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The Best Minecraft Toys

🕚 Updated December 2022

Minecraft has taken quite a large subset of the population by storm. Those who love the game really love it, and if you want to find a gift for someone who likes Minecraft, these toys will come in handy.

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  Best Board Game Best Toy Sword Best Playset Best Action Figures Best Plush Toys Best Puzzle
Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game
Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory
Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit
Jada Toys
Nano Metalfigs Minecraft 20 Pk W3
Creeper Plush Toys
Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle
Our SummaryThis board game brings Minecraft into your kids’ real world experience.This pretend sword looks like it came straight out of Minecraft.This LEGO set will bring Minecraft building into a real, 3D experience.Sturdy and accurately designed, these figures can be played with or put on display.This 4-pack of plush, cuddly toys is perfect for younger Minecraft fans.With STEM learning in mind, this logic toy is perfect for kids ages 8 and up.
Pros✓ Designed with creators of Minecraft
✓ Genuine experience
✓ Easy to understand game play
✓ Fun for imaginative play
✓ Great for costume
✓ Sturdy plastic
✓ Lightweight
✓ Recreate End Battle
✓ Integrates easily with other LEGO sets
✓ Includes code for online game
✓ Die-cast metal
✓ Premium paint
✓ Accurate designs
✓ Durable
✓ Includes four popular characters
✓ Machine washable
✓ Great for collectors
✓ Includes nine Minecraft items
✓ 40 increasingly difficult challenges
✓ Easy to follow instructions
Cons✗ Scoring can be confusing✗ Rough play can chip paint✗ Small pieces
✗ Better suited to skilled builders
✗ Small enough to be a choking hazard✗ Not as big as some other stuffies
✗ May arrive wrinkled
✗ Pieces may peel
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The Best Minecraft Toys

Two kids play with a Minecraft game.

Buying Guide for Minecraft Toys

A boy plays with a LEGO Minecraft toy at a table.

Why should you buy a Minecraft toy?

When you need to buy a gift for a kid who can’t get enough of Minecraft, finding something special can be hard. There’s no shortage of Minecraft items, but you want to get something that stands out and something that they will love.

What should you consider when shopping for a Minecraft toy?

  • Age: Obviously, the age of the recipient matters, especially for Minecraft fans. Some toys are more complex and better suited for older kids with more developed skills. Other toys on the list are perfect to be played with by kids of any age. Consider the age and skill level of the person you’re shopping for when browsing this list for Minecraft toys.
  • Characters and interest: Since Minecraft is a game that has tons of different characters and plots, look for your child’s favorite characters. On the other hand, while some gifts are based on characters, others are more about the strategy of the game itself.
  • Authenticity: Some Minecraft toys can be considered collector’s items and are labeled “authentic” to the game. Die-cast figurines, LEGOs, Funko Pops, and other items may be suitable for collectors as well as kids. If you’re buying for a collector, keep an eye out for certifications of authenticity.

What age range is Minecraft geared towards?

The general consensus is that Minecraft is appropriate for kids aged 8 years and older. It’s often the first online game experience for a kid because there is not a lot of violence, and it’s not overly complicated. However, like any video game, especially one that involves other players across the web, it’s important for parents to be tuned into what is happening during gaming sessions.

Our Picks for the Best Minecraft Toys

Best Board Game

Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

This board game brings Minecraft into your kids' real world experience.

Pros: When your child is all about Minecraft, they won’t settle for a toy that’s just a little similar to their favorite activity. Thankfully, this game was collaboratively designed with the creators of Minecraft to create an experience that’s genuine. Even with all the components and possibilities, the board game is easy to understand, making it an enjoyable family game.

Cons: Scoring can be confusing at first.

Bottom Line: This game is more complex than some of the more traditional board games, but it perfectly embodies Minecraft since it was co-designed by the creators. Minecraft fans, as well as those who don’t know the original online game, can enjoy this board game.


Best Toy Sword

Disguise Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory

This pretend sword looks like it came straight out of Minecraft.

Pros: If your kiddo loves to get imaginative during playtime but needs a fun prop, this Minecraft sword is perfect. It can be an accessory for a costume, or it can just be played with on any afternoon. It’s made out of sturdy plastic but is still lightweight, so your child can have a blast playing “real-life” Minecraft.

Cons: Rough play (even sword fighting) can cause the paint color to chip.

Bottom Line: While Minecraft is an engaging game for kids, getting them off the screen is still nice. Having an awesome Minecraft sword might encourage more imaginative and screen-free play. This sword can be an accessory for a costume or can just be enjoyed on a regular day.


Best Playset

LEGO Minecraft The End Battle 21151 Ender Dragon Building Kit

This LEGO set will bring Minecraft building into a real, 3D experience.

Pros: Meant for more skilled LEGO builders, this set comes with everything you need to recreate The End Battle. With instructions included to assemble the Ender Dragon, plus other props and pieces, you can turn this set of LEGO pieces into legendary play. If your kiddo also plays the online game, this set includes a coupon code for them to redeem a dragon slayer skin in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. These LEGO pieces are also compatible with other pieces from different sets or the originals for even more imaginative building.

Cons: This set has more complicated pieces, meant for children with more developed LEGO-building skills. As they are LEGO pieces, it can be easy to lose a few.

Bottom Line: When your child plays with a LEGO set, they’re not only getting a legendary toy once it’s assembled, they’re learning throughout the process. This End Battle set is a great way to excite your children but get them off the screen for a bit to create their own dragon, then use their imagination to recreate the battle and slay the beast. When they’ve had their share of fun, the coupon code lets them have a slight edge in the online game as well.


Best Action Figures

Jada Toys Nano Metalfigs Minecraft 20 Pk W3

Sturdy and accurately designed, these figurines can be played with or put on display.

Pros: Pick up this pack of 20 Minecraft characters for the ultimate fan. They’re sturdy in design, thanks to their die-cast metal materials. Premium metallic paint coats each figure with an accurate depiction to make them recognizable. Each figure is positioned on a stand appropriated to hold its weight, so it can stand without any additional props.

Cons: Under 2 inches tall, these figurines are quite small for playing with and are perhaps better suited for collection and display.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to display these figures for a Minecraft collection or even on a birthday cake to celebrate a big fan’s special day, these are a fantastic choice. Made out of sturdy die-cast metal and premium metallic paint, the realistic details are noticeable without any extra props needed. However, if you’re shopping for figures to play with, these are better suited for older kids as they are quite small.


Best Plush Toys

XSLWAN Creeper Plush Toys

This four-pack of plush, cuddly toys is perfect for younger Minecraft fans.

Pros: Get ready to cuddle with these dynamic Minecraft plushies. This pack includes Creeper and Enderman, both 11 inches in height, and Baby Pig and Baby Mushroom, both 7 inches in height. The colors on the toys are bright and true to the game. And they’re machine washable in case they get dirty, as toys often do. They’re the perfect size for kiddos ages 3-8, but they’re also great for older kids and adults who love to collect Minecraft items.

Cons: These toys are on the small side for stuffies, and they also arrive a bit wrinkled.

Bottom Line: If your child loves both Minecraft and plush stuffed toys, this may be a great pick for them. This four-pack gives your child the ability to reenact some of their favorite scenes from the game. There are no sharp edges, scratchy bits, or anything that may cause injury.


Best Puzzle

ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

With STEM learning in mind, this logic toy is perfect for kids ages 8 and up.

Pros: This Minecraft magnetic puzzle set includes nine Minecraft items and a challenge booklet that contains 40 challenges that get increasingly more difficult. It comes with clear instructions so your child can start learning right away. This game offers logical reasoning and strategy challenges that are engaging and fun. This game is even challenging for some adults!

Cons: The magnetic pieces may peel if your kiddos are not careful with them.

Bottom Line: This logic game is great all around, but be advised that it is meant for children ages 8 and older and may be too challenging for younger children. The pieces are colorful and fun, but because it uses colorful bits as part of the challenges, it may be difficult for people who are colorblind to play. Otherwise, this is a great game to distract your kids away from their devices while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re shopping for a Minecraft fan or yourself, finding the right toy can be a real task. Hopefully, this list proves how much variety there is outside of the online game to feed the Minecraft addiction.

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