider sandals are crafted from a variety of delicate materials to create one stellar look.This pair of men's slider sandals features a strong rubber sole and an interior foot lined with soft fabric and cushioning.
Pros✓ Fast-drying construction
✓ 26 color options
✓ Trusted brand
✓ Thermoplastic outsole
✓ Memory foam insole
✓ Anti-slip
✓ Microfiber lining prevents skin irritation
✓ Cork and rubber outsole provides durability and spring
✓ Balances rigid materials with plush lining
✓ Good traction
✓ Adjustable strap
Cons✗ Stripped-down design lacks comfort
✗ Less arch support
✗ Single strap design is less secure
✗ Lack of waterproof coating
✗ Memory foam conducts heat
✗ Pricier
✗ Excess exposure to rain, dirt, or sun could cause significant damage
✗ Can retain odors and bacteria
✗ Polyester material lacks strength
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The Best Men’s Slider Sandals

A man in slider sandals outside.
Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock.com

As far as sandals go, sliders have been at the top of the open-toe footwear hierarchy for men for quite some time, and their looks aren’t headed out of style. If you’re in the market for a new type of sandal, here are a few sliders we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Slider Sandals

A man wearing slip-on sandals is outside by a beach.
Diego Maravilla/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy a pair of slider sandals?

Unlike the sandals that tie you down, slider sandals are freeing. You can just plop a pair down at your feet and take two effortless steps into them. Moreover, they’re a modern fashion must-have, so if you didn’t think sandals would ever be cool again, the sliders are here to change your mind.

What should you look for in a pair of slider sandals?

  • Strap Design: Among the most important considerations when selecting your sliders is the strap design. This design aspect is likely the most vital part of a sandal because without your ideal strap style, you’ll be left uncomfortable and better off walking barefoot. Some have Velcro or buckles to adjust them, which are nice features.
  • Insole Support: Additional comfort is derived from the support you’ll get with a well-crafted insole. Trust us, you’ll feel it all over if the insole isn’t up to par. With that said, the right insole should be based on the level of support and comfort you find most pleasing. Are you after something with a bit of cushion? What about a plush fabric lining that prevents skin irritation? Or, could you just make do with a sandal made entirely from polymer material?
  • Overall Styling: Look to options that feature classic design stylings or bold colors that should catch people’s attention down on the boardwalk. Not one to stand out? That’s perfectly fine. Just make sure your final selection is a neutral-shaded choice that doesn’t look out of place.

What is the proper care routine for leather slides?

Arguably the most fashionable type of slide on the market and undeniably the most difficult to keep around, leather slides are worth it if you’re prepared to put in the work. When taking your leather slides out for a day that may lead to the collection of grime (dirt, dust, mud), it’s important to spot clean them as needed and wipe away the excess often. For a deeper clean, you should employ the use of sprays, brushes, conditioners, and other types of preservatives in order to get the most strolling life out of your slides.

Our Picks for the Most Stylish Men’s Sliders

Top Choice

Adidas Adilette Shower Slide

This pair of men's sandal sliders is made from 100% synthetic materials and backed by one of the biggest athletic brand names.

Pros: These sandals are useful for a variety of purposes and quick-fix outfits. The interior sole is made from a fast-drying Cloudfoam, so whether you’re rocking them on the pool deck or on a particularly warm afternoon, you’re covered. The lightly texturized rubber under sole provides ample traction, while its 26 different color options provide you with style to spare.

Cons: This is an option that epitomizes the simplicity of the slider, but its overly stripped-down approach can feel lacking in terms of comfort. It’s forged entirely out of synthetic materials, offering conforming, lightweight ease but not as much support or durability in the long run.

Bottom Line: If you’re an uncomplicated slider with some serious name-brand appeal, then this pair of Adilette Shower Slides from Adidas packs the effortless cool that sneakerheads and beach bums have been rocking for decades.


Most Comfortable

IZOD Memory Foam Sandal

This pair of men's slider sandals offers supreme anti-slip support and some of the softest inner padding on the market.

Pros: This pair of sliders features an outsole forged from hard-wearing thermoplastic rubber that’s built to get you through the day. It still offers enough flex power to keep your soles from feeling stiff and overworked. The deep crevasses in the outsole go far beyond promoting simple traction, as they create an anti-slip assurance. The full layer of memory foam padding on the inside of the sandal is a cut above other sandals that favor traditional insulation.

Cons: Like similarly cushioned models, these sliders do not feature a waterproof coating on their fabric-lined sections, which makes them susceptible to the absorption of moisture and the eventual bacteria that can fester.

Bottom Line: Comfortably lined and respectably priced, these IZOD Memory Foam Sandals expand on the idea of cushioned soles with a top-notch fabric padding that actually provides support to your feet.


Best Laid-Back Look

ONCAI Slide Sandals

These men's slider sandals are crafted from a variety of delicate materials to create one stellar look.

Pros: This pair of men’s sliders embraces the lavish side of sandals. This option features a multitude of considerations, from the leather straps arching over the sandal to the microfiber-lining underneath the straps that keep your feet from chafing. Its cork-based outsole offers a tough base with plenty of spring, while its lightly padded insole is both smooth and easy to the touch.

Cons: This pair is on the pricier side. When these sandals get excessively wet, they could face irreparable damage.

Bottom Line: A casual but dressed-up pick that’s worth shelling out for, this pair of slides from ONCAI is the ideal sandal of choice for those looking to make one grand fashion statement.


Also Great

Under Armour Ignite VI Strap Sandals

This pair of men's slider sandals features a strong rubber sole and an interior lined with soft fabric and cushioning.

Pros: These slider sandals feature a fine balance of sturdy materials and plush luxury. Each sandal is built on a foundational EVA sole that features deep crevasses and traction pods from the tip of the foot to the bottom of the heel. The inside of the sandal is lined with anatomically contoured padding that makes these sandals as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. The adjustable strap also adds to the convenience.

Cons: The cushioned and fabric-lined sections of this sandal don’t wick sweat and water away, leading to the development of bacteria and odors. These soft sections are also predominantly constructed from polyester material, which is not well-regarded for how it stands up against the elements.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking an indoor choice that’s a little less than sneakers but just as comfy as slippers, then these Under Armour Ignite VI Strap Sandals will offer all-around enjoyment for your tired feet.

Final Thoughts

Easy to use, manage, and style, these slider sandals for men hit all the marks you need in a piece of footwear.

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