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The Best Misting Fans

🕚 Updated May 2023

Fans are time-tested cooling devices, and a misting function takes their convenience up several notches to create a cool, breezy atmosphere. Check out these misting fans to keep you comfortable on hot, sunny days.

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  Best Wall-Mounted Best Handheld Best Heavy-Duty Best Table Fan Best for Strollers
Oscillating Wall-Mount Misting Fan
Deluxe Handheld Misting Fan
FM-48 Heavy-Duty Misting Utility Fan
10000mAh Misting Desk Fan
Misting Stroller Fan
Our SummaryThis handy, oscillating misting fan is designed for almost any indoor or outdoor space.If you're worried about your child overheating at school, during a sporting event, or at the beach, this inexpensive handheld misting fan is the perfect solution.This adjustable, utility-style misting fan is great for outdoor spaces and is easier to transport than most heavy-duty outdoor models.A tabletop misting fan that can also clip onto just about anywhere you want.Small and light enough to attach to a baby stroller, this is the perfect misting fan to keep your little one cool on walks.
Pros✓ Mounts almost anywhere
✓ Indoor and outdoor use
✓ Several size options
✓ Oscillating
✓ Long range
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Highly portable
✓ Several color options
✓ Finger-safe blades
✓ Adjustable
✓ Heavy-duty and powerful
✓ Built-in carrying handle
✓ Misting can be shut off
✓ Compact yet powerful
✓ Sleek and modern design
✓ Multiple speed settings
✓ Oscillates
✓ Quiet
✓ Built-in clip
✓ Clips on to strollers
✓ Adjustable, flexible tripod legs
✓ Multiple speed settings
✓ Compact size and lightweight
✓ Nice price
Cons✗ Very expensive
✗ Needs an electrical outlet
✗ Installation required
✗ One speed only
✗ Less durable
✗ Outdoor use only
✗ Limited placement
✗ Too small for big rooms and open spaces
✗ Limited variety of speed settings
✗ Clogs easily
✗ May turn off intermittently
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The Best Misting Fans

Misting fan spraying steam on coconut tree in restaurant.

Buying Guide for Misting Fans

A young woman using a mini fan to cool off.

Why buy a misting fan?

Misting fans bring a unique twist to a fan since they combine it with a water pump. The water is blown through nozzles or some other misting system to create a fog or mist of water droplets along with the airflow. This adds an extra cooling factor that’s especially handy in extremely hot environments; at high enough temperatures, fans are only moving hot air around. And the mist created by these fans is so fine that you’ll barely see it. You won’t have to worry about your hair, clothes, or furniture feeling wet or damp.

In addition to the extra cooling benefit they bring, misting fans are quite versatile. You can find models that work either in or out of doors (or both, in some cases), floor versions, mounted versions, and even battery-powered handheld versions that you can carry around for personal use. They’re more energy-efficient than air conditioners and may even work to help purify air to a degree. They’re also great for outdoor environments where an air conditioner can’t be utilized, like a backyard or screened-in porch, or larger scale events like a concert or festival. If you have a greenhouse or garden, a misting fan is also an ideal way to ensure your plants receive enough water to thrive.

What should you look for in a misting fan?

  • Type: Think about where you plan to place and use your misting fan and which type would be best suited for that environment. Do you want a handheld model you can bring with you anywhere? A freestanding fan that can be moved to different rooms as needed? A lower, ground-level one for the garden or patio? One that can be mounted where you need it? A wearable neck model? Misting fans are available in all of these options, so consider the area where you plan to place them and pick the best design accordingly.
  • Water Source: You can’t have a misting fan without water to create the mist. Some come with their own water tanks, meaning they have a built-in container that holds and disperses the water when the fan is in use. If you buy a tankless model, that means the fan will have to be connected to some sort of running water supply, like a hose. Misting fans with built-in tanks are much more portable and won’t run up your water bill, but they will require consistent refilling, and you’ll have to clean and empty the tank regularly to avoid mold buildup. Tankless models have unlimited access to water, so you can use them for as long as you need without worrying about mold or the fan running out of water; all you have to do is turn on the faucet or switch off its water source. But this will run up your water bill, and since the fan has to be attached to its water source at all times, its portability is extremely limited.
  • Misting System: Every misting fan has a built-in misting system in order to function. There are two types of these systems: nozzle or centrifugal. A nozzle misting system, as the name implies, means that the mist comes out of the nozzle on the fan head, while centrifugal misting systems mean the mist emerges from plates in the fan’s center. Nozzle misting systems are lower pressure since they don’t use a pump, which means a wetter mist. This means they’re also at a higher risk for clogging. However, since centrifugal misting systems are more powerful, more efficient, and create finer mists, they’re also much more expensive.

Are there any other factors worth considering in a misting fan?

There are several other useful features and functions to consider while shopping for a misting fan. The fan’s speed, for instance, is worth taking a look at. Most fans, misting fans included, will have at least a low, medium, and high setting. Fan speed is measured in CFM, cubic feet per minute, so the higher the CFM, the more air the fan can quickly circulate. On average, misting fans tend to range from 200 to 5,000 CFM. Anything over 1,000 CFM is probably going to be too strong and loud for indoor use.

Also bear in mind how adjustable the misting fan is. If it’s a freestanding model, you may be able to raise or lower the neck height. Other types may be able to be tilted at various angles or pivoted as needed to change the direction of the airflow. Oscillating fans are the type where the fan head rotates 180 degrees to disperse air and mist more evenly than a concentrated airflow.

Finally, be sure to take into account whether a misting fan is suitable only for indoor use, only for outdoor use, or if it can be shifted between the two. Outdoor-only fans are generally heavier, often made out of metal, and able to withstand the elements. If you have a lighter, more portable misting fan you want to bring outside just for a few hours or an evening, make sure it has a wide, steady base, so it won’t tip over in the wind.

Our Picks for the Most Refreshing Misting Fans

Best Wall-Mounted

OEMTOOLS Oscillating Wall-Mount Misting Fan

This handy, oscillating misting fan is designed for almost any indoor or outdoor space.

Pros: One nice thing about wall-mounted fans is that you can install them almost anywhere. This misting fan version is no exception, especially since it’s made of sturdy steel and aluminum, and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The fan’s head oscillates and promotes airflow in up to a 1,000-square foot area, so it can cool down even large and/or outdoor spaces.

Cons: It’s an expensive purchase, especially since you’ll have to install it yourself near an electrical outlet in order for it to function.

Bottom Line: Wall-mounted fans are a great way to permanently install a fan in places where a fan might be a useful addition but normally can’t be placed. If you want to mount a misting fan in your home or business, you can’t go wrong with this far-reaching, oscillating model.


Best Handheld

O2COOL Deluxe Handheld Misting Fan

If you're worried about your child overheating at school, during a sporting event, or at the beach, this inexpensive handheld misting fan is the perfect solution.

Pros: If you’re looking for a handheld misting fan to give your child for a trip to the beach or a day at the amusement park, you can’t go wrong with this battery-powered model. Kids will love its bright plastic body, and the transparency of said plastic makes it easy to notice when the 9-ounce tank needs refilling. This misting fan is inexpensive and highly portable with soft, finger-safe blades.

Cons: Unlike most fans, this model doesn’t have multiple speed settings; there’s only one speed option. The lightweight plastic body also isn’t especially durable, so emphasize to your child to handle it with care.

Bottom Line: Most parents can tell you how cranky and miserable children can become when they’re feeling overheated. This portable little misting fan is the perfect way to avoid these scenarios since it can be brought along pretty much anywhere, and the blades are gentle and safe for even young children to use.


Best Heavy-Duty

XPOWER FM-48 Heavy-Duty Misting Fan

This adjustable, utility-style misting fan is great for outdoor spaces and is easier to transport than most heavy-duty outdoor models.

Pros: There’s a lot to love about this compact yet heavy-duty utility-style misting fan. Its smaller size, relatively lighter weight, and built-in carrying handle make it much more portable than many outdoor misting fans. But don’t let its compact size fool you. This fan is heavy-duty and powerful, with a 600 CFM that will cool down all sorts of outdoor spaces in even the hottest climates. It’s also quite customizable, with three speeds and rotation up to 135 degrees, so you can direct the airflow as you please.

Cons: While this misting fan is ideal for outdoor spaces, it’s too strong and powerful for indoor use. Bear in mind that since it needs to be plugged in and attached to an external water source, this does limit where you can place it; both the power cord and hose are about 7 feet long, so you’ll have to find both an electrical outlet and water source within that range or use an extension cord.

Bottom Line: Misting fans aren’t only useful for indoor spaces or personal, handheld use. If you live in a hot climate and have a patio, balcony, or screened-in porch, or if you grow plants in an outdoor garden or greenhouse, this misting fan is a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor space in hotter weather and ensure that your plants stay cool and moist in extreme heat.


Best Table Fan

Koonie 10000mAh Misting Desk Fan

A tabletop misting fan that can also clip onto just about anywhere you want.

Pros: This compact yet powerful misting fan is designed to deliver a refreshing breeze right at your fingertips. With its sleek and modern design, it not only provides excellent functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to any space. It features multiple speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow to your preference. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a powerful gust of air, this fan has you covered. Its oscillation feature ensures that the cool air and mist droplets reach every corner of the room, providing a comfortable and refreshing environment. Measuring at just the right size to fit perfectly on your desk, bedside table, or any small surface, the compact design makes it easy to move around, so you can enjoy a cool breeze wherever you go—especially since it has a clip so you can clamp it onto the edge of tables and other spots. The fan operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere, whether you’re working, studying, or sleeping. The sturdy construction and reliable motor ensure long-lasting durability, while the protective grill prevents accidental contact with the blades, making it safe for use around children and pets.

Cons: Although this misting fan is quite powerful for how compact it is, the small size may not provide sufficient cooling for larger rooms or open spaces. Some users found this fan’s airflow focuses on a narrow area, which may not evenly distribute cool air across the entire room. Lastly, the speed settings may not offer enough variation for those who prefer a wider range of airflow options.

Bottom Line: Table fans are a staple piece of functional decor in many households, and this model comes with a misting system for an extra cooling factor. Its compact size, powerful performance, and cutesy design make it a must-have accessory for any warm space.


Best for Strollers

COMLIFE Misting Stroller Fan

Small and light enough to attach to a baby stroller, this is the perfect misting fan to keep your little one cool on walks.

Pros: This little stroller fan is the perfect companion to keep you and your little one cool and comfortable on those hot summer days. This versatile fan is designed specifically to clip onto strollers—and other surfaces—with its flexible tripod legs, providing a refreshing breeze wherever you go. Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk in the park or exploring a bustling city, this fan ensures a cool and enjoyable experience for both you and your child. It has multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preference. The gentle breeze coupled with misting qualities provides relief from the heat without being too overpowering. Its compact size and lightweight design make it convenient to carry and attach to your stroller, ensuring maximum portability. The fine mist adds a refreshing touch and helps combat the scorching heat. Simply fill the included water bottle, and with a press of a button, experience a misty coolness that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Cons: Handy as it is, this isn’t the most reliable or functional misting fan on the market. It has a tendency to clog easily or turn off intermittently, requiring constant toggling to keep it operational. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on the misting feature for additional cooling for your baby.

Bottom Line: This clip-on stroller fan is the perfect choice for parents seeking a convenient cooling solution for their baby or toddler. Its flexibility, ease of use, and ability to provide comfort for both you and your child make it an essential accessory for stroller outings.

Final Thoughts

If you live in an extremely hot, dry climate or if your current home doesn’t have an air conditioner installed, a misting fan can be an absolutely worthwhile investment for staying cool and refreshed during the hot months. These models can help.

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