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The Best Mini Umbrellas for Protection and Convenience

a mini umbrella, keys, lip gloss, and other small items on a wooden table next to an open purse
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Mini umbrellas (not the ones that adorn fun drinks) are very similar to normal-sized umbrellas but with a more compact and portable design. Are they worth purchasing? Absolutely, and that’s because they offer you the ideal amount of coverage from the sun or rain while being incredibly lightweight, making them easy to transport before, during, and after use. Stay prepared for sudden rainstorms with a mini umbrella you can conveniently keep in your backpack, car, purse, or even pocket.

What to Look for in Mini Umbrellas

Listed below are the main features:

  • Color Options: You don’t have to settle for anything that has a plain and basic appearance. Now mini umbrellas come in a wide range of colors and designs, which will make yours more expressive and unique to your personality.
  • Compact Design: The point of a mini umbrella is to be lightweight, easy to use, and compact. This way, you can take it with you anywhere by storing it in your travel bag or even your pockets.
  • Automatic Handles: Most mini umbrellas feature an automatic handle, making them a lot easier to deploy when it’s rainy or scorching hot outside. Manual umbrellas are often tedious to open and close, but the automatic handles will eliminate any struggles that you encounter.

Best Overall: GAOYAING Mini Umbrella

a black mini umbrella shown wrapped up and collapsed as well as open

This mini umbrella is the best available option because it features a durable fiberglass frame and a lightweight design that allows you to take it with you anywhere. It is also incredibly compact, and it offers you plenty of protection when it’s raining outside. You can even use it to shield yourself when it’s hot out and you need to escape the sun.

Best Overall

Best Color Options: Yoobure Mini Umbrella

a navy mini umbrella shown with other color options below it

This compact mini umbrella comes in many different color options, ensuring that you can pick the one that appeals to you the most. It also comes with a waterproof carrying case, and it has a silver aluminum shaft that is rustproof. Furthermore, if you need extra UV protection, then this mini umbrella is certainly a viable option.

Best Color Options

Best Design: Goothdurs Automatic Mini Umbrella

a black mini umbrella that's set up

This mini umbrella is superior in terms of its design. It has an automatic handle that makes it much easier to open and close your umbrella, and the durable construction of the umbrella offers you extra protection in inclement weather. The sturdy Teflon material means it has superior waterproofing.

Best Design

Best for Travel: Goothdurs Windproof Mini Umbrella

a black mini umbrella that's wrapped up

This mini umbrella is perfect for those who travel often because it is less than 7 inches in length. This allows you to easily store it in your purse, handbag, backpack, or suitcase. You can also carry it around in your pockets! This umbrella offers incredible UV protection, and the canopy is made of a durable Teflon material that is also waterproof.

Most Stylish: Vera Bradley Mini Umbrella

a gray mini umbrella with a floral print
Vera Bradley

This mini umbrella is incredibly unique and stylish. It’s a compact accessory that you can show off to your friends, family, and coworkers. It’s also incredibly versatile, and it features an automatic open and close button. The bold print and elegant designs are perfect for anyone who wants to showcase more of their personality.

Most Stylish

Vera Bradley Women's Mini Travel Umbrella, Blooms Shower, One Size

Protect yourself from the rain and sun in style.

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