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The Best Men’s Snowboard Pants

🕚 Updated January 2023

Snowboarding is one of the most fun and exhilarating winter sports you can try. But if you don't want to be miserable atop the mountain with a wet butt, get a great pair of snowboard pants.

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  Top Choice Best with Belt Premium Option Best with Bib Also Great
Men's Snow Sports Cargo Pants
Wildhorn Outfitters
Bowman Ski Pants
Covert Insulated Snowboard Pants
Reserve Bib Snowboard Pants
Premium Snowboard Cargo Pants
Our SummaryThese snowboard pants will keep you warm and dry in cold, wet conditions.This versatile pair of snowboard pants can be used in cold or warm weather thanks to its excellent breathability.These premium snowboard pants will keep you warm during freezing snowboarding sessions.These bib-style snowboard pants offer stellar waterproofing in addition to style.These budget-friendly snowboard pants are surprisingly durable given their affordable price tag.
Pros✓ Lots of size options
✓ Relaxed fit
✓ Wind- and water-resistant
✓ Versatile design
✓ Great insulation and breathability
✓ Integrated heat release vents
✓ Lightweight yet warm 
✓ Integrated hand-warmer pockets
✓ Waterproof and breathable
✓ Comfortable and secure
✓ Excellent waterproofing
✓ Easy to vent
✓ Budget-friendly price
✓ Lots of size options
✓ Keeps you warm
Cons✗ Mediocre breathability ✗ May run small✗ Not very stretchy✗ Expensive✗ Fabric gets soggy
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The Best Men’s Snowboard Pants

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Buying Guide for Men’s Snowboard Pants

Young man carve the slopes with his snowboard.
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Why buy snowboard pants?

If you snowboard more than once a season, investing in snowboard pants is a great idea. In fact, it may be even more important than finding the right bindings for your snowboard. For one thing, they’re designed to keep you dry and warm while on the slopes. In case of an emergency, this quality can actually save your life. However, compared to general snow pants, they also afford you a full range of motion that won’t hamper your ability to maneuver on your snowboard.

What should you look for in snowboard pants?

  • Waterproofing: Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or a beginner who’s more likely to take a spill while bombing down the slopes, finding snowboard pants that keep you dry is imperative. In terms of waterproofing, a combination of reinforced seams and a water-resistant fabric are how the best snowboard pants keep you dry.
  • Insulation: Snowboard pants tend to be looser than ski pants and are often not as adept at keeping you warm. Thus, finding a pair that offers good insulation is a no-brainer, especially if your body runs cold or you often snowboard on frigid days.
  • Breathability: Beginner snowboarders might not realize that you’re much more likely to break a sweat while snowboarding than to shiver due to coldness. As such, invest in snowboard pants that allow air to pass through. These will allow your body to maintain a comfortable temperature so that you can snowboard for longer without having to take a break.

If you already have snow pants or ski pants, do you really need snowboard pants?

Snowboard pants tend to be looser than ski pants, allowing you to squat and twist your lower body more easily. Since these types of movements are necessary when snowboarding, it’s a good idea to keep some snowboard pants handy, even if you already have a pair of snow pants.

Our Picks for the Best Snowboard Pants

Top Choice

Arctix Men's Snow Sports Cargo Pants

These snowboard pants will keep you warm and dry in cold, wet conditions.

Pros: These budget-friendly snowboard pants from Arctix come in a nice variety of colors and size offerings to meet the needs of most. Their relaxed fit is perfect for snowboarding, and they offer excellent wind and water resistance. They’re also nice and warm, making them great for hitting the slopes in freezing temperatures. They have elastic bands on the inside bottom hems to keep snow out of your boots.

Cons: While these snowboard pants are great for cold days, they might not be ideal on warmer outings or for those whose bodies run naturally hot. If it’s hotter than 40 degrees outside, you might need to look for a more breathable pair.

Bottom Line: These affordable snowboard pants come in a wide range of colors and offer impressive waterproofing for the price. Buy them for snowboarding in cold conditions with wet, slushy snow.


Best with Belt

Wildhorn Outfitters Bowman Ski Pants

This versatile pair of snowboard pants can be used in cold or warm weather thanks to its excellent breathability.

Pros: Featuring a durable material with hydrophobic coating, the Wildhorn Outfitters Bowman Ski Pants stand out for their four water-resistant pockets and nifty design. They also offer excellent insulation and breathability, making them for cold and warmer outings. If you do get too hot, the integrated heat-release vents are great for quickly cooling down.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that this product was too small for their needs, while others complained that the fit was a bit baggy. To complicate matters, Wildhorn Outfitters does not appear to offer a detailed size chart on the product page for these snowboard pants.

Bottom Line: These rugged snowboard pants are constructed to last and are great for snowboarding in regions that leave you guessing in terms of climate and weather. Their fit also leaves you plenty of room to maneuver on the slopes.


Premium Option

Burton Covert Insulated Snowboard Pants

These premium snowboard pants will keep you warm during freezing snowboarding sessions.

Pros: Featuring a dual-layer fabric that is incredibly lightweight but offers excellent heat retention, these snowboard pants from Burton are well worth their premium price tag. They will keep you warm and dry even in bitterly cold conditions, and their waterproof design lasts after being washed many times. As a bonus, they sport a modern fit and even include nice touches like integrated hand-warmer pockets.

Cons: Compared to other snowboard pants, these ones won’t give you much stretch. Be sure to closely check the size chart!

Bottom Line: These are premium snowboard pants that feature the comfort and waterproof design you would expect from a top brand such as Burton. They also come in some seriously sleek colors, including a couple of eye-catching camo styles.


Best with Bib

Burton Reserve Bib Snowboard Pants

These bib-style snowboard pants offer stellar waterproofing in addition to style.

Pros: These bib overall style snowboard pants may cost a little more, but they offer a comfortable, relaxed fit, the perfect amount of stretch, and suspender straps that are easy to adjust in a pinch. Also, like other premium Burton snowboard pants, they offer fully taped seams, waterproof fabric, and an easy-to-vent design that’ll keep you from burning up on warmer days.

Cons: Let’s face it, if you’re not a devoted snowboarder, paying this much for a pair of snowboard pants might just be out of the question. As such, if you only snowboard once or twice per season, a more budget-friendly pair may be right for you.

Bottom Line: If you struggle to find snowboard pants that offer the perfect fit around the waist, this pair is a great option. They’re comfortable, warm, and insanely well-made. However, be sure to check out the size guide since they will fit differently depending on the size of your legs and torso.


Also Great

Arctix Premium Snowboard Cargo Pants

These budget-friendly snowboard pants are surprisingly durable given their affordable price tag.

Pros: Featuring an alluring price point and plenty of sizes to choose between, these pants from Arctix are great for beginners and budget-savvy snowboarders alike. Despite their reasonable price, these snowboard pants are incredibly warm and offer respectable durability, so they’re likely to last through at least a couple of seasons of heavy use.

Cons: These snowboard pants aren’t made from the most effective water-repelling fabric and are bound to get wetter than premium pants made by top snowboarding brands. Also, they’re fairly limited in terms of colors.

Bottom Line: When shopping for quality snowboard pants, some of the price tags you’ll see are closer to a new Xbox than to a pair of Levi’s. This pair, on the other hand, offers a great degree of quality for a fair price. While they’re not the best choice for devout snowboarders, they’re a step above most budget-friendly pairs that you’ll find on the market.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding is an amazing time; unless, of course, you’re wet, cold, and unable to maneuver like you should. Pick out an amazing pair of snowboard pants to give you the comfort you need on the slopes.

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