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The Best Mops

🕚 Updated October 2021

Keeping your floors clean can feel like a never-ending endeavor. But a mop that makes cleaning feel less like a chore will make a spotless home much more attainable.

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  Best Overall Best Value Best Mop and Bucket Pair Best Electric Mop Best Self-Wringing
Professional Microfiber Mop
WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop
EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
PurSteam World's Best Steamers
Mop Cleaner
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Twist Mop
Our SummaryThis mop's adjustable handle and reusable pads are ideal for those looking for a no-mess mopping experience.This all-in-one floor cleaner removes the mop bucket from the equation with its dual nozzle sprayer and cleaning solution.This mop and bucket can clean those hard-to-reach places with 360-degree rotation and a triangular mophead.This mop is ideal for deep cleaning with its versatile accessories and large reservoir.A mop with self-wringing abilities that keeps water from dripping as you clean and prevents bacteria and mildew buildup.
ProsMicrofiber pads, customizable handle length, stable hook and loop strips on the pad.Lightweight build, convenient sprayers, easy cleanup.Upgraded features, easy to use, fits in corners.Chemical-free option, hand steamer included, safe for most floors.Won't trail water, fast drying time, prevents bacteria.
ConsUnstable joints, not suitable for those without an accessible washing machine.Replacement pads and cleaning fluid required, not great for deep cleans.Mopheads last three months, bucket is difficult to move.No cleaning agent, takes longer to disinfect floors.Hard to use for those with weaker hands, mophead is hard to remove.
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The Best Mops

A woman mops the hardwood floor in her living room.

No matter how hard you try to protect your floor, dust, dirt, and pet hair gather in the corners of your home, and kitchen mishaps make your tiles sticky. Unfortunately, messes aren’t avoidable, but cleaning them up can be easy with the right mop. Whether you’re looking for a simple flat mop or love the classic mop and bucket, there’s a better way to make your cleaning experience convenient for your lifestyle. Here are some great mops we recommend.

Buying Guide for Mops

A square white cleaning robot sprays liquid onto white tiles in a bathroom.

Why should you buy a mop?

Unless you keep your shoes, pets, and guests squeaky clean as they entire your home, dirty floors are bound to happen. Whether rainy weather brings in muddy footprints or a few too many drinks have been spilled, your hard floor needs to be wiped clean with soapy water to really sparkle and feel clean. However, adding an extra step to your regular housekeeping isn’t always fun, but that’s where mops come in. They keep you from having to scrub on your hands and knees each time something drops to the floor. With the proper mop for your home and lifestyle, your floors will look like new in a short time.

What should you look for in a mop?

  • Features: Mops with rotating heads are great for easily moving around the room, but look for a lock feature to reduce unnecessary swiveling. If you’re looking for convenience, opt for mops with removable pads, tanks, or a spraying mechanism. This keeps you away from mucky water.
  • Material: When it comes to the material, microfiber mop pads and heads absorb more dirt and can provide a deeper clean than the presoaked mop pads. These mop pads are ideal for quick cleanup and require no wringing or rinsing.
  • Shape: Consider the shape of the mophead and how it will fit into the crevices of your space. A wide rectangular mophead can cover a lot of surface area in little time but won’t always fit into small spaces. Rounded or triangular heads fit easily into corners and tight spots.

What mop style works best for you?

Mop designs have come a long way from the simple ball of yarn attached to a wooden handle. The traditional fiber mop is great for those that don’t want to mess with removing pads. Wringing them out is also much easier with self-wringer twist designs and built-in wringers on mop buckets. The classic mop can also reach more space, making it great for large homes. If you have a smaller space or don’t love the idea of dealing with dirty mop water, electric options or a mop with pre-soaked pads are ideal for avoiding messes. When choosing your mop, the two major factors of space and time should guide you on the type of mop you need.

Our Picks for the Most Effective Mops

Best Overall

Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop

This mop's adjustable handle and reusable pads are ideal for those looking for a no-mess mopping experience.

Pros: This mop can wipe away the worst messes with its reusable mop pads that are safe to use on hardwood, tile, vinyl plank, and concrete. The dust pads are designed with two types of microfiber that pick up dust, lint, and pet hair. After wiping away the dust, the wet pads clean up the dirt with extra microfibers and a foam core that increases absorbency. There’s no worry that the pads will fall off during use due to the recessed hook and loop strips that ensure it stays in place. The stainless steel handle adjusts from 42 inches to 70 inches and has a foam grip to create a customizable, comfortable experience.

Cons: Washable pads aren’t ideal for those that don’t have an easily accessible washing machine. If you live in an apartment complex or dorm building, the reusable aspect of these pads won’t be easy to keep up with. The joints of the mop are slightly weaker than the handle, so some could potentially break during use.

Bottom Line: This mop’s microfiber pads and swivel head will help you pick up your tough messes. The washable pads keep you from consistently buying replacement cleaners, ultimately saving some money in the long run.


Best Value

Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

This all-in-one floor cleaner removes the mop bucket from the equation with its dual nozzle sprayer and cleaning solution.

Pros: For those just diving into the cleaning world or looking for an easy-to-use mop, the Swiffer WetJet is a great fit. There is no need for water with the attached cleaning solution that sprays onto the floor with the press of a button. The pads easily adhere to the mop with pressure and then tear away when you’re finished cleaning. If the mess is extreme, the heavy-duty mop pads are there to help. It is safe for hardwood, laminate, and tile floors.

Cons: The pads and cleaning solution will have to be repurchased as you use up the supplies, which isn’t great for those on a budget. Since the disposable pads have a limited capacity for dirt and grime, they won’t be able to handle deep cleans without replacement.

Bottom Line: The convenient sprayer and disposable pads are great for those that don’t want to get down and dirty with a mop bucket. As long as you are stocked up on supplies, this mop can take care of your daily messes with ease.


Best Mop and Bucket Pair

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This mop and bucket can clean those hard-to-reach places with 360-degree rotation and a triangular mophead.

Pros: This classic mop and bucket combo will remove the hassle of wringing and offers a high absorbency clean on hardwood floors and tile. The machine-washable mophead is made of microfiber that can remove and absorb dirt with just water—no cleaning solution needed. Removing water from the mop is easy with the built-in wringer that is pedal-activated. The bucket also features a splash guard so that you are completely protected from the dirty mop water.

Cons: A single mophead is only viable for three months, meaning you’ll have to purchase replacements eventually but not as often as you would for disposable pads. The mop bucket doesn’t have wheels, so you’ll have to carry the water bucket around your home. Due to that, this mop won’t be ideal for those with hand and arm strength issues or people with large homes.

Bottom Line: This mop gives you the traditional cleaning experience with a few upgrades to bring it into the 21st century. The spinner, splash guard, and triangular head shape make this mop and bucket combo a great cleaning tool to have in your home.


Best Electric Mop

PurSteam World's Best Steamers Mop Cleaner

This mop is ideal for deep cleaning with its versatile accessories and large reservoir.

Pros: Steam through the worst messes with this mop’s powerful, chemical-free system. Depending on the mess, you can select between the three modes of steam for mopping. If you’re facing a different kind of mess, you can detach the hand steamer and utilize the different accessories to use on clothing or glass. The water tank holds 11.5 ounces of water to power through cleaning hardwood, ceramic, and porcelain tiles that can last up to 25 minutes on the lowest steam setting. The best part about this device is that it only uses tap water to steam off dirt and debris.

Cons: This mop system doesn’t include a cleaning agent, so it might not properly disinfect your floor. To rid your floors of bacteria, you typically have to hold the mop in a certain area for up to 20 seconds, which will ultimately extend the time it takes to mop your floors.

Bottom Line: This steam cleaner offers a lot of power in its lightweight frame. Beyond your floors, you can use this steamer on clothing and window or mirrors. If you’re willing to use it properly, you won’t have to purchase more cleaning supplies to get your floor shining like new.


Best Self-Wringing

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Twist Mop

A mop with self-wringing abilities that keeps water from dripping as you clean and prevents bacteria and mildew buildup.

Pros: This mop from Rubbermaid has the features and benefits of a classic mop without some of the drawbacks typically associated with them. This one is designed not to trail and drip water all over the floor, thanks to its self-wringing abilities. The ratchet in the handle twists and wrings water out of the mop’s head, so it’ll dry out faster and won’t drop all over the floor before, during, or after cleaning. The blend of yarn and synthetic fibers also ensures a faster drying time and helps prevent mildew or bacteria from growing on it. The mophead can be quickly and easily replaced when the time comes and features a light scouring pad for targeting more stubborn messes. The double tail bands and looped ends work to ensure that the fibers won’t get tangled up as you mop your floors. It’s strong enough for personal, commercial, and industrial use alike.

Cons: The twisting required to wring the water out of the mophead might not be suitable for the elderly or those with weak wrists and hands. The mop’s design made it difficult for some to replace the head with a new one.

Bottom Line: This mop’s unique design was made with convenience in mind. The wringer allows you to really remove the dirty water, which makes the heads last longer and stay cleaner over multiple uses.


Best Robot

iRobot 240 Braava Robot Mop

Don't have time for routine mopping? This handy robot will do the work for you.

Pros: With a single touch, this robot can clean the floor for you. It features a vibrating cleaning head to scrub tough stains and a jet spray for precision mopping. Based on the pad you insert inside the machine, the device will adjust to the wet mopping and damp mopping options. The square design and low profile allow it to squeeze into tight spaces and corners with ease. If you don’t want the robot reaching every part of your home, you can create a boundary with the built-in virtual wall mode.

Cons: Due to the technology in this device, buying this robot mop will empty your pockets much more than a standard mop. The invisible wall feature has a limit on how many virtual boundaries can be placed.

Bottom Line: This mopping machine will significantly cut your cleaning chore time down with its smart technology. However, it does have its limitations and won’t replace a deep cleaning session, but the device can help you maintain clean floors on the days you don’t have time for chores.

Final Thoughts

Dirty floors are bound to happen due to a variety of daily activities, so it’s best to regularly clean them in order to keep a healthy and orderly environment. Mops can wipe away dust and debris, wash away cooking messes, or remove stains without making you scrub on your hands and knees. Since messes are inevitable, having a reliable mop to help you face chores with a positive attitude will make a huge difference.

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