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The Best Mini Freezers

🕚 Updated October 2021

For the person with limited space in their freezer or the college student looking for a place to keep their ice cream and frozen meals, there's perhaps no better way to store their food than with a compact and low-energy mini freezer.

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  Most Compact Most Storage Space Quietest Operation Most Energy-Efficient Best Retro Appeal
Upright Freezer
Chest Freezer
Compact Freezer
Premium Mini Fridge
Our SummaryA 1.1-cubic foot mini freezer that saves you plenty of cash and space for your cramped corners.You'll find more than enough room and cool temperatures with this hefty chest-style mini freezer.A mini freezer that stays out of sight and out of earshot too, thanks to its minimal-noise design.This mini freezer is appropriately sized and reinforced to keep your goods cold.A dual-functioning unit that provides standard freezing power and plenty of space for keeping fresh greens.
ProsIdeally small measurements, low decibel output, capable of reaching temperature as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.Generous storage space, chest-style design prevents users from kneeling for too long, capable of reaching temperature as low as -28 degrees Fahrenheit.Incredibly low decibel sound level, minimal energy consumption, locking door keeps children out.Three-shelf storage, reversible door operation allows customization, demands less energy than a lightbulb.Classic vintage detailing, features eight interior means of storage, includes a cabinet mounted bottle opener.
ConsSmall frame means even smaller internal space, small storage may not prevent spread of bacteria, no frost-free design.Takes up more space than most options, large frame takes two people to move it, hefty price tag.Not enough space between items to guarantee bacteria prevention, thermostat can be hard to reach when freezer is full.Large price tag, hefty frame can be troublesome to move around, doesn't feature a self-defrost setting.Less storage for the freezer side of its design, exterior shell can crack if hit hard enough.
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The Best Mini Freezers

A black mini freezer in the corner of a modern office.

Whatever the case might be, a mini freezer is, without a doubt, a valuable and convenient appliance. Its small frame is ideal for a few must-have frozen foods and future dinners while largely allowing you to avoid the pain of wondering how you’ll find the room to fit another appliance in your home. If you need some extra freezer space that won’t take up too much room, then here are a few options that we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Mini Freezers

A silver mini freezer in a kitchen next to a cupboard.

Why should you buy a mini freezer?

Comfort, support, total accommodation—these are just a few reasons why owning a mini freezer can get you through the day with ease. Like a cabinet does for your non-perishables and a fridge does for your fresh produce, the mini freezer keeps your frozen meats, greens, and treats in an ideal, orderly environment for as long as necessary—necessary meaning until you chow down. They’re also terrifically multifaceted, acting as both a primary and secondary source of storage, so you get your money’s worth out of each style.

What should you look for in a mini freezer?

Here are some aspects to consider before buying a mini freezer:

  • Storage Capacity: Don’t let the assumption of its title prevent you from seeking a mini freezer that can handle exactly what you need it to. Yes, there are options that pretty much reinforce the idea of what it means to be a mini version of the chilling chamber. Those options are equipped with one or two shelves for storage, so if you’re stocking for moderate purposes, then this is your go-to. However, if you’re buying a mini freezer in order to make a living and handle overflow, then consider choices that feature multiple means of storage or an overall larger cubic area.
  • Size: There’s a fine line to walk when searching for an ideal mini freezer. Odds are, you’re investing in a mini freezer so that it lives up to its name, but that shouldn’t prevent you from having enough room to store the things you need to. This comes with a few constraints: Do you sacrifice your space for a larger unit or sacrifice the amount of food that you can store in order to maintain a clear walking path in your home? Before moving into a purchase, it’s important that you consider the best placement for the device. Otherwise, you’ll be paying with more than cash.
  • Energy Intake/Output: Another vital key to purchasing a great mini freezer is considering how much energy it takes to power it and what the energy will eventually be converted into. Most mini freezers don’t require too much power to freeze, with most standard units requiring between 100 to 120 volts to function. This surge is then transferred to power a variety of temperature settings, where mini freezers differ the most. Consider this relationship to ensure that your food is kept appropriately cold and to prevent a spike in your electric bill.

How can you care for your mini freezer?

Just like with a standard fridge, there’s a decent amount of upkeep that you’ll need to manage so that your mini freezer works properly. For starters, it’s important to defrost your mini freezer every so often. There’s no clear window on this, but some publications argue that you should dethaw it every three months. Additional publications have also pointed out that dust can quickly settle inside the mechanics of a mini freezer within weeks of its purchase, so you should remember to dust often around the internal compressor.

Our Picks for the Coolest Mini Freezers

Most Compact

hOmeLabs Upright Freezer

A 1.1-cubic foot mini freezer that saves you plenty of cash and space for your cramped corners.

Pros: Measuring just 19.8 inches in height and 18.3 inches in width, this mini freezer packs great chilling power into its space-saving frame. It features a manual temperature-control knob with seven settings ranging from -4 degrees to 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Among its most convenient features is its reversible door orientation, which allows you to customize the direction in which the freezer door will open. This mini freezer also operates at a non-intrusive 42 decibels and uses an energy-efficient 240 kWh per year.

Cons: You’re likely buying to save space here, so don’t get your hopes up and expect to store more than just a few bags of frozen veggies and microwaveable dinners. There’s a diving rack to separate groups of food, but their proximity to one another is still close enough to heighten cross-contamination concerns. It also lacks a frost-free design.

Bottom Line: For people who are looking to save as much cash and space as possible, this hOmeLabs Upright Freezer can deliver cooling power as well as the best in spite of a more compact frame.


Most Storage Space

Midea Chest Freezer

You'll find more than enough room and cool temperatures with this hefty chest-style mini freezer.

Pros: If space—or a lack of it—isn’t an issue, then you’ll find that this option grants a generous amount of storage for your frozen necessities. This 5.0-cubic-foot freezer opens from the top between a 40- and 75-degree angle. Inside the freezer is one hanging wire storage basket that runs width-wise, while everything below that is open space for stacking. It also features an adjustable thermostat that’s capable of maintaining temperatures between -12 and -28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cons: Although small by most standard freezer comparisons, some might find calling this chest freezer a “mini” to be a bit of a stretch. Its entire 24.7- by 21.7- by 33.5-inch frame can jut out and take up a good chunk of floor space that you can’t afford to lose. And while this freezer’s larger size doesn’t necessitate more kWh per year, it’s still a 68.9-pound unit that might need several people on hand in order to move it. Moreover, its overall price makes it one of the most expensive options on the market.

Bottom Line: Designed with an easy-to-clean inner surface, a defrost drain, and a removable wire basket that’s easily accessible from the top of its chest-like style, this Midea Chest Freezer is a larger choice that’s great for bulk storage, like meats, ice bags, or leftovers.


Quietest Operation

Midea Freezer

A mini freezer that stays out of sight and out of earshot, too, thanks to its minimal-noise design.

Pros: With its small frame and uncommonly low 33.4-decibel sound level, this mini freezer is possibly the quietest unit on the market. Its silent operation also boasts minimal energy consumption, demanding only 120 volts of energy intake in order to maintain the perfect frozen temperature. This mini freezer also features an adjustable temperature gauge that can be set between -11.2 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit as well as a locking door to keep children at bay.

Cons: As expected from its 1.1-cubic-foot size, this mini freezer grants ample space, but not enough to maintain appropriate distancing between the likes of frozen greens and raw meat. Unlike other options, this freezer’s thermostat resides inside at the back of the unit, so you’ll need to keep a clear pathway to the dial or constantly shift around your food in order to adjust your preferred temperature settings.

Bottom Line: The buzz of refrigerators and freezers can get pretty annoying, especially if you’re going to keep your mini freezer in the same room that you’re usually in. Thankfully, this Midea Freezer isn’t only efficient for your small storage purposes, but it’s also welcomingly quiet.


Most Energy-Efficient

Whynter Compact Freezer

This mini freezer is appropriately sized and reinforced to keep your goods cold.

Pros: Efficient in more ways than one, this mini freezer provides the storage, temperature, and energy-saving means to have you reaching for your wallet. Inside this 17.5- by 20- by 27.5-inch unit are three shelves (two wire racks and one base floor) for total differentiation between storage. Among its other conveniences is a reversible door function with a child safety lock. However, what stands out the most is the freezer’s Energy Star-rated design, which demands less energy than a lightbulb.

Cons: Great convenience can often come at a great cost, and when this item isn’t on sale, it sure is one of the most expensive mini freezers that you could invest in. Granted, it’s a worthwhile investment, but there are a few other concerns worth nothing. This isn’t a large or small mini freezer, so its overall weight (47 pounds) is moveable, but a potential back strain waiting to happen if handled alone. This option doesn’t feature a self-defrosting setting, either.

Bottom Line: Looking for that perfect in-between when it comes to mini freezers? This Whynter Compact Freezer balances ideal size and storage power alongside a pin-drop quiet operation, all of which might shave a few dollars off your energy bill at the end of the month.


Best Retro Appeal

FRIGIDAIRE Premium Mini Fridge

A dual-functioning unit that provides standard freezing power and plenty of space for keeping fresh greens.

Pros: A throwback mini freezer that looks fantastic, both inside and outside of its shell. Its exterior is defined by a classic appearance: a round mold with chrome cursive text and a hardened steel door handle. It’s available in six equally retro colors, like hot rod red and powder blue. This unit’s 3.2-cubic-foot capacity is put to immense use, as its interior features not two or three, but eight storage shelves, including its internal freezer/ice chamber. It even includes a cabinet-mounted bottle opener.

Cons: Although comfortably chilly, this throwback unit leans heavier into its fridge storage capacity, thus sacrificing the size of its freezer space. So, while it’s well-intentioned, if you’re seeking a through-and-through freezer, then you might be better off looking elsewhere. Additionally, some users have reported that its exterior shell, when hit hard enough, is prone to cracking, unlike other stainless steel options that dent or scuff.

Bottom Line: A lovingly crafted modern fridge that has plenty of vintage swing to its frame, this FRIGIDAIRE Premium Mini Fridge combines chilling and cooling power, so you can keep an assortment of groceries on hand.

Final Thoughts

Mini freezers are ideal for people who are looking to save on space in an already cramped environment. They keep the college freshman sane and ensure that the grade school educator won’t be late to class following their lunch break. In short, the mini freezer is the kind of food-based tool you’ll want to fall back on.

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