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The Best Mini Cruisers to Ride Around On

view of feet of a group of teens with colorful mini cruisersWith every design iteration and video game release, the consistent admiration for skateboarding has proven that people can’t resist cruising for a day. Along winding streets, hills, and inside of concrete bowls, skateboarding is a worthwhile escape that’s really no harder than Lupe Fiasco already explained: kick, push, coast. In recent years, the mini-cruiser (often also referred to as a short cruiser or a Penny board) has gained a devoted following for its unique design that hearkens back to the age of renegade skaters of Southern California circa 1975. Those pioneering boards weren’t necessarily created for tricks, though that never stopped the courageous, but they knew how to offer the smoothest ride from one side of town to the other. If you’re looking for a new board to freewheel on, here are some we recommend.

Cruising into the Perfect Purchase

Consider these factors when buying your next short cruiser board:

  • Board Length: There are two factors that largely qualify mini cruisers, one of which obviously being its size. For beginning kids and teens, the standard 22-inch cruiser offers just enough legroom to keep one’s balance. And while the 22-inch is often the standard for adults too, the next size up at 27-inches provides great comfort for those who need it.
  • Foothold: The next most defining feature that makes a mini cruiser is its thin plastic frame. While this may prove to be a lighter alternative to wooden boards, a short cruiser has slick plastic across its front and back, which can be tough to ride on those rainy or dusty days. Consider buying grip tape or a board that already comes pre-gripped.
  • Modifications: It’s important to also find a board that is easy to disassemble and tinker with to your own liking. Odds are, you won’t immediately find a perfect new board. Maybe the bearings won’t be as smooth as you hoped, or your trucks need a bit more grease. Find a board that can be easily modified and tosses in a multifunction T-tool for easier effort on your end.

Best Overall: Meketec Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

Available in over 25 board and wheel color combinations, the Meketec 22-Inch Mini Cruiser is an easily transportable board for commuter and leisure use. Unlike wooden skateboards that can only take so much stress before snapping, this board’s bendable polypropylene deck can take a beating without chipping or rotting. Its ABEC-7 Bearings offer great speed from the jump, as users will be able to cruise and move easily at higher speeds with slim resistance. This mini cruiser’s heavy aluminum trucks and 60-mm urethane wheels also ensure easy coasting over longer durations of time, not just for a single ride but for months to come.

Best Overall

Best for Night Riding: Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard 

A continued drawback of skateboarding is that once the sun sets and the park lights shut down, there’s little chance for a rider to get a good session in until morning. With the Merkapa Mini Cruiser, however, you can ride around well before the sun comes back up. The LED light-up wheels emit bright and colorful rays with each revolution, with no battery or charge required to have some fun and safe night cruising. In addition to providing riders with protection, this board also offers a smooth ride overall, with its speedy ABEC-7 Bearings, 78A polyurethane wheels, and sturdy aluminum trucks for the utmost control on its 22-inch frame.

Best for Night Riding

Best Surface Traction: Geelife 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser

Visually, the design of a mini cruiser has always been a treat; however, a potential pitfall associated with their entirely plastic deck is how well it can allow a rider to stay firmly atop of it when wet or dirty. The Geelife 22-Inch Mini Cruiser combats that issue with a board that is already assembled with waterproof, non-slip grip tape. This is a great perk for kids and beginners who enjoy the style of a short cruiser but would be equally suited riding on a board that can keep them on their feet. Other high-quality advantages that come with this mini cruiser are its 72-mm soft frosted polyurethane wheels for maximum grip ability and less vibration as well as its ABEC-11 Bearings, which are among the fastest you can buy for a factory assembled board.

Best Surface Traction

Geelife 22" Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners Youths Teens Girls Boys (Bright Red)

If you enjoy the appeal of a mini cruiser but prefer the grip of traditional skateboards, this board combines the best of both.

Most Legroom: Kryptonics 26-inch Mini Cutaway Cruiser

Tacking on an additional 4 inches of deck space to its cruise, the Kryptonics 26-Inch Vintage Skateboard is an ideal choice for those who want more legroom on their rides. With the added benefit of more deck length, riders will be le to handle sharp turns and higher speeds with more ease and an upsized amount of comfort. Its 8-ply maple wood deck features a cutaway shape and a concave design to promote greater control while riding. Ultra-durable aluminum trucks connect to 60-mm urethane wheels, which comfortably speed by on ABEC-3 Bearings and support up to 220 pounds. This is all packaged in one of the brightest and boldest color designs out there. 

Most Legroom

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser 26" Complete Skateboard, Mermaids

This cutaway cruiser offers riders the design appeal of a mini cruiser with a few extra inches of space.

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