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The Best Merchandise for Dallas Cowboys Fans

🕚 Updated May 2022

The Dallas Cowboys are called "America's Team" for a reason, so it's no wonder that Cowboys fans love to show their team pride. If you're looking for Dallas Cowboys merchandise, check out these top-rated products.

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  Best Drink Cup Best for Tailgating Best for the Kitchen Best Commemorative Art Best to Wear
Triple Walled NFL Tumbler
NFL 3-Piece Tailgate Kit
NFL 3-Piece Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set
Legends Never Die
Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship Rings Collectible
NFL Gel Slides
Our SummaryThis durable tumbler stands out for its awesome Cowboys graphics and triple insulation.This sturdy tailgating set impresses in terms of its portable design and durable build quality.This rugged grilling set features a durable stainless steel design with two integrated bottle openers.Showcase the Dallas Cowboy's Super Bowl victories with this quality collector's piece.These comfortable slides stand out for their nice arch support and durable design.
ProsAwesome Cowboys graphics, triple-insulated design, excellent temperature management, fits in car cupholders.Durable and sturdy, built-in cupholder, portable design, comes in team colors.Precision-cut Cowboys logo, integrated bottle openers, heavy-duty utensils, stainless steel construction. Quality frame, excellent print quality, double matted photos, great collector's piece.Durable design, good arch support, comfortable to wear, has padded adjustable strap.
ConsTake care when washing.Limited weight capacity.Handles are easy to scratch.Size not suitable for everyone.Requires break-in period.
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The Best Merchandise for Dallas Cowboys Fans

Multiple children dressed up in Dallas Cowboys gear cheering in the stands.

If you live in Texas (or pretty much anywhere in America, for that matter), chances are you know quite a few Dallas Cowboys fans. Cowboys fans are known for rocking their team’s colors and iconic logo whenever possible due to the wealth of Dallas Cowboys gear available on the market. However, not all of these products are winners. Check out this guide if you’re looking for Dallas Cowboys merchandise that is well worth the asking price.

Buying Guide for Merchandise for Dallas Cowboys Fans

A family of Dallas Cowboys dressed up and ready to watch a game at the stadium.

Why buy Dallas Cowboys merchandise?

The obvious reason that most people buy Dallas cowboys merchandise is that they love the Dallas Cowboys and want to show off their team pride at home, school, or the office. However, even fans of other NFL teams might buy Cowboys merchandise from time to time, especially as gifts for the super fans in their family or friend groups.

What should you look for in Dallas Cowboys merchandise?

  • Affordability: When shopping for Dallas Cowboys merchandise, nobody likes feeling like they paid twice as much for a product simply because it features that logo. While a modest price bump for branded NFL merchandise is usually unavoidable, the Cowboys branding shouldn’t be worth more than the product itself.
  • Quality: Quality is key when shopping for Dallas Cowboys merch. Most sports fans have been burned when purchasing a product with their favorite team’s logo, only to find that the product they purchased is virtually worthless. For this reason, be sure to check out user reviews and pay close attention to a product’s ratings in order to ensure a wise purchase.
  • Practicality: The best Dallas Cowboys merchandise you can buy will be a product that you can use over and over again. If you love to grill every weekend, consider a Dallas Cowboys grilling set. If you’ve never touched a grill in your life and prefer to spend your time bowling, perhaps a Dallas Cowboys bowling ball bag is for you. This is also an important tip that will pay dividends when gift shopping for that special Cowboys fan in your life.

What Dallas Cowboys merchandise should you bring tailgating?

When tailgating at a Dallas Cowboys game, the first thing you’ll want to consider bringing is some wearable Cowboys gear such as a hat, jersey, or t-shirt. You may also consider bringing a branded cooler or grilling set if you will be sharing drinks with thirsty fans or serving hamburgers and hotdogs for your group. When it’s time to rest your legs, you may also consider investing in Dallas Cowboys folding chairs. Some sets even come with a portable table so that you can relax while eating a couple of cheeseburgers in style.

Our Picks for the Best Merchandise for Dallas Cowboys Fans

Best Drink Cup

Tervis Triple Walled NFL Tumbler

This durable tumbler stands out for its awesome Cowboys graphics and triple insulation.

Pros: Featuring awesome Dallas Cowboys graphics and triple-insulated walls that will keep your coffee hot throughout your work shift, this tumbler from Tervis is a great choice for Cowboys fans. While this tumbler (like most stainless steel mugs) isn’t dishwasher-friendly, it’s very easy to hand wash, thanks to its wide-mouth design. It also impresses in terms of overall durability and should be a great fit for just about any car cupholder.

Cons: As noted above, this tumbler can’t be thrown in the dishwasher. However, some care also needs to be taken when hand washing it since extra-abrasive sponges can damage the beautiful Cowboys graphics. That being said, if washed gently, the graphics should remain unchanged for a long time.

Bottom Line: Tervis is a brand that’s known for its high-quality tumblers, and thankfully their branded NFL team offerings are no exception to the rule. If you’re a diehard Cowboys fan and in the market for a great 20- or 30-ounce tumbler, this product’s insanely high user ratings are no fluke.


Best for Tailgating

Rawlings NFL 3-Piece Tailgate Kit

This sturdy tailgating set impresses in terms of its portable design and durable build quality.

Pros: The Rawlings NFL Tailgate Kit comes with two Gameday Elite chairs, complete with a cupholder and built-in Velcro strap for easy transport. It also includes a foldable table that can hold all the food and drinks you can place on it, thanks to its rugged steel frame. If you’re seeking a durable set for tailgating, camping, picnics, or your child’s next soccer game, this one from Rawlings is just about as good as it gets.

Cons: Before purchasing this set, there are several things you should be aware of. First, the weight capacity for the chairs is 225 pounds, which might not be ideal for all fans. Additionally, some reviewers noted that the chairs were somewhat smaller than they expected.

Bottom Line: In terms of looks and performance, it’s hard to top this Dallas Cowboys tailgating set. While the chairs don’t sport the most impressive weight capacity on the market, this is still a great option for Cowboys fans who want to show their team spirit while enjoying a myriad of fun outdoor activities.


Best for the Kitchen

YouTheFan NFL 3-Piece Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set

This rugged grilling set features a durable stainless steel design with two integrated bottle openers.

Pros: Featuring a precisely-cut Cowboys logo on the spatula and composite handles that sport the Cowboys team colors and name, the YouTheFan NFL Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set is a great product for super fans who love to do the grilling. This set sticks out for the nifty integrated bottle openers and durable stainless steel utensils and should hold up quite well to regular use.

Cons: While the stainless steel portions of this set are incredibly durable for the price, it’s pretty easy to scratch the composite handles. This being the case, these products won’t look “like new” for too long, especially if they’re put to good use while grilling on gameday.

Bottom Line: There is a lot of low-quality NFL grilling sets out there, but this one really is durable and sturdy enough to justify the investment. It’s also worth pointing out that the Dallas Cowboys logo on the spatula looks gorgeous, despite minor stylistic concessions that needed to be made in order to conform to the laws of physics.


Best Commemorative Art

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship Rings Collectible

Showcase the Dallas Cowboy's Super Bowl victories with this quality collector's piece.

Pros: If you’re seeking an awesome collector’s piece for your man cave or game room, this framed collectible from Legends Never Die is worth considering. It’s worthy of showcasing the Cowboy’s five Super Bowl triumphs, thanks to the excellent print quality of its double-matted photos. It also comes with a high-quality black lacquered frame that is ready to hang with minimal work on your end.

Cons: This 11- by 14-inch collectible was slightly smaller than a couple of reviewers anticipated it to be, so it’s worth measuring out a space on your wall to see if the size is right for your needs. Also, the photos are protected by thick (albeit breakable) glass, so be sure to handle this product with care.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent buy for the Dallas Cowboys fan who has it all. Shopping for collectors can be tricky since they’ve probably amassed a ton of Cowboys merch already. However, this unique collectible has enough quality to justify the price and will likely look great nearly anywhere you decide to hang it up.


Best to Wear

FOCO NFL Gel Slides

These comfortable slides stand out for their nice arch support and durable design.

Pros: Featuring a few unique styles to choose from, the FOCO NFL Gel Slides stand out for their surprisingly comfortable arch support and bold design. These gel slides are nicely cushioned for long-term comfort and sport tread on the sole to prevent slipping on slick surfaces. While two of the designs focus on classic Cowboys colors, FOCO also offers a unique “highlights” option for those looking for a bolder style. Many reviewers also praised this product for its durability, making it a great option for the price.

Cons: Like many footwear products, these slides will require a modest break-in period before they can achieve optimal comfort. So, while you might not be wowed by these slides the first couple of times you wear them, plenty of reviewers noted that they get much more comfortable after a few wears.

Bottom Line: Everyone needs a reliable pair of slides, and who can say no to a pair this comfortable when they’re also rocking the logo of the team you love. While these might not be the most affordable slides on the market, their comfortable design and impressive durability make up for this fact.

Final Thoughts

It’s an awesome feeling when you score some new Dallas Cowboys merchandise. Do your research and closely consider your needs before buying to maximize your chance of receiving the perfect Dallas Cowboys gear for your lifestyle.

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