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The Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

🕚 Updated February 2022

Whether you're cleaning your house or detailing your car, you need a cloth that attracts dirt and dust without leaving a trail of lint behind. In other words, you need microfiber cleaning cloths. Here are some of the best.

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (12 Pack)
Chemical Guys
Professional Grade Microfiber Towels
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Elite Tech Gear
Oversized Microfiber Cloths
Our SummaryThese densely-woven microfiber cloths are perfect for wiping delicate surfaces such as eyeglass lenses or touch screens.Featuring a budget-friendly price tag, these durable microfiber cleaning cloths hold up well to the rigors of everyday use.These plush, rugged microfiber cleaning cloths are automotive-quality for a streak-free finish.These microfiber cloths are the ultimate budget-friendly paper towel replacement.These jumbo-sized microfiber cleaning cloths make cleaning large screens as quick and simple as possible.
ProsLint-free, soft and safe for delicate surfaces, great for cleaning glasses, hand washable and reusable.Affordable price, come in a variety of colors, super soft and absorbent, machine washable.Perfect size for auto detailing, soft and absorbent, machine washable, safe on auto paint.Affordable bulk buy, great paper towel replacement, machine washable, ideal for everyday use.Safe for delicate electronics, large size, fast and effective, lint-free cleaning.
ConsNot machine washable.May shed some fibers.Linty out of the box.Not ideal for sensitive electronics.Best if hand washed.
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The Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A woman wearing rubber gloves holds a pink microfiber cloth in one hand and a cleaning product in the other.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are a reusable and sustainable option for those who want to safely and effectively clean delicate surfaces. However, not every microfiber cleaning cloth is suitable for cleaning your glasses, wiping down your phone’s screen, or detailing your new car. Before buying new microfiber cloths, make sure the product you choose is up to the task.

Buying Guide for Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A person uses a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean a camera lens.
Elite Tech Gear

Why buy microfiber cleaning cloths?

Due to their absorbency, gentleness, and uncanny ability to attract dirt and dust, microfiber cleaning cloths have quickly become a popular alternative to paper towels and dust rags. They are also incredibly cost-effective when compared to disposable paper towels since they can be reused many times without losing their trademark softness or absorbency. Perhaps the best reason to use gentle microfiber cloths is to preserve and gently eliminate streaks from delicate surfaces such as your eyeglass lenses, windows and mirrors, smartphone and computer screens, and your car’s paint job.

What should you look for in microfiber cleaning cloths?

  • Texture: A microfiber cloth’s texture will help you determine how it can best be used around your home. Microfiber cleaning cloths with a soft, smooth weave are best used for polishing delicate surfaces such as electronics screens. On the other hand, thick microfiber cloths with a more textured surface are great for heavy-duty cleaning applications, such as wiping down a greasy stovetop.
  • Size and Quantity: Trust us, you won’t want to detail your car with a single thin 6-inch by 6-inch microfiber cloth. Instead, you will need quite a few thick, large microfiber cleaning cloths so that you can wipe off every speck of dust, dirt, and cleaning agent. Thankfully, many products will give you options regarding the size and quantity of your new microfiber cloths, so be sure to select an option that suits the application you have in mind.
  • Thickness: A microfiber cloth’s thickness may not be a primary concern if you’re cleaning your eyeglasses, but cleaning your kitchen is another matter entirely. If you’re replacing expensive paper towels with microfiber cleaning cloths or wiping down large spaces with liquid cleaner, you will want microfiber cloths that are thick and absorbent.

Are microfiber cleaning cloths easy to wash and care for?

Thankfully, most microfiber cleaning cloths are incredibly easy to care for. However, before buying microfiber cleaning cloths, it’s important to educate yourself on how they should be washed and dried. While most microfiber cloths can be machine washed on cold and hung up to quickly dry, some should be hand washed for optimal results. Abiding by the care instructions that come with microfiber cloths is important since incorrectly washing or drying them can cause them to shrink or lose their absorbency or texture.

Our Picks for the Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Best for Devices

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These densely-woven microfiber cloths are perfect for wiping delicate surfaces such as eyeglass lenses or touch screens.

Pros: Featuring a soft, densely-woven texture that is perfect for wiping down delicate surfaces, the MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are tailor-made for electronic devices with fragile screens. These gentle microfiber cloths also shine when cleaning glasses and are an excellent choice for those who face difficulties eradicating smudges from their finicky polycarbonate lenses. If you’re seeking lint-free microfiber cloths and don’t mind hand washing them, these are the cream of the crop.

Cons: Unlike many microfiber cleaning cloths, these are not machine washable and must be hand washed and air-dried to achieve their maximum lifespan. Also, you don’t want to throw them in the washer with other clothes since some users have reported the black color bleeding when they are washed in warm water.

Bottom Line: Cleaning your glasses with a subpar microfiber cleaning cloth can create more problems than solutions. However, these are definitely worth the cost of investment for those who like to keep their screens and lenses as pristine as possible. It’s also hard to fault this product for not being machine washable since this is the norm when speaking of densely-woven microfiber cloths that are designed for delicate applications.


Best Colorful Pack

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (12-Pack)

Featuring a budget-friendly price tag, these durable microfiber cleaning cloths hold up well to the rigors of everyday use.

Pros: If versatility and variety are two important factors for you, the multicolored MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths offer amazing value, given their budget-friendly price point. These soft and absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for many household cleaning applications and are especially adept at wiping off greasy kitchen messes. They’re also machine washable and hold up surprisingly well if you follow their simple care instructions.

Cons: While most users were enthralled by this highly-rated product, some have noted that these cloths may shed some fibers after being used over and over again. This may be especially noticeable when wiping off glass surfaces with a dry cloth but will generally go unnoticed.

Bottom Line: Those seeking a 12-pack of versatile microfiber cleaning cloths that maintain their shape and texture well with everyday use will find a lot to love about this product. Don’t let the budget-friendly price tag fool you; these cloths will come in handy for a wide variety of uses and are an amazing replacement for pricey disposable paper towels.


Best for Vehicles

Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towels

These plush, rugged microfiber cleaning cloths are automotive-quality for a streak-free finish.

Pros: Whether you’re conditioning your car’s leather interior or putting the final touches on exterior detailing, the Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towels are an amazing choice. These automotive-grade microfiber cloths are incredibly soft and absorbent, so they’ll soak up soapy water or your favorite car cleaner without harming your car’s paint. They’re also incredibly rugged, making these machine-washable microfiber cloths one of the easiest products to care for so that they can be reused many times.

Cons: Some users have reported that these microfiber cleaning cloths are rather linty out of the box, but this is nothing that a strong shake cannot fix. It also might be advisable to pre-wash these microfiber cloths before using them for a lint-free experience.

Bottom Line: While this product may seem slightly pricey, it is still a great value when you consider how beefy, absorbent, and rugged they are when compared to budget-priced automotive microfiber cloths. Simply put, if you love your car and want the best, you won’t go wrong with this product.


Buy in Bulk

BEST Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These microfiber cloths are the ultimate budget-friendly paper towel replacement.

Pros: While these microfiber cleaning cloths aren’t the thickest or most absorbent option on this list, they are a perfect choice for those who will be replacing disposable paper towels with budget-friendly microfiber cleaning cloths. This product is well suited for a variety of household cleaning tasks, from dusting surfaces to wiping down the dinner table to cleaning mirrors. They’re also machine washable and can be used many times before showing any signs of age.

Cons: Although these microfiber cloths are probably soft enough to wipe down your camera lens or smartphone screen without causing damage, this isn’t the best use for them. Since these cloths tend to shed a little bit when used on dry surfaces, they are best employed for cleaning wet messes, just like your favorite paper towel brand.

Bottom Line: When seeking a suitable replacement for paper towels, durability and versatility are definitely important factors. In this regard, the BEST Microfiber Cleaning Cloths exceed expectations, especially with their low price. While these aren’t the best cloths for your smartphone screen, you won’t have trouble finding 100 other ways to use them.


Also Great

Elite Tech Gear Oversized Microfiber Cloths

These jumbo-sized microfiber cleaning cloths make cleaning large screens as quick and simple as possible.

Pros: These Elite Tech Gear Oversized Microfiber Cloths are a dream come true for tablet owners since their large size makes cleaning larger surfaces quicker and more effective than with other products. Of course, they’re also safe for delicate surfaces and offer lint-free cleaning, thanks to their soft, tight-woven design. If efficiency is your thing, these jumbo-sized microfiber cloths will probably be right up your alley.

Cons: While many users report that these microfiber cloths can be machine washed, some have indicated that they hold up much better after a gentle hand washing and being hung up to dry. Since this holds true for most similar microfiber cleaning cloths that are designed to wipe down delicate surfaces, it will probably be wise to handle these with care for optimal longevity.

Bottom Line: Have you ever cleaned your tablet’s screen with a small microfiber cloth, only to smudge it with your palm while doing so? Thanks to their large size and reliable smudge-free finish, these extra-large microfiber cloths will ensure this doesn’t happen again. That alone makes them worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

Microfiber cleaning cloths have quickly become an invaluable product many rely on, but their true potential can only be unleashed if you choose the right cloths. You may even find yourself buying a variety of different microfiber cloths to meet your diverse needs, but thankfully, this will still be very affordable.

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