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The Best Moana Toys for Your Child

A young girl holds a Moana doll and wears a matching orange and beige costume.

The heroic adventures of Moana of Motunui inspire children to take on an unfamiliar world with strength and confidence. Whether they are looking to mimic her ocean adventures or pretend to face the heartless Te Fiti, toys can open up their imagination to the animated world. Children can embody Moana’s bravery through a costume, reenact the movie with a set of dolls, or even create their own daring exploits through drawing. Here are some great Moana toys we recommend.

Choosing a Moana Toy That’s Right for You

Keep these things in mind when looking for the perfect Moana toy:

  • Age: Plastic dolls can have outfit pieces that are choking hazards for young children. These changeable dolls are best for kids above toddler age as they understand that these pieces are meant for expressing choices on the doll. Soft dolls are appropriate for toddlers, as they don’t feature hard items that can be swallowed or cause harm.
  • Price: Dolls with special features like extra outfits, brushable hair, or talking features will be more expensive than the classic doll but provide more interaction between your child and the doll. While figurines may be small and seem overpriced, they are typically sturdy and are more detailed due to their painted design. Playsets with multiple pieces or moving elements will be more costly, so look for toys with quality plastic material and special design details.
  • Characters: If your child has a favorite Moana character they adore, opt for a doll replica or costume so that they can roleplay as that figure and recreate the movie’s adventures. Children who enjoyed the movie and all its quirky characters will enjoy full playsets that allow them to give life to all of the Disney characters. Giving these children only one of their beloved characters may lead to them asking for the toy version of each Disney hero.

Best Doll: Disney Princess Moana Adventure Figure

A close up of a Moana doll, her shell necklace, and her red-orange top. The face and costume are molded after the movie character’s exact features. Both the doll’s arms and legs are moveable to create action poses perfect for imaginary adventures around the playroom and backyard. The doll’s outfit includes the shining blue shell necklace that will make your child feel like they are holding the heart of Te Fiti. Allow your child to step straight into the movie with the key details of Moana’s wavy brown hair, vibrant outfit, and fierce facial expressions.

Best Doll

Disney Princess Moana Adventure Figure

Your child can go on adventures of all kinds with the moving arms and legs of this doll that can ride waves or fight monsters.

Best Costume: Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit, Size 4-6X

A Moana costume for young girls that features a patterned orange top and matching belt as well as a patterned beige skirt with fringe on the hem.

With this detailed Moana costume, your kid will step into the world of Motunui to explore islands and sail the open seas. The orange top captures Moana’s intricate prints, while the skirt showcases fringe details to create a flowing feel. The costume top has extended fabric and clear straps to keep the top in place. The skirt features two layers to protect your child from any uncomfortable fabric and provide more coverage. This dress will provide the perfect fit for young fans ages 3 to 6 to completely immerse them into the movie.

Best Costume

Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit , Size 4-6X

Every day can be an island adventure with this comfortable and detailed Moana costume that features the character's signature patterns.

Best Figure Set: Disney Moana Deluxe Figure Play Set

A 10 figure set of the Moana cast in their plastic box.

The entire cast of Moana can join your child during playtime with these plastic figures that showcase the characters in their signature poses. The set has 10 sculpted figures that include the main characters but also features Chief Tui, Gramma Tala, and baby Moana. Your child can also create monstrous adventures with the villains Tamatoa, the mischievous Kakamora, or Te Fiti’s volcano form. At only 4 inches tall, these figures are ideal for small hands looking to create their own story.

Best Figure Set

Disney Moana Deluxe Figure Play Set

All your child will need is a bit of water and imagination with this 10-piece figure set that includes Moana's adorable sidekicks.

Best Coloring Set: Disney Moana 24-Page Imagine Ink Game

A coloring book with an image of Moana and the demigod Maui on the cover.

Whether you are packing activities for a road trip or encouraging your child’s artistic side, this mess-free coloring book is bursting with entertainment. The book includes 24 pages of games and drawings that your child can discover. With one magic ink marker, they can reveal various vibrant colors that depict Moana and her friends’ adventures. This marker can reassure parents that no doodles will show up on their walls, furniture, or car seats.

Best Coloring Set

Disney Moana 20-Page Imagine Ink Game Book with Imagine Ink Marker, 73581 Bendon

Your child can pursue their creative passion while enjoying the fun characters and adventures of Moana with its 24 pages of activities.

Best Plush Doll: Disney Moana Plush Stuffed HEI HEI Pillow

A plush doll of the chicken Hei Hei that features red, yellow, and blue colors.

The quirky character of Hei Hei shines in this soft plush doll with its vivid coloring and crooked eyes that kids will adore. The 18-inch plush doll gives your child a new pillowy-soft friend to hug during the night. While Hei Hei enjoys plenty of trips into the ocean during the movie, this plush doll made of 100% microfiber fabric is spot clean only. Your child will feel like Moana with one of her beloved sidekicks to support them during adventures on the sea.

Best Plush Doll

Disney Moana Bean Plush Hei Hei

Made from soft, durable polyester material, Hei Hei will be able to accompany your child to school, during, nap time, or on playdates.

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