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The Best Metal Plant Stands

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🕚 Updated March 2023

You work hard to keep your plants looking green and lively, so get a stand that lets you show off your masterpieces. Here are some of the best metal plant stands with the perfect mix of form and function.

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  Best Iron Stand Simplest Design Best Mid-Century Style Best for Two Plants Best Set
Original Patented Plant Stand
Amazon Basics
Plant Stand
Metal Indoor Plant Stand
Tall Plant Stand
Four-Pack Metal Plant Stands
Our SummaryA plant stand made from iron that’s sturdy and stylish.A versatile plant stand that’s small enough to go wherever you want it.An adjustable plant stand that adds some classic style to your home.This metal stand is sturdy and can hold multiple small plants.This four-pack comes in handy if one metal plant stand might not be enough for you.
Pros✓ Holds up to 310 pounds
✓ High-quality iron
✓ Rustproof
✓ Five size options
✓ Indoor/outdoor use
✓ Resistant to corrosion
✓ Slim design
✓ Space for a second plant
✓ Waterproof and rustproof
✓ Sturdy
✓ Width-adjustable
✓ Two size options
✓ Elegant design
✓ Three supporting legs
✓ Indoor/outdoor use
✓ Supports two plants
✓ Minimal assembly
✓ Great value
✓ Two color options
✓ Durable
✓ Easy to move
✓ Four different heights/sizes
Cons✗ Very short
✗ Misleading color
✗ Slightly wobbly
✗ Top table isn't attached to the bottom
✗ Less aesthetic
✗ Scratches easily
✗ Stubborn screws
✗ Might need replacement screws
✗ Prone to tipping over in windy conditions
✗ May require additional rust protection
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The Best Metal Plant Stands

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Buying Guide for Metal Plant Stands

A metal plant stand holds a potted plant in a contemporary living room

Why buy a metal plant stand?

Plant stands are a great way to elevate your planters and pots off the ground to better display the greenery and flowers you’ve worked so hard to care for and grow. They also protect floors from water damage and soil stains by preventing water from seeping through the pot and damaging the flooring. Not to mention that elevating plants off the ground can improve their health by allowing for better air circulation and preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Metal plant stands are noteworthy since they’re more durable than their wooden cousins or those made of other materials. And since they’re stronger and sturdier, they can hold bigger and heavier plants. Metal plant holders are also a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room since they match a wide range of decor styles and are available in various shapes and sizes.

What should you look for in a metal plant stand?

  • Durability: If you’re considering a metal plant stand, chances are you’re looking for something that will last. Most metal plant stands will meet this requirement, but you’ll want to make sure that your choice is rustproof and possibly waterproof. If you leave it outside in the elements, you don’t want it rusting over. If the metal material isn’t naturally corrosion-proof (such as stainless steel), ensure the stand has been treated or coated to ensure it won’t rust.
  • Size: Some are lower to the ground and shorter, while others are tall and narrow. Knowing what sort of space you want to put your plant stand in is helpful before deciding on an option. You’ll also want to consider the width and diameter of the plant stand to ensure that it’s large enough to hold your plant pot or planter. Some models are width-adjustable, which can be extremely handy.
  • Assembly: If you want something requiring minimal setup or aren’t confident in your DIY skills, make sure your choice comes with clear instructions and doesn’t have too many steps. Fully pre-assembled models are rare, but most of the time, the stands aren’t incredibly complicated to put together.

What’s the best type of metal for a plant stand?

Consider the weight of your plants, the aesthetic or color you’re looking for, and your budget when selecting a metal. Iron is a solid, durable metal that can support heavy plants and is relatively inexpensive. However, it’s prone to rusting and may require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion. Steel is also strong and more rust-resistant (especially stainless steel). However, it’s pretty heavy, and non-stainless steel is more expensive than many other metals. Aluminum is a great option for a metal plant stand you want to move around since it’s much more lightweight. Its corrosion resistance makes it ideal for outdoor use and easy to clean and maintain. The flip side is that aluminum isn’t quite as strong as other metals and may be unable to support heavy plants. Copper is a beautiful and unique choice that adds more color and is more corrosion-resistant. That said, it can be expensive and may require more polishing to maintain its shiny appearance.

Our Picks for the Best Metal Plant Stands

Best Iron Stand

Yimobra Original Patented Plant Stand

A plant stand made from iron that's sturdy and stylish.

Pros: The Yimobra Original Patented Plant Stand is a nifty-looking unit that can hold up to 310 pounds. Place your favorite plants on this stand made with high-quality iron, which means it won’t bend even if you load it up with your heaviest pot. Plus, it’s treated to be rustproof, so you can put it outside without worrying about it. In addition to its functional features, this plant stand boasts a stylish design and comes in five colors. Its nifty-looking unit is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room or outdoor space. The stand’s minimalist design is also versatile enough to complement various decor styles.

Cons: Some find this stand too short for their needs; the tallest option is only six inches high, so it may not elevate your plants as high off the ground as you might want. Also, it’s advertised as bronze-colored, but the shade is closer to black.

Bottom Line: You’ll love the design of this stand, which adds a nice aesthetic touch to wherever you put it. While it may not be the tallest option out there, and thus not a great option for plants with trailing stems or leaves, it looks great and will hold almost anything you put on it. Overall, it’s a solid choice, literally and figuratively.


Simplest Design

Amazon Basics Plant Stand

A versatile plant stand that's small enough to go almost wherever you want it.

Pros: The Amazon Basics Plant Stand is a great stylish piece, whether you want to keep it inside or outside. Its metal construction won’t warp from water and is also resistant to corrosion, so it’ll hold up just fine to extended exposure to moisture. Plus, the slim design will fit easily into most spaces; it can be placed in small areas, such as corners or nooks, and won’t take up more than its share of floor space, making it an excellent option for smaller homes. There’s also a second tier for you to potentially put an additional plant on display or a smaller decorative item like a mini picture frame or figurine.

Cons: This plant stand is a little wobbly, so be careful with how heavy your pot is. You’ll want to ensure your kids or pets don’t knock it over. Also, the top isn’t attached to the bottom stand, so it can be difficult to move.

Bottom Line: While it may be a little wobbly, this plant stand is super easy to assemble! It will only take you a few minutes at most. It looks stylish, can hold most plants, and will fit almost anywhere. You can also get creative with how you use it: put all sorts of smaller items on it if you want a cute accent table.


Best Mid-Century Style

YueTong Metal Indoor Plant Stand

An adjustable plant stand that adds classic style to your home.

Pros: The YueTong Metal Indoor Plant Stand provides waterproof and rustproof support for your plants. It has a stylish mid-century design that adds a touch of class to your space. This stand is designed to be stable and sturdy. Most noteworthy is its adjustable width, so you can expand or contract it up according to your pot’s size. The smaller model can range from eight to 12 inches wide, while the larger option stretches anywhere from 12 to 16 inches. To round it all off, assembly is super easy, so you don’t have to worry about spending a long time setting it up. You get a pack of two stands as well.

Cons: This plant stand isn’t of the highest quality. It’s shorter and will look more inexpensive than some other models, which some buyers didn’t love. There is also an occasional issue with the screw that keeps the whole thing together.

Bottom Line: This plant stand is sturdy,  has great style, and is easy to assemble. If you’re looking for a stand that covers these basics, this is a solid option. If you ever need to repot your plant into a slightly larger model, this stand can be widened to accommodate the new pot.


Best for Two Plants

TREEZITEK Tall Plant Stand

This metal stand is sturdy and can hold multiple small plants.

Pros: The TREEZITEK Tall Plant Stand features an intricate iron frame thickened to support heavier plants, ensuring your greenery stays securely in place without bending or warping the stand. The elegant wrought iron construction also gives the stand a sleek and stylish look that can complement various decor styles. The three supporting legs keep it stable whether inside or outside; this is especially important for outdoor use, where wind or uneven ground can cause a plant stand to tip over. There are two wide tiers to hold two different plants and two height options available to fit your space better. Plus, to assemble it, you only have to tighten the screws.

Cons: The assembly process might be a bit more challenging than it seems at first glance. While this stand won’t require extra tools or steps for installation, the screws aren’t very easy to secure. You may also need to provide your own replacement screws.

Bottom Line: This two-tiered stand is a great decorative and functional piece. It gives you extra space for a second plant to add style wherever you put it. The height is also ideal for showing off the plant of your choice.


Best Set

yosager Four-Pack Metal Plant Stands

This four-pack comes in handy if one metal plant stand isn't enough for you.

Pros: Available in black or bronze, these stands are not only stunningly designed, but they are also incredibly sturdy and durable. Thanks to their rust-resistant finish, you can use them indoors and outdoors. Plus, with four tables in different sizes and weight capacities, you can find the perfect fit for any plant in your collection. These stands are lightweight and easy to move around, so you can rearrange your plants whenever you want to freshen up your space. And you get four stands for one reasonable price, ensuring a good bang for your buck.

Cons: Some customers reported that the stands are not as substantial as expected, and they may tip over in windy conditions with heavier plants. Although they are designed to be rust-resistant, some customers have noticed rust on the stands after prolonged use. They may require additional rust protection to prevent corrosion, especially if displayed outside.

Bottom Line: Overall, this set of metal plant stands offers great value for its price. The varying heights of the stands allow for creative and aesthetically pleasing arrangements, and the open scrollwork design adds to their charm.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options out there for metal plant stands. If you do a little research and know what you want, finding the right one at a reasonable price shouldn’t be hard. These stands are simple yet effective for helping you care for your plants and make them look good.

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