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The Best Mosquito Netting

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🕚 Updated July 2022

Mosquitoes are not our friends. When they visit, they can bring us itchy red bites, or worse, West Nile or Zika viruses, malaria, and other mosquito-borne diseases. To defend yourself against these foes, consider one of these mosquito netting options.

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  Best Over-Head Pick Best Large Netting Best for Beds or Cribs Best for Your Garden Best for Baby Protection
Premium Mosquito Head Net
Ultralarge Mosquito Net
Trademark Global
Mosquito Repelling Net
Garden Netting Plant Cover
Universal Backpackers
Baby Mosquito Net
Our SummaryProtect your head and neck with this mosquito net that can be worn over your favorite hat.The large size of this netting allows you to use it for various purposes.This mosquito netting is stylish and versatile.Protect your garden from insects and other pests that could damage your plants.This mosquito netting protects your baby from bug bites while you're out and about.
ProsExtra-long, fits over any hat, 620 holes per square inch for maximum protection, soft polyester, nonreflective black mesh for visibility and airflow, elastic drawstring, handy carrying bag.Extra-large mosquito net, accommodates all bed sizes, good for outdoor use, machine-washable polyester, chemical- and odor-free.Elegant white canopy, can go over a bed, crib, or hammock, cool and breathable fabric offers comfort and protection from mosquitoes.Keeps insects, birds, and other small animals from damaging plants, cut to ideal size, may also protect against UV and wind damage, can see plants through mesh.100% breathable polyester, stretchable net fits various baby equipment, mesh with 256 holes per square inch.
ConsMay not be large enough to fit over very wide brimmed hats.Mesh may not be fine enough for smaller insects.Ceiling hook not included; hand wash only.No hardware included.May not fit very large strollers.
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The Best Mosquito Netting

Contemporary bedroom with mosquito netting at Banana Garden Beach, Koh lanta, Krabi, Thailand.
Atiketta Sangasaeng/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Mosquito Netting

Baby girl sleeping under mosquito net inside a bungalow.
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Why buy mosquito netting?

There are several go-to methods most of us look to for protection against irritating and potentially dangerous mosquito bites. We may use a commercial insect repellent or a DIY repellent made of essential oils to try to ward off them. Or we may have had good results with a citronella product’s ability to keep the pests away. But why not include an extra layer of defense for yourself and your family? You can add mosquito netting to any space prone to invasion by irritating insects. Further, some people are sensitive to the insect repellant DEET. Mosquito netting can be an ideal alternative or supplement to sprays and other repellants. The netting creates a protective barrier between a person and potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes.

What should you look for in mosquito netting?

  • Purpose and Type: Mosquito netting can be used for various purposes, with each purpose having an ideal type. For example, you might choose hanging or pop-up nets if you want over-the-bed style netting, or if you want to protect yourself while on the move, there is head and body mosquito netting. Other options include umbrella or gazebo-style for outdoor areas and specialized netting designed to protect a baby in a stroller. Consider your primary purpose before choosing the type you need. 
  • Material and Weaving: Mosquito netting is often polyester or cotton. Polyester mosquito netting is lightweight and water-resistant, making it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. Cotton mosquito netting, on the other hand, may provide enhanced comfort and breathability. You may also find polyethylene or nylon options. Also, inspect the net’s holes to verify that they are small enough to stop mosquitoes from getting through but large enough to allow sufficient airflow.
  • Insecticide: Mosquito netting treated with an insecticide can kill insects on contact. You may be able to find netting that’s pretreated, or you can treat it yourself with an insecticide solution. Be sure to carefully check the instructions on the netting and the insecticide before trying a DIY treatment.

How should you clean mosquito netting?

Indoor netting with more decorative features should be hand washed in warm water and detergent. Allow it to soak for a few minutes and swish it gently to remove any dust that may have settled. After washing, repeat the process with fresh rinse water. When you’re finished, remove the net, gently squeeze it with a towel, and lay it flat to dry. Sturdier outdoor netting may be machine washed in warm water on a gentle cycle.

Our Picks for the Best Mosquito Netting

Best Over-Head Pick

EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net

Protect your head and neck with this mosquito net that can be worn over your favorite hat.

Pros: Enjoy outdoor adventures without having mosquitoes and other insects invading your space. The Premium Mosquito Head Net from EVEN NATURALS is extra-long to fit over almost any hat you choose. It also features ultra-fine mesh with 620 holes per square inch for maximum protection against mosquitoes. The soft polyester net consists of nonreflective black mesh that also gives superb visibility and airflow. This mosquito net is easy to slip on and adjust thanks to the elastic drawstring and comes in a handy bag for convenient travel.

Cons: Although the net is large, it may still not be big enough to fit over hats with a wide brim. Also, it may not come all the way down to protect particular necks.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re on a hiking adventure, fishing on the lake, or gardening in your yard, this net can help you stay comfortable and safe from mosquito bites. It may work best over smaller brims or baseball caps or can be worn hat-free.


Best Large Netting

MEKKAPRO Ultralarge Mosquito Net

The large size of this netting allows you to use it for various purposes.

Pros: This extra-large mosquito net is designed for flexible use in various settings. It adjusts at 71 x 87 inches to accommodate all bed sizes, including a baby’s crib. Additionally, it’s great for use outside, whether on your patio or a little farther away, such as out on a camping trip. This machine-washable net is made of a fine white polyester mesh that is chemical and odor-free.

Cons: While this netting is effective for mosquitoes, the mesh may not be fine enough to work as well for smaller insects such as no-see-ums.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for chemical-free mosquito protection that you can use inside or out, this net may be a good choice. A carrying bag, additional string, and a hanging kit with seven attachments are all included, so it can go wherever you go.


Best for Beds or Cribs

Trademark Global Mosquito Repelling Net

This mosquito netting is stylish and versatile.

Pros: Put this mosquito netting over any size bed to keep mosquitos and other critters away. You can make a trendy statement in any room or even create ambiance outdoors by hanging this elegant white canopy over your bed or hammock. The net is hung with a foldable hoop that can be attached to a ceiling or other overhead structure. The breathable polyester fabric ensures a cool and pleasant night’s sleep while providing protection.

Cons: Hardware to hook the net to the ceiling is not included. Also, it’s recommended that this decorative netting is hand washed only.

Bottom Line: Consider this mosquito netting if you want your space to be both pretty and protected. In addition to covering a sleeping area, you may also want to use this net on a patio, deck, or reading nook.


Best for Your Garden

YBB Garden Netting Plant Cover

Protect your garden from insects and other pests that could damage your plants.

Pros: Chewing insects can cause damage to the garden you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. If this has been a struggle, this garden netting may be just the solution you need. With this product, you can cut the netting to size to cover your plants and secure the edges to keep insects, birds, and other animals from accessing your bounty. This 13.12 x 6.56-foot fine mesh cover may also protect against UV and wind damage while being transparent enough for you to keep an eye on your plants’ health and progress.

Cons: This netting also doesn’t come with hardware, such as rods or pegs to secure it. You may have to use a bit of ingenuity to set up the net in your garden in a way that works for you.

Bottom Line: Your growing plants might thank you for this netting. The 100% polyethylene mesh is strong enough to keep them safe and thriving yet allows for great visibility, airflow, and watering.


Best for Baby Protection

Universal Backpackers Baby Mosquito Net

This mosquito netting protects your baby from bug bites while you're out and about.

Pros: Seeing your baby plagued by mosquitoes during a would-be relaxing stroll outdoors can turn a good outing into a bad one. This mosquito netting designed to cover baby equipment aims to stop such negative experiences. Made of 100% breathable polyester, this stretchable net fits travel, play, and bedding equipment so you can protect your baby while outdoors and at home. At 43 x 51 inches with stretchy elastic, this net offers a snug fit, and with 256 holes per square inch mesh, you’ll also get great insect protection for safer and more pleasant experiences for you and your baby.

Cons: This net may not fit very large strollers or bassinets. Be sure to measure the baby equipment and compare it with the dimensions of the netting before ordering.

Bottom Line: Keeping our babies safe from harm or discomfort is a top priority. This mosquito netting from Universal Backpackers lends a hand with this important task by helping you protect your baby from potentially dangerous, disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are going on a camping trip, want to enjoy your deck or patio more, or want to protect your garden from pests, one of these top picks for mosquito netting may be able to help. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is essential since it may mean better comfort and health.

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