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The Best Men’s Toiletry Bags

🕚 Updated November 2022

If you've ever been on a trip and forgotten your toothbrush or slept in your contacts due to the lack of a contact lens case, invest in one of these men's toiletry bags and stock it with the essentials to stay prepared.

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  Best Waterproof Best Hanging Classic Leather Design All-Inclusive Kit Most Compact
Travel Toiletry Organizer
D&D Wanderlust 
Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag
Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag
Convenience Kits International
15-Piece Kit
Toiletry Bag for Men
Our SummaryThis toiletry bag features a waterproof compartment and makes it simple to organize your gear.This convenient toiletry bag can be easily hung to simplify retrieving your bathroom essentials.This rugged toiletry bag scores points due to its rustic buffalo leather construction.This travel-friendly toiletry kit comes with a quality toiletry bag and plenty of TSA-compliant grooming products.This rustic toiletry bag comes in a number of size and color options.
Pros✓ Size and color options
✓ Water-resistant exterior/ front pocket
✓ Simple to organize
✓ Roomy design
✓ Fits standard-sized toiletry bottles
✓ Durable and convenient
✓ Quality buffalo leather construction
✓ Precise stitching and crafstmanship
✓ Water-resistant interior
✓ Great for travel
✓ TSA compliant
✓ Includes name-brand grooming products
✓ Size and color options
✓ Rustic PU leather construction
✓ Easy to organize toiletries
Cons✗ Not for full-sized toiletries✗ Too bulky for some✗ Inconsistent color✗ Fairly small✗ May arrive with strong odor
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The Best Men’s Toiletry Bags

Brown buffalo leather mens toiletry bag

Buying Guide for Men’s Toiletry Bags


Why buy a toiletry bag?

Whether you’re staying at your friend’s house for the night or going on an important business trip, it’s nice to travel with all your toiletries in one place. Investing in a dedicated toiletry bag will allow you to travel with your toothbrush, dental floss, skin care products, and other essential personal care items while keeping organized. Many toiletry bags also feature waterproof or water-resistant interiors, so even if your contact solution leaks, the rest of your luggage will be protected.

What should you look for in a men’s toiletry bag?

  • Features: Some toiletry bags sport nifty features such as waterproof pockets and self-repairing zippers, or they come equipped with various travel-sized toiletries. Keep an eye out for features that will make your life easier and your toiletry bag easier to use.
  • Organization: While some toiletry bags offer little more than a large compartment to stuff your toiletries, others come equipped with multiple storage options, such as individual pouches and compartments. A savvy design that’s optimized for organization can really help you find specific items when you need them, so keep this in mind when shopping for a toiletry bag.
  • Design: From utilitarian to sophisticated, men’s toiletry bags sport a diversity of styles, meaning it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your taste. However, even if the style is right, make sure the toiletry bag’s design is roomy enough to haul your essential gear.

How large should your toiletry bag be?

Most men’s toiletry bags are designed to conveniently carry a variety of travel-sized toiletries. This makes them ideal for short trips or even long vacations if you tend to travel light. However, since many people who review toiletry bags end up being disappointed by their characteristically compact designs, it’s important to set realistic expectations. If you plan on storing large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in your toiletry bag, you should seek out a larger organizer to stash your gear.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Toiletry Bags

Best Waterproof

BAGSMART Travel Toiletry Organizer

This toiletry bag features a waterproof compartment and makes it simple to organize your gear.

Pros: Featuring two sizes to choose from and a variety of color options, the BAGSMART Travel Toiletry Organizer stands out for its water-resistant exterior and waterproof front pocket for all of your items that are at risk of leaking. It also offers plenty of organization options thanks to its variety of pouches and pockets, which is great for keeping your items upright. Factor in this toiletry bag’s affordable price, and you can see why it’s such a highly-rated product.

Cons: Some reviewers found the medium-sized toiletry bag to be considerably smaller than they anticipated, so keep in mind that this is first and foremost a bag for travel-sized toiletries. As such, you will run out of room fast if you attempt to pack full-size bottles of lotion or body wash.

Bottom Line: This is a toiletry bag that’s hard to beat in terms of organization and design. Its waterproof front pocket will come in handy for most and may even save your luggage from getting soaked. All things considered, this is a product worth every cent of its affordable price tag.


Pros: This toiletry bag is designed to take some use and abuse thanks to its sturdy metal hanger and rugged craftsmanship. Its many separate compartments offer a great degree of organization, and its large size makes it possible to bring full-sized deodorant, shaving cream, and other toiletries with you when you’re on the go. While this isn’t the most stylish toiletry bag on the market, its quality zippers, handy mesh pockets, and larger-than-average size make it a great choice for men who tend to travel with a lot of gear.

Cons: This product is probably too large for men who prefer to travel light. Additionally, it’s more expensive than your average men’s toiletry bag, but that’s to be expected given its added bulk and impressive craftsmanship.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a full-sized toiletry bag that won’t force you to scour the aisles of a supermarket for tiny travel bottles of your favorite toiletries, this one’s a great choice. Unlike similar products, its hanging hook is of a metal, swiveling variety, making it easier to hang and less likely to break after repeated use.


Classic Leather Design

KOMALC Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag

This rugged toiletry bag scores points due to its rustic buffalo leather construction.

Pros: If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, this toiletry bag from KOMALC is worth considering. Featuring surprisingly thick buffalo leather for the price, this toiletry bag stands out for its precise stitching and excellent craftsmanship. It also sports a water-resistant interior lining to help protect the leather exterior in case there’s a spill. This bag comes in several colors, with each style maintaining a touch of classic charm.

Cons: Some reviewers noted that the toiletry bag they received had a slightly different color than the color that was advertised. Naturally, product photos are taken in well-lit environments, so it’s worth checking out user-uploaded photos when you’re reading some reviews to know exactly what you’re getting.

Bottom Line: While this product won’t leave you with many options for organizing your toiletries, the KOMALC Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag is still a great choice for those seeking something rustic and functional. It’s also well worth its price tag considering its quality material and sturdy construction.


All-Inclusive Kit

Convenience Kits International 15-Piece Kit

This travel-friendly toiletry kit comes with a quality toiletry bag and plenty of TSA-compliant grooming products.

Pros: Featuring a compact design, this toiletry bag from Convenience Kits International comes equipped with all the personal care items you’ll need for a quick trip. The travel-sized toiletries are also TSA-compliant, so you won’t have to get rid of any of your toiletries before you head to your plane. Unlike other kits, this one includes name-brand toiletries, although some reviewers note that some of the actual products in the kit may not be represented in the product’s photo.

Cons: This toiletry bag is pretty small, so although it fits all the products it comes with, you won’t be able to add too many additional items to the ensemble. As such, it might not be the best option for longer trips where you will need to pack lots of toiletries and grooming products.

Bottom Line: Given this product’s affordable price and an array of included toiletries, it’s a good option for those who don’t want to waste time shopping in anticipation of their trip. Most reviewers who mentioned the bag’s build quality also had nice things to say, which is good news since similar kits are known to cut corners when it comes to the design of the toiletry bag.


Most Compact

Elviros Toiletry Bag for Men

This rustic toiletry bag comes in a number of size and color options.

Pros: There’s nothing flashy about this toiletry bag from Elviros, but it’s still one of the best options for men seeking a rustic toiletry bag that comes in a compact, travel-friendly size. Featuring water-resistant PU leather construction, this bag is easy to dry off when you get it wet, as its material is very slow to absorb water. Despite its compact design, it also comes with plenty of straps, pockets, and compartments to help you keep your essentials neatly organized.

Cons: Some people reported this bag arrived with an odor, which is not uncommon for similar PU leather products. The smell may take a couple of days to dissipate.

Bottom Line: If a compact and unassuming solution for your toiletries is what you’re looking for, this budget-friendly men’s toiletry bag is worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been using a plastic baggy to store your travel toiletries up until now, it probably goes without saying that you could use an upgrade. Check out these men’s toiletry bags to make packing much more convenient.

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