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The Best Monster Truck Toys

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🕚 Updated December 2022

Who doesn't love to see a monster truck in action? Give your little one all the thrills and chills with these toy monster trucks.

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  Top Choice Best Play Set Best Premium RC Best Budget RC Best Light-Up Cars
  Hot Wheels
Monster Trucks 1:24 Scale
Monster Jam
Official Champ Ramp Freestyle Playset
9300 Remote Control High Speed Car 1:18 Scale
Monster Jam
Official Grave Digger Remote Control Monster Truck Toy
Light Up Monster Truck Set
Our SummaryA 1:24 scale monster truck that can be pushed around some especially rough terrain.An immersive play set that lets your child's imagination soar.A rough, tough, and fast remote control monster truck that can reach speeds as high as 25 miles per hour.This RC monster truck allows for up to 250 feet of distance between the truck and the frequency.Fun little push 'n go toys that will provide endless entertainment.
Pros✓ 1:24 scale ideal for younger tots
✓ Durable construction
✓ Colorful designs
✓ Endless configurations
✓ 1:64 scale
✓ Great for all genders
✓ Comes with two rechargeable batteries
✓ 40+ minutes on a single full charge
✓ Durable design
✓ 1:24 scale
✓ Can race up to six trucks at once
✓ Safe for kids ages 4+
✓ 6-inch size ideal for younger kids
✓ LED light up tires
✓ Easy operation
Cons✗ Can't pick specific color as brand sends randomized selection✗ Tracks may skid on slick surfaces✗ Some components may break easily when car gets up to speed✗ Requires five AAA batteries✗ May get expensive if buying in bulk
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The Best Monster Truck Toys

A blue monster truck toy on the ground outside.
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Buying Guide for Monster Truck Toys

A little boy plays with a monster truck toy on a rock on a road-printed play mat.
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Why buy a monster truck toy?

Face it: monster trucks are just plain cool. Dino-sized four-wheelers flying across dirt arenas and crashing back down to Earth with enough force to measure a reading on the Richter Scale—what’s not to love? Kids still go crazy for these behemoths and their propensity for smashing smaller cars into metal flapjacks. Plus, they can aid in improving gross and fine motor skills.

What should you consider when buying a monster truck toy?

  • Style: There’s no shortage of genres and styles when it comes to the monster truck market. You have both pocket-sized and large monster trucks, and these are more in line with those classic racers that a child can wheel across surfaces with little fuss. Just an aisle over is a helping of more modern options, too—playsets and battery-driven racers that know how to steal a kid’s heart, whether that’s with unmatched speed or a good stage to tear up some dirt.
  • Motor Function: Another worthwhile quality you shouldn’t overlook is the kind of motor function your monster truck features. Most toy cars utilize a push-and-go system, in which the user is in constant control of its direction and speed. Other cars utilize friction motors, a system that works via as much kinetic energy a user revs it with, whether that be by pulling or pushing the car forward. Of course, there are always battery-powered trucks as well. These will run larger and vary between skill sets but will always be a welcome gift for young or older kids.
  • The Overall Ride: When looking into an option fueled by battery power, it’s important to consider the supporting cast of features that provide the smoothest ride. If you’re seeking a monster truck that will stay indoors, then all you really need to consider is an option with decent battery power. If you’re looking to take to the sand and hills, however, you should consider a monster truck that is specifically designed to handle rough terrain through a surfeit of reinforced features.

Should you pick a motorized or unpowered truck?

This is going to depend on your child’s skill level as well as their readiness for a motorized truck toy. Keep in mind that if you do opt for a remote control truck, these come in a range of options to accommodate varying skill levels.

Our Picks for the Best Monster Truck Toys

Top Choice

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:34 Scale Vehicles

A 1:24 scale monster truck that can be pushed around some especially rough terrain.

Pros: A giant monster truck from a giant in the toy car industry, this Hot Wheels Monster Truck is a 1:24 scale replica with those beloved oversized wheels and a die-cast metal frame. Though this is a push-and-play toy, this monster truck’s durable body allows it to be easily pushed around across the same rough terrain that a full-sized vehicle would go up against. Additionally, each truck includes a handful of fun stats on each package, like the truck’s model type, strengths, preferred method of attack, and driving “motor-vation.”

Cons: The larger size might make this a toy that only lasts for a year or two before your child outgrows it.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with a classic like Hot Wheels. These cars are always a fan favorite but may have a limited age range at the oversized 1:24 scale.


Best Play Set

Monster Jam Official Champ Ramp Freestyle Play Set

An immersive play set that lets your child's imagination soar.

Pros: If your children aren’t content to simply push their monster trucks around on the floor, it’s time to elevate their experience with a play set. This Champ Ramp freestyle set features a 1:64 scale and comes with a UVA digger monster truck. The four unique ramps, connecting bridge, truck launcher, and launch stabilizer allow your child’s imagination to run wild with endless configurations.

Cons: While most reviews are positive, we did find a few complaints about the slippery nature of the tracks. Specifically, when put on a hard surface other than carpeting or a rug, the tracks can slide.

Bottom Line: Let your child’s creativity run free with this freestyle Champ Ramp set designed for 1:64 scale monster trucks.


Best Premium RC

DEERC 9300 Remote Control Car High Speed RC Cars

A rough, tough, and fast remote control monster truck that can reach speeds as high as 25 miles per hour.

Pros: Reaching speeds as high as 25 miles per hour, this DEERC High-Speed Remote Control Car is an ideal option for the experienced RC collector. It’s a 4-by-4 monster truck equipped with an assortment of durable components for the most solid driving experience. From the inclusion of a 380 high-speed motor to an average of 40 minutes per driving session, thanks to two long-lasting batteries, this monster truck is committed to delivering a speedy and durable ride that’s more than prepared to handle rough and rocky terrain. This RC monster truck also features an encompassing metal heat sink that enhances motor heat dissipation for long motor life and higher efficiency.

Cons: Be aware that some of the parts might break easily, especially if you have a child who’s not quite that gentle on their toys.

Bottom Line: This is a great starter RC toy for younger children that will provide endless hours of play and does come with a total run time of 40 minutes and a spare battery to keep the fun going. But some parts might be a bit fragile when the truck gets up to full speed.


Best Budget RC

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Remote Control Toy 1:24 Scale

This RC monster truck allows for up to 250 feet of distance between the truck and the frequency.

Pros: For users who are new to RC trucks, this Monster Jam Official Grave Digger RC Monster Truck is a 1:24 model of one of the monster truck world’s biggest names. As far as looking the part, this truck is a perfectly detailed recreation. Just like the real Grave Digger, this monster truck features large BKT tires, a neon green chassis, and a bold graphic plastered across the frame. It is powered by five AAA batteries that allow a driver up to 250 feet of distance between the truck and the 2.4-GHz frequency.

Cons: While not a deal breaker, this pick requires five AAA batteries which are not included.

Bottom Line: If you have a steady supply of AAA batteries ready to go, your little ones will love this beginner RC truck.


Best Light-Up Cars

Light Up Monster Truck Set

Fun little push 'n go toys that will provide endless entertainment.

Pros: Whether you’re trying to round out some stocking stuffers or need to find a few party favors, this fun two-pack set of 6-inch light-up monster trucks is a fan favorite. To operate them, simply push them, and the lights turn on. These feature flashing LED lights and are safe for children ages 3 and up.

Cons: Although adorable, if you’re shopping for more than one or two children, these two-packs can get expensive when you’re buying in bulk.

Bottom Line: Give kids a little exciting analog time with these push ‘n go light-up LED monster trucks.

Final Thoughts

Monster trucks are classic toys. You can’t go wrong with a fun oversized truck that can push through the most challenging terrain.

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