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The Best Merchandise for Fans of ‘My Hero Academia’

Among the most beloved anime and manga works of the last decade is undoubtedly My Hero Academia. It has gone from comic book to TV show to theatre runs and has even found a home in the heart of toy collectors across the globe. However, there’s more than figurines and reading material out there. If you’re in the market for a new kind of way to showcase your appreciation for My Hero Academia, then here are a few alternative merchandise options that we think you ought to check out.

What to Look for in Your Merchandise

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Bundle Packs: Some of the most popular alternative merch options you can explore are bundle packs, which consist of everything between sticker sheets and character-themed school supplies to backpack and laptop accessories. A purchase here is suitable for most, but beware of handing anything like this over to younger fans, as smaller objects can pose a minor health risk if used improperly.
  • The Right Fit: Another great way to show your enthusiasm for your favorite manga-anime property is through a bit of dress-up. The key to any worthwhile purchase here is finding a piece of attire that provides the right fit. Treat it like any other article of clothing you would normally wear. Its material construction should feel easy on your skin and comfortable overall. And whether it be a shirt or jewelry band, you should make sure the material construction is also built to last (e.g., tear-proof, fade-resistant, anti-rust).
  • Subtlety vs. Pride: Another facet to manga-anime wearable merch is one that skews most closely to the matter of personal preferences. There’s a wide field of options to choose from, whether that merchandise is a discreet, personalized item that quietly means the world to you or one that tells the world that My Hero Academia is a pop culture artifact to be reckoned with.

Best Bundle: NANAFANS My Hero Academia Gift Set

Providing a welcome assortment of knick-knacks and trinkets, this NANAFANS My Hero Academia Gift Set features over 50 items in total. This bundle is ideal for fans looking to decorate their binders, folders, laptops, and backpacks with some of their favorite characters from the My Hero Academia universe. From 12 sticker sheets of assorted heroes and villains to a 17-inch lanyard to carry around your neck, this bundle provides plenty of fun and convenience.

Best Bundle

Fans Gift Sets - 30Pcs Postcards, 12Sheet Cartoon Laptop Stickers, 4 Button, 2 Keychains, 1Pcs Bracelet, 1Cratoon Lanyard, 2Pcs Tattoo Sticker

This collection of My Hero Academia merchandise features sticker packs, postcards, and button pins.

Best Jewelry: HEN-NIGHT My Hero Academia Novelty Charm Bracelet

The perfect way to celebrate your favorite anime is with style and subtlety, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with this My Hero Academia Fashion Novelty Charm Bracelet. It’s a playful accessory constructed from zinc alloy material for premium durability while you move about during your daily routine. Its approximately 20 centimeters long (7.8 inches) and is adjustable throughout. Of course, its main appeal is the eight characters from the show lining its chain, including Midoriya Izuku, All Might, and Todoroki Shoto.

Best Jewelry

My Hero Academia Fashion Novelty Charm Bracelet Anime Manga Series

This novelty bracelet offers fans a fashion-forward way to celebrate their favorite anime series.

Best for Your Wardrobe: YUANTU My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Hoodie

Looking for another fashion staple that honors the world of My Hero Academia? This anime Hoodie from YUANTU is made from 100% polyester materials and is available in a variety of character-themed designs from the beloved show. Each piece of attire features a soft overhead hood for protection from the rain and breeze, as well as two side pockets for warmth and storage. There are over 35 anime designs to choose from, so if you’re interested in channeling your inner Izuku Midoriya or just hoping to showcase your Academia love, then you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Best for Your Wardrobe

YUANTU anime Academia Midoriya Hoodies Cosplay Costume Jacket Adult Unisex Black

This piece of daily wear features an assortment of Academia-themed designs and is comfortable to boot.

Most Humorous: Bioworld My Hero Academia Cosplay Men’s Crew Socks

If you’re interested in flaunting your appreciation for the anime series when getting ready for bed or unabashedly in public, these Cosplay Men’s Crew Socks from Bioworld bring you the full power of All Might, or at the very least, his colorful duds. This pair of officially licensed socks feature polyester and spandex construction from calf to toe. Its vibrant colors are matched by its detailed character markings, right down to the padded All Might Hair, which extends off the calf of the sock for a wonderfully three-dimensional look.

Most Humorous

Bioworld My Hero Academia All-Might Anime Cosplay Crew Socks with Wings

This pair of long socks is modeled after anime favorite All Might, featuring detailed character markings from calf to toe.

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